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MWFV Ch.21 Part 1 – The Video (I)

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The first part of today’s mass release is chapter 19 part 1.

Qin Shao stood at the door of the twins’ bedroom for a while. Compared with his calmness before, his expression now seemed to show a deep thought. Suddenly he had two children. Previously, Mr. Qin never put much concern about this matter. It was only two little children. If he had to raise them, then just raise. It wasn’t like he couldn’t feed two additional mouths. Fortunately, the children that suddenly appeared weren’t boring.

But when he finally had the confirmation that they were his biological children, Mr. Qin’s mood seemed to change again. The change was so subtle, he was unable to tell clearly what it was. He wasn’t used to this feeling, but it seemed to overfill his heart with a strange, almost suffocating, emotion.



Uncle Fu called a few times before Qin Shao returned to his mind.

“Sir, are you going to see the children?” Uncle Fu asked. When he went upstairs, the old housekeeper saw Mr. Qin standing dazedly in front of his children’s bedroom.

“No.” Although Qin Shao himself thought that he wanted to see the children, but he still didn’t know what kind of words should he said to them.

“Let them sleep,” A strange emotion suddenly surged inside Mr. Qin’s heart. This emotion didn’t seem to be right, but even after some time, he still didn’t find what was not right, so he had to ignore it.

Qin Shao: “Bring a pot of tea to the study.”

Uncle Fu: “Are you going to work late, Sir?”

Qin Shao: “Mm.”


Su Bei initially thought that Qin Shao didn’t come home last night, but when she entered the dining room early in the morning, she saw Qin Shao, ready for work.

Su Bei was shocked: “Dad, did you come back last night?”

“Mm.” He answered.

The atmosphere between the father and the daughter seemed to be halted for a while.

“Then, have you eaten breakfast, Dad? Would you like to eat with us?” Su Bei asked politely. Her tone was a little cautious.

“No need.” Qin Shao was ready to go out.

Su Bei: “Are you going to the company?”

Qin Shao: “Mm.”

Su Bei considering for a while and stopped Qin Shao: “Dad, wait a bit.” She ran into the kitchen and quickly ran out again with a lunch box in her hands.

“This is breakfast for you, Dad. Eat it on the road.” Su Bei didn’t know whether the typical ‘overbearing president’ ever needed to eat and sleep. The novel didn’t seem to mention if Qin Shao usually eats at the company. Originally, Su Bei did not prepare his portion. This one was for her and Su Xiaobao.

The little girl’s sweet smile reflected on Qin Shao’s pupil, making him unable to say a single word of rejection.

“Okay.” Qin Shao took the lunch box from Su Bei’s hand and felt the remaining temperature from her palm.

The smile on Su Bei’s face deepened a little: “See you later, Dad.”

Qin Shao: “Yes.”

When he passed the living room, a not so friendly gaze caught Mr. Qin’s attention. His eyes met Su Xiaobao, who was sitting on the sofa. Father and son stared at each other for a while. Mr. Qin’s eyes flickered briefly before he withdrew his gaze and turned to leave.

“Su Xiaobao, hurry and eat your breakfast!” Su Bei’s voice came from the dining room.

Su Xiaobao snorted and walked into the dining room.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked suspiciously. Su Xiaobao’s mood was like he has just taken a fight with somebody.

“I don’t want you to be like that.” He said gloomily.

“Eh? Like what?”

“Deliberately pleasing him.” Su Xiaobao threw each word slowly. Naturally, no need to ask who was the ‘him’ he mentioned.

The boy’s sudden remark made Su Bei stunned. She hoped that Qin Shao could accept her and Su Xiaobao’s existence. After all, until a long time in the future, they still had to rely on this ‘Patron Daddy’ to provide for them until they grew up.

No, now the word ‘patron’ should be removed.

“He is our dad.” Su Bei looked at Su Xiaobao seriously.

Her words only made Su Xiaobao frowned even more. Even when they still lived in the countryside, Su Bei never deliberately tried to please anyone. She should live happily and free to do whatever she wanted. He didn’t want her to please others for his sake, even if that person was their blood-related father.


Qin Shao arrived at the company.

“Good morning, Mr. Qin.” Seeing Mr. Qin holding a pink lunch box, Chen De was surprised. As a good assistant, he tried to take the lunch box to bring it for Mr. Qin. As a result, Mr. Qin quickly avoided his hand. Moreover, the boss’s eyes seemed to look at himself with disgust.

Chen De: …

His hands properly washed, ah.

Did that lunch box was given by Xiaobei? Seeing Mr. Qin’s reaction, it almost certainly be true.

This realization made Chen De’s eyes brightened: If that was true, Sir should have been getting along well with the two children.

With a broad smile, Chen De followed behind Mr. Qin and began to report today’s schedule and plan.

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  1. 😂 The pleasing is working though! It makes her seem her age and that she really is getting attached, ah this whole family is cute now if only Su Xiaobao shower his side of that odd to Dad Qin, lol.

  2. It really is too obvious. You really try too hard to be close even if he’s your dad. You just met and barely know him. Take time… Not rushing

  3. I get where the brother is coming from, but at the same time it’s also just him being jealous, and maybe even afraid that she’ll just get hurt.

    They’ve always only relied on each other so it’s scary that she’s now putting so much attention on this new person.

    Still she’s not pushing herself or anything I’d say, just getting him some food, asking him how he is, being worried for him, that’s just called being a sweet person.

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