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MWFV Ch.22 Part 1 – Dad’s Birthday is April 7th (I)

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The first part of today’s mass release is chapter 19 part 1.

Mr. Qin came back very late that night and immediately went into the study.

Light footsteps from the door caught his attention. Qin Shao stopped his pen and looked up towards the door. Sure enough, it didn’t take long before a small head popping out from the door slit.

Su Bei’s body still hidden behind the door. The girl stretched her head and leaned in, a pair of shiny eyes were peeping inside curiously. Qin Shao’s previously rigid expression instantly loosened.


Su Bei at the door: “!”

She has just heard the sound of a car from the downstairs. Wondering whether Qin Shao has back, Su Bei came to sneak a glance, but didn’t expect to really find him inside. After staring at Qin Shao for two seconds, Su Bei withdrew her gaze and called out softly, “Dad.”

The girl’s timid voice softened Qin Shao’s heart. His expression loosened a lot. He said, “Come in.”

After getting permission, Su Bei entered the study with a glass of milk in her hands. She walked towards Qin Shao and placed the glass near his left hand.

“Dad, you drink milk.” Su Bei stepped back a bit and stood obediently. She suddenly noticed a few notes on Mr. Qin’s desk: Mingyue’, ‘Mingzheng,’ ‘Huajin,’ ‘Huayu,’ ‘Yu’…

What are these?

Su Bei was puzzled.

Looking at the glass of milk at hand, Qin Shao fell silent. After spending a few days with the children, he slowly learned more about their personalities. Although Su Bei was cautious in front of him, she usually was quite natural, at least not like her current attitude. Unless…She wanted something.

This cup of milk was more likely to be the bargaining chip for Su Bei’s request. Qin Shao felt amused, and his lips slightly raised: “What do you want??”

Su Bei: “Dad, can you lend me your ID card?”

Qin Shao stunned a bit and carefully looked at Su Bei.

“That’s…I participated in an online event, and I need an ID number with a real name…” Su Bei explained.

The ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ required the participants to use a verified real identity that Su Bei, who didn’t even have a household registration, couldn’t provide. However, considering some talented underage youths may also participate, the organizers kindly added an exception clause: minor participants could submit their guardian’s ID to complete the real identity verification.

Su Bei instantly thought of Qin Shao. However, Qin Shao was a big figure, and even the villain of a novel. His personal identity should not easily be allowed to divulge. Su Bei had no idea whether he would agree to lend her his ID or not.

Qin Shao’s attention, however, was entirely on the phrase ‘online event.’

Seeing Qin Shao’s subtle frown, Su Bei thought that he had disagreed. “If you cannot agree, Dad, then just——” forget it.

“Alright.” Before Su Bei finished her sentence, Qin Shao had already taken out his ID card and handed it to her.

Su Bei:!

The surprised Su Bei received the ID card from Qin Shao. Her eyes immediately fell on the information printed on it. She lightly raised her eyebrows when she saw Qin Shao’s ID photo. The photo should be taken eight or nine years ago. Qin Shao was much younger, and the key point was that he wasn’t seemed to be as potent as the current Mr. Qin.

Looked even more similar to Su Xiaobao…

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Su Bei concealed the smile in her eyes and shook her head. After quickly glancing at the ID card, she returned it to Qin Shao.

Qin Shao looked at Su Bei: “Already memorized?”

“Yes, I already memorized it,” Su Bei nodded. She smiled at Qin Shao and said: “Dad’s birthday is April 7th.”

Her words stunned Qin Shao for a moment, but he soon smiled.

“Thank you, Dad.” Su Bei thanked Qin Shao.

“Nothing. By the way, your household registration problem will be solved soon.”

Su Bei knew that the man had already admitted her and Su Xiaobao as his children and now was ready to let them settled down. This made her very happy.

“Thank you.” Although she didn’t say ‘Dad,’ Su Bei’s thanks this time was more sincere than before.

The girl was smiling so brightly, that her eyes resembled a crescent moon. Suddenly Mr. Qin felt it to be so beautiful. However, such a pair of beautiful eyes coincided with the helpless and stubborn eyes in Mr. Qin’s memories. The negative emotions that had temporarily been suppressed suddenly resurged.


When Su Bei was about to leave, Qin Shao stopped her.


“Both of you are my children, and I will raise you. I will also provide you with the protection and support you need. With the Qin family in your back, you can do whatever you want without any worry. So, there is no need for you to deliberately please anyone.”

This ‘anyone’ Mr. Qin mentioned also including himself. With his insight, how could Mr. Qin didn’t notice the little girl’s caution towards him and her eagerness to please? Sweetly calling him ‘Dad,’ saying good morning and good night to him, and making breakfast…

Before, Mr. Qin felt Su Bei’s well-behavedness as appropriate behavior and enjoyed her eagerness to please himself. But now, it only made him erratic——Did Su Bei became so careful because of her previous experience? That she was so docile and obedient in front of him because she afraid that he would abandon them?

“Qin family will always raise you two.”

Su Bei: “!”

Although she didn’t understand why Mr. Qin suddenly said so, his words could be taken as a disguised promise.

Su Bei suddenly felt a sense of stability.


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  1. Thank you! Omg so many chapters ^^ this is amazing, thank you so much.

    Im so happy with the development, Hehe I wish there are more scenes between bro sis. This hacker challenge worries me … if anything goes wrong, wouldn’t the Qin files and identity come out since she’s using Qin’s computer?

  2. I got greedy and pressed Next even though this is the last chapter for the time being. 😭

    On that note, even though Qin Shao is a villain, he sure is not a villainous dad.

    Thanks for the chapters, translator-sama and sponsors! 😁

  3. Thank you sponsors and translator! I wonder how she will now act, but it seems she really wants a connection with him, a father-daughter relationship ,;-;,! But the twins are indeed so similar to their Dad Qin, I wonder how the classmates will react lol, it is really funny how you can connect personality similarities other than Xiaobao and Dad Qin’s strikingly similar appearances. Though Qin seems to be ahead of Xiaobao in looks as in, he will be the older version but there will be match ups lol.
    Qin and Bei- Recite a poem.
    Schoolmates- No!
    Qin and Xiaobao- No need to please.
    Me- Sums up their (father and son) relationship ha.
    Bei- Mmmmmh, similar in not only appearances?!
    Love how Dad Qin, “Unless…She wanted something.” Alreqdy knows the want something signs! 😂.

  4. Oiii
    First, she ask her father’s computer ( which hold valuable informations to attack webpage of competition)

    Now she straight up ask for his “security code number” ooooh hahahha

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