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MWFV Ch.23 Part 1 – New Names (I)

Weiming Middle School.

The “School Flower Vote” has ended. In her competition with Song Xinyi, Su Bei finally won with a slight margin.

Her deskmate Dong Wenqi seemed to be more excited about this result than Su Bei herself. “Haha, before some people still dared to say that you won’t be the one who laughs at the end. But now, look, Song Xinyi has lost, and their comeuppance has come so quickly!”

“Wait, wait. Let me use my alt account to post that screenshot I took previously, then ask those Song Xinyi’s fans whether they face was hurt or not!” Dong Wenqi became even more and more excited.

“Don’t.” Su Bei stopped the girl’s ‘crazy’ idea: “You will be besieged by Song Xinyi’s fans.” It was the fact that Song Xinyi had many fans in school, if Dong Wenqi really ran into the forum to provoke them, they would rip her to shreds.

Listening to Su Bei’s advice, Dong Wenqi dispelled the idea, but her expression was still smug. She hummed unresignedly and said with a disdainful tone: “Facing with the hard truth, what else they can say? Even if you win with just one vote ahead, it still proves that you are better than Song Xinyi. Not to mention that you surpassed her by more than 300 votes!”

“Even if those people refused to admit it, you are already our school flower.” Dong Wenqi playfully winked at Su Bei: “Congratulations for our classmate Su Bei for winning the ‘school flower’ title. How are you feeling now?”

Su Bei: “…”

Dong Wenqi: “Well, you definitely will say that you don’t feel anything special.”

This new deskmate of hers had a somewhat indifferent personality. However, when Dong Wenqi took a closer look at Su Bei, she realized that this girl actually became even more beautiful than when she first got transferred a few weeks ago!

“Seriously speaking, Su Bei, even ignoring other aspects, your face value alone already far much better than Song Xinyi.”

Su Bei simply smiled: “You should be careful. Don’t let Song Xinyi’s fans hear it.”

Regarding the result of this school flower vote, some people felt happy, while there were naturally some who didn’t. The most unhappy of them were Song Xinyi’s fans. Especially after the results came out, Song Xinyi posted a public status: [It’s a pity] with a selfie of goddess Song’s sad face, with an attached video recording of her practicing piano in the music room.

No further explanation, but everyone who saw this knew that Song Xinyi was sad about the ‘opening performance.’ Suddenly, a lot of voices questioned Su Bei in the school forum.

[ Did I suddenly become blind? Su Bei actually won over Song Xinyi! ]

[ Nope, it’s not you, but those who voted for Su Bei who are blind. ]

[ I don’t want to watch this year’s opening performance. I’m afraid I may become blind.]

[ I suggest to let Song Xinyi perform right after the opening. Having a straight contrast will make it more exciting and wake up people who still pretend to be asleep]


At the same time, an anonymous account created a new vote next to the ‘School Flower Vote’: [A prize for those who guessed right. What will be the result of Su Bei’s ‘opening performance’?

A. The most laughable comedy show of this century

B. The epic scene of a failed musical performance

C. Weiming Middle School 315 counterfeit exposing scene(1)]

Soon after the new vote went online, its popularity has already approached the “School Flower Vote.”

“Are you also giving a vote?” Su Bei jokingly asked, seeing Dong Wenqi was busy with the mobile phone.

“No, I’m scolding them.”

“Then, Su Bei, are you really going to play the piano for the ‘opening performance’?” Dong Wenqi raised her head to ask.


“How brave! Su Bei, you are really brave!” Dong Wenqi made a ‘worship’ gesture towards Su Bei.

No wonder Song Xinyi’s fans were so fierce on the forum. Initially, Song Xinyi was also preparing to play piano this year. Unexpectedly, not only her chance to perform at the opening was snatched by Su Bei, but the new girl was also going to play piano. Not only Dong Wenqi, many people, after they knew Su Bei’s plan for the ‘opening performance’, were thinking that Su Bei was deliberately going to challenge Song Xinyi.

Towards everyone’s guess, Su Bei only had one comment: “You all are overthinking.”

She chose the piano simply because that was the only art talent that she had enough mastery. If not piano, should she really went on to the stage to recite “Very quietly I take my leave…”?

“Tell me honestly,” Dong Wenqi suddenly looked at Su Bei with a serious face. “Do you think you can beat Song Xinyi?”

“I don’t know.” Su Bei answered truthfully: “But I don’t think that I need to compare with her.” Even if Song Xinyi still wanted to do her piano performance, the school might not necessarily agree to let two piano performances in succession.

Dong Wenqi: It seemingly made sense.

“Then, how is your preparation?”

“Not bad.”

Su Bei directly gave her piano teacher the song she planned to perform on the school founding anniversary, so teacher Zhu could formulate a crash course for her. The solution: broke the song into small parts, and came every day to supervise Su Bei’s practice.

Now Su Bei’s play wasn’t as stiff as the beginning. She could try playing the whole song by herself in the next few days after teacher Zhu’s lesson.


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315: A national tv program that exposes unfair practices by famous brands. Name taken from March 15, which is the World Consumer Rights Day. (From

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