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MWFV Ch.21 Part 2 – The Video (II)

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In the afternoon, Chen De took the time to talk to Mr. Qin about the arrangement for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s household registration process and finally to tell him about that distressing video.

“Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s situation at their former school wasn’t too good. I have a video here that I think you need to watch, Sir.” Under Mr. Qin’s gaze, Chen De handed his phone over.

This was the video of Su Bei’s school bullying incident. It started with several girl’s mocking voices and insults: “Su Bei, you are a bitch”, “Every day only know how to seduce men, so dirty,” “Come and smile at the camera, let everyone see how lowly you are”…

Hearing these insults, Mr. Qin’s face quickly turned dark.

After a while, the camera finally turned to the bullied girl. At first glance, Qin Shao recognized the girl in the video as Su Bei. She was so thin and pitiful, like the first time he saw her.

A group of girls surrounded Su Bei. They reached out and forcefully tear off her clothes, and some of them even used utility knives. They also tugged on Su Bei’s hair, threatening her face with knives, slapping her. The whole bullying process lasted for a long time.

After hitting her for a while, the girls kicked Su Bei to the ground, stomped their feet on her and even tried to smash some parts of her body. One girl took a bucket of dirty water, splashed it on Su Bei, and eloquently said: “Your body so dirty, we kindly help you to wash it.” Her words attracted a burst of laughter from the other girls.


From beginning to end, the Su Bei in the video just hugged herself tightly, curling up on the ground and biting her lips without saying a word. There was stubbornness in her eyes, but fear and helplessness were even more prominent.

The entire video lasted 11 minutes and 28 seconds. Qin Shao silently watched from the beginning to the end. He uttered not a single word, but his face was horrible.

Chen De knew, although Mr. Qin was silent now, the current him was the scariest.

Qin Shao held the mobile phone so tightly that his knuckles were white with exertion. Chen De seemed to hear the sound of the joints exerting force.

Could it be Mr. Qin was going to crushed his phone?

Right after he had this thought, Chen De heard a loud ‘Bang–‘ and thus, the new mobile phone which he had just bought last month was smashed into pieces. Chen De glanced at the broken parts on the floor, flinched a bit, and stood stiffly, afraid to even make a single movement.

Chen De subconsciously lowered his eyes and held his breath, didn’t dare to utter a single word: The current Mr. Qin was so frightening.

In the past, he had also seen his boss angry, but it was the first time he saw Mr. Qin being this furious. However, it was understandable. That was his own child. Although Mr. Qin still hasn’t fully adapted to the twins’ existence, he nevertheless admitted their relationship after all. Which parents wouldn’t be angry when they saw their children being bullied?

“Who did it?”

After a while, Chen De heard Qin Shao asked. Boiling anger seethed from his cold voice.

“They are the problem students in that school…” Chen De answered. After a pause, he said: “The school has dealt with this matter. Their parents were called into the school to pay monetary compensation, and the students were also punished.

However, the school also temporarily suspended Su Bei. But seeing Mr. Qin’s current state, Chen De had to hold this information for the time being.

“This is how they deal with it?” Mr. Qin’s low voice seemed to be squeezed from his clenched teeth.

Chen De immediately went pale. Schools in the county-level town weren’t like the schools in the big cities. They never really understood the graveness of campus violence and bullying incidents. Moreover, at that time, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were all alone without any adults to protect them…

Did the siblings decide to find Mr. Qin because of this? Chen De suddenly felt distressed. He remembered when he went to pick them up from the police box at the train station: the two children were so thin and dirty.

“Go and check all the students involved, their parents, and teachers in charge of this matter.”

“Yes, Sir.” Chen De replied with a solemn face. Mr. Qin had made his stance, and it seemed that he wouldn’t let this incident went just like that.

After Chen De left, Qin Shao sat in the office for a long time.


That night, Qin Shao still came back very late.

Thinking that Mr. Qin the villain was probably even busier than the male lead, having to frequently work overtime, Su Bei didn’t particularly care.

However, today Su Bei wasn’t going to go to bed early. Now that she had her own computer, she no longer had to go to Qin Shao to borrow one.

After the piano teacher left, Su Bei continued practicing piano for a while. After that, she went back to her bedroom, turned on the computer, and opened the webpage of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’

Last time, she had passed the initial challenge, so Su Bei directly logged into the homepage. After quickly browsed the information that she didn’t manage to properly read last time, Su Bei clicked the link to the registration page.

[Nickname]: She had no idea, just typed a letter ‘Q’ into the box.

[Age]: 14

[Gender]: Male, Female, Other.


After filling in the necessary information, Su Bei clicked on the next step.

‘Identity Verification’?! Looking at the words, Su Bei froze and hurriedly moved the cursor to see a row of instructions: ‘To ensure the authenticity of the participants’ identity and the security of this competition, the organizer will verify the personal information of the participants….’

Su Bei:…

They had a valid reason, but the problem now was that she has no household registration, how could she even fill the ID number?

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  1. Damn bro that just sounded so brutal ….. Like really poor girl …. Damn am I just too emotional or what I shed a year or two while reading that …

    Idk its just I can’t help but think that incident took her life, how the poor thing always had to deal with that sort of stuff …. She’s 14 …..

  2. Dang, what I imagined was bad but this is even worse. You really have to worry about kids who use knives, that’s a red flag. I can’t believe how many people online supported that. Even if what they had about her was true, she was only 14 and that was way too extreme.

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