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MWFV Ch.20 Part 1 – Paternity Test Result (I)

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The first part of today’s mass release is chapter 19 part 1.

“Sir, are you not curious about the test result?” Chen De asked. Mr. Qin’s expression was too calm.

Qin Shao raised his gaze and stared at the assistant, slowly spitting out three words: “I’m not blind.”

Chen De: “…?”

Not blind? What did it mean? Qin Shao’s words puzzled Chen De: Was the smile on his face too obvious, so he revealed the result to his boss?

Seeing Chen De’s surprised face, Qin Shao simply dismissed it without giving further explanation. When he was in S City, besides daily work report, Chen De also gave him plenty of news about the kids, and sometimes also sent a few photos. Among the messages sent, a photo of Su Xiaobao playing basketball was yet to be deleted and still in Mr. Qin’s mobile phone album.

——The kid’s facial features were indeed similar to himself. Now that he had guessed the result, why still needed to be curious?

“Bring it here.” Qin Shao received the paternity test report from Chen De. Although he was not curious, his fingers gripping the report subconsciously tightened for a moment. The report was still fully intact in its envelope, except on the last page, where its corner was carefully torn open a bit by Chen De. Mr. Qin ripped open the envelope and took out the documents inside.

[D3S138, vWA…]

These data had no meaning for an amateur like Mr. Qin. Nevertheless, he still carefully read the report word by word.

On the other hand, Chen De’s patience was almost gone.

“Sir, the data on front pages should be about the genes that were getting tested and other related technical explanation….” Although he couldn’t say that the data wasn’t important, but wasn’t Mr. Qin reading it too carefully?

“The test result is on the last page.” Chen De reminded his boss.

So, Sir, please quickly turn to the last page and see the result. You simply made me fretting on the side.

Although Mr. Qin couldn’t hear Chen De’s inner cry, the assistant’s ‘warm reminder’ made him glanced up.

For a moment, Chen De’s back was cold. He suddenly realized a grave mistake: Did the words he just said exposed himself?

Qin Shao ignored Chen De and turned the last page of the paternity report, and his eyes instantly fell on the result.

[The possibility of a parent-child relationship is 99.9999%]

Mr. Qin’s eyes stayed on this page for a moment, the tight expression on his face softened a lot, and the corner of his mouth seemed to arc a bit——as expected, he secretly thought.

On the side, after uselessly waiting for his boss’s reaction, Chen De had to pretend to cough softly: “Sir?”

“Since the result is here, then I will raise them.” Qin Shao put down the paternity report and said with an indifferent tone.

However, Chen De knew that although Mr. Qin’s temper was a little indifferent, his heart right now undoubtedly was filled with joy. When he was away at S city, there were two children who constantly concerned about his safety. And now, he also had a daughter who called him ‘Dad’ with a sweet voice every day. How could Mr. Qin didn’t feel touched?

“Of course, sir.” Chen De hid his smile and nodded solemnly——pretending to not see the smile in Mr. Qin’s lips.

“Sir, since the result has been out, we need to take care of the children’s household registration and their formal school transfer. Would you like me to arrange it?” Chen De reminded Qin Shao.

The matter regarding the twins’ household and school registration had always been a thorn in Chen De’s heart. Without any remainder, he was worry that Mr. Qin——this novice dad——would forget about it.

Qin Shao raised his eyebrows: Indeed, Chen De had told him via the phone before.

“What procedures are needed?”

“The household registration isn’t complicated. Since you already have the paternity test result Sir, you only need to submit an explanation about your situation to your household registration, then submit the two children’s data. Like this, it is possible to add Xiaobei and Xiaobao under your household registration.” He had made a clear inquiry beforehand.

Chen De: “Should I arrange it?”

Qin Shao: “Do it.”

Chen De: “Yes, Sir.”

Qin Shao: “You also said about school transfer?”

Chen De: “Yes…”

After the two children got a household registration, they could make a formal school transfer, finally moving their school registration from No. 3 Middle School in Hongxing County.

However, speaking about the children’s former school, Chen De suddenly had a stifle. Initially, he planned to wait until Mr. Qin was back in B city before showing him the video of Su Bei’s bullying. Now the timing was right, but Mr. Qin’s joyful face made him hesitated: should he mention it now?

Before Chen De managed to make a decision, Mr. Qin’s voice rang: “I know. After the household registration has settled, I’ll take two days off. Arrange a trip to N city.”

After carefully pondering Qin Shao’s words, Chen De was stunned: “Sir, are you going to go to the children’s former school to handle their transfer personally?”

Qin Shao simply glanced at Chen De, as if the assistant was talking nonsense.

“Have you sent the piano?” Qin Shao asked, skipping the previous topic.

Chen De quickly replied: “Has been arranged. The piano will be delivered to Jingyuan this afternoon.”

“Take this to them too.” Qin Shao handed the paternity test report to Chen De.

Chen De: “…”

Mr. Qin didn’t intend to take it back by himself?

Qin Shao: “I still have a meeting tonight.”

Chen De: “Ah, alright, sir. I will deliver it to Xiaobei and Xiaobao as soon as possible.”


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