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MWFV Ch.20 Part 2 – Paternity Test Result (II)

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Jingyuan villa.

Eager to follow Mr. Qin’s instruction, as soon as the twins arrived at Jingyuan villa, Chen De has already waited with the paternity test result in hand.

Su Bei took the report from Chen De. Although she already knew the result, Su Bei finally sighed in relief after personally reading the formal report.

“It’s real.” She whispered, her face was bright with a smile.

“Yes, it’s real.” Seeing Su Bei’s happy face, Chen De also smiled.

“Look, I didn’t lie to you, he really is our dad.” Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao to her side.

Su Xiaobao: “Oh…”

Looking at the paternity test result, Su Xiaobao couldn’t tell what kind of mood he was feeling right now. A bit baffled, but also relieved?

“Uncle Chen, has Dad see this report?” Su Bei asked.

“He has.” After a pause, Chen De added: “Sir personally ordered me to send this report to you.”

Su Bei’s eyes suddenly lighted up: “So dad said…”

Chen De smiled even wider and looked at the two children: “From now on, I should call you young miss Xiaobei and young master Xiaobao.”

Su Bei: Don’t…

“Uncle Chen, you should call us ‘Xiaobei’ and ‘Xiaobao’ like before.”

“Haha, okay.” Chen De raised his hand to rub the twins’ heads.

Xiaobao seemed to grow taller, and Xiaobei too, he secretly mused. However, they probably wouldn’t be called ‘Xiaobei’ and ‘Xiaobao’ anymore in the future. Let’s wait to see if Mr. Qin would give them a new name.

After that, Chen De informed Su Bei about the piano lesson and said that he still had a meeting tonight before leaving Jingyuan.

Just a few minutes after Chen De left, a delivery truck arrived at the villa. They not only delivered a piano for Su Bei, but also two computers…


At night, the piano teacher arrived for Su Bei’s first lesson.

Teacher Zhu was a very famous piano teacher at Y University. Under her belt, she has trained many excellent pianists and even several world-renowned names. Initially, when she heard that she had to teach a complete novice to perform in just ten days, she wanted to refuse. However, the request came from the Qin Group, so Teacher Zhu didn’t have any way to resist, and could only take upon the task.

In Jingyuan, Uncle Fu had cleaned up a room for the piano.

Teacher Zhu: “First, I will teach you how to read the musical score.”

Su Bei looked with a serious face and said: “Teacher, I have learned the basic before and already can read the score.”

At first, Teacher Zhu didn’t believe Su Bei’s claim. But after giving her new student a test, the teacher silently put away the book ‘Mastering the Musical Score in Three Days’ that she brought. At the same time, she inwardly thought: This child didn’t seem to be as clueless as her employer said.

“Then, let’s directly start practicing.”

For this kind of student who needed ten days of instant training, Teacher Zhu’s method was crude and straightforward: She played a few notes and then let Su Bei imitated.

Soon, Teacher Zhu made an amazing discovery——this student who supposed to be a complete novice was actually very talented!

In the beginning, Teacher Zhu only played a few simple notes. After she discovered that Su Bei could easily follow her, she gradually increased the difficulty. As a result, Su Bei still able to keep up. Except for the slightly stiff fingers movement at the beginning, Su Bei never made any mistakes, and her rhythm also perfect.

At the end of the lesson, Teacher Zhu’s mood had upturned from the initial cloudy gloom into a cheery sunshine. Before leaving, she looked at Su Bei and couldn’t help but sigh: “If only you started to learn piano from a young age, maybe you already make a name now.”

Su Bei quickly lowered her head. Not because of modesty, but to hide her shame——although the teacher praised her so much, Su Bei wasn’t as talented as Teacher Zhu thought she was. She was simply an experienced student who pretended to be a novice.

However, the piano teacher praised Su Bei, which made Uncle Fu and Su Xiaobao very happy.

Especially the boy. In his usually calm face, there was a little pride that couldn’t be hidden.


Later at night, after finishing the international video conference with the M country’s side, Mr. Qin returned to Jingyuan villa.

Before being asked, Uncle Fu already opened his mouth to talk about Su Bei’s piano lesson today.

“The teacher said that Miss Xiaobei was very talented.” Uncle Fu smilingly said, there was a bit of pride in his tone.

“Really?” Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows.

Although there wasn’t any visible change of emotion in Mr. Qin’s face, Uncle Fu could see through it: Sir must feel very happy right now.

After all, the subtle expression in Mr. Qin’s eyes was exactly the same as Xu Xiaobao before. It was just that the boy still unable to hide his emotion perfectly, in contrast with his dad who was more experienced.

“You already know the result?” Qin Shao noticed that Uncle Fu, who had always been strict with his duty, had changed his address of Su Bei into ‘Miss Xiaobei’.

“Yes, Sir. In fact, I already guessed it for a long time before.” Uncle Fu answered. “The two children are very good. The more you spend time with them, Sir, the more you will see it…”

Qin Shao didn’t give a response to Uncle Fu’s last sentence. “How are the kids?” He asked.

How did they react after seeing the paternity test result?

Since Mr. Qin didn’t ask, super assistant Chen who returned to the company to work overtime didn’t take the initiative to report.

For the fifth time, Mr. Qin considered whether to change assistant.

“After tidying up, they went upstairs,” After a pause, Uncle Fu continued: “They should have fallen asleep now.”

Qin Shao nodded.

A bit later, he went upstairs. After reaching the twins’ bedroom door, Mr. Qin’s footsteps stopped.

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