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MWFV Ch.22 Part 2 – Dad’s Birthday is April 7th (II)

“Go back.” Mr. Qin stood up and raised his hand. He imitated Uncle Fu’s movement and lightly patted Su Bei’s head.

Apparently, both Uncle Fu and Chen De also had a strange hobby to pat her and Su Xiaobao’s head like this. But this time, Su Bei clearly felt something different. The temperature from Qin Shao’s big palm made her stunned for a moment and unconsciously nodded her head.

“Another thing,” recalling the girl’s current obsession with the computer, Mr. Qin frowned and sternly said: “Don’t play computer too much.”


“Then I will go back, good night, Dad. Don’t work too late and go to rest early.”

Qin Shao’s eyes moved slightly, following Su Bei as the girl trotting away from the study. Her words of concern said in a soft and pleasant voice made his mood better.


After obtaining the guardian’s ID information from Qin Shao, Su Bei didn’t delay any longer and quickly went to the registration page and entered the data for real identity verification.

After completing the registration, the competition finally started. This competition was divided into three stages. The first stage was a points-based ranked challenge. For a total of ten days, participants could log into the competition’s website and earn points by breaking through the security levels set by the organizers.

Afterward, all the participants would be ranked by their points. The ranking was published on the web’s homepage and would be updated at midnight every day. Ten days later, the top twenty percent of the total ranked participants would automatically advance to the next stage of the challenge.

After carefully reading the rules, Su Bei clicked the ‘Start’ button. The first task given was to break the security wall of a mock education website. This wasn’t difficult. Su Bei quickly typed out a string of code. Soon, she found the vulnerability in the website’s security system and used it to directly breach the security wall.


A prompt window popped out: [Congratulations to ‘Q’ for successfully passed the level. Completion Rate: 100%. Time: 2 minutes and 27 seconds. Technical Analysis: 98.22, Points Earned: 5]

Points given for each level were on the range of 0-5. The system would automatically give points according to the end result for each clearance, with 5 points as the full score.

Seeing the 5 points, Su Bei raised her lips and immediately clicked ‘Continue.’ Her second task was slightly more complicated than the previous one, but it wasn’t too difficult. Su Bei quickly disguised through data that entered the other party’s control system, modified the security data, and directly destroy their security wall.


[Congratulations to ‘Q’…… Points Earned: 5]

Su Bei glanced at the clock. It was almost 10:30. Remembering her promise to Mr. Qin, she didn’t dare to delay too long. After completed each level, she immediately opened the next one. After a while, Su Bei lost track of the number of levels she had passed. Until a prompt popped up: [Dear contestant ‘Q,’ you already reached your upper limit for level passed today. Please resume the challenge tomorrow.]

Su Bei: Already reached the cap? So fast.

She once again looked at the clock. Surprisingly, her speed seemed to be a bit faster than she expected.

But Su Bei wasn’t the only one who got surprised. At the same time, the staff members behind this ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ were even more shocked than her.

“My God! Someone broke the level cap!” In the control room of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ a programmer shouted excitedly.

“Well~ it’s sure not easy. After a whole day, someone finally broke the cap.” A colleague who sat next to him also rubbed his sore neck, his voice full of emotion.

Everyone had different methods and time needed to clear each level. One participant may break a security line in just a few seconds, while others may spend a day. Since there was no time limit, participants could clear as much level as they wanted within 24 hours each day. Every day, the organizers would release a total of 120% of a specified number of levels. If a participant cleared all levels, an upper limit prompt that Su Bei had just seen would appear. It was similar to how a student who passed all 100-point test paper may get another 15 points by doing additional questions.

It’s not easy to pass a level. Although the programmer didn’t know the other sections’ situation, he was in charge of supervising this one. There was a participant who spent the whole day from morning till now to finally passed eleven levels. However, they now stuck at one level, and it was unknown whether or not they could clear this one before the scheduled update time.

“Even if someone passed a level, you don’t have to be so excited, ah?”

“No, you don’t understand my mood at this moment.” The programmer who first discovered this level-capper participant shook his head. He was now full of shock, and it took a long time before he could calm down.

“What’s so shocking, did they got a full score?” His colleague asked.

“No.” Although it was close to a full score, he estimated this participant wouldn’t enter the top ten.

“Then what makes you so excited?”

“It’s almost midnight. Wait until the ranking data updated at 0 o’clock, and you will know why I am so excited.”


0 o’clock.

The ranking for the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was updated on time. The data of a total of 19,273 participants’ first-day level clearance were simultaneously posted on the homepage.

At this time, Su Bei had gone to bed under the supervision of Mr. Qin.

On the other side, the Xu family’s villa.

Xu Yangyang, who was looking at the competition’s ranking list, opened the data analysis of several high-ranking participants. He stared at a certain data for a moment, and immediately shouted “Fuck!” loudly, almost startled the Xu parents and eldest brother at the next rooms.

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