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MWFV Ch.23 Part 2 – New Names (II)

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When Dong Wenqi browsed the forum, she suddenly found a new post.

“Which idiot posted this!” She scolded angrily.

Previously, the students in their school have gossiped about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao being an upstart. Later, after Liu Kai and Chen Zian spread the news about the ‘77777 car’ they saw picking up the twins that day, no one said that they were upstart anymore. However, now there was a new conjecture: Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were the illegitimate children of a certain family.

Su Bei wanted to admire the imagination of these people. They almost guessed right this time. Were she and Su Xiaobao the illegitimate children of Mr. Qin? Hard to say—although who knew what would be in the future.

The post that Dong Wenqi saw not only used various ‘evidence’ to prove that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were illegitimate children, they also compiled a very spectacular dog-blooded(1) background story for the twins.

“You said it was an idiot’s doing, yet still reading it, are you not afraid of damaging your IQ?” Su Bei commented indifferently. She withdrew her eyes and continued to do her homework.

Uncle Fu had just sent a message, telling them that he would pick her and Su Xiaobao up today. Although she didn’t know the reason, Su Bei decided to finish her homework early.

On the other side of the classroom, Liu Kai and his group were also busily scolding the same post.

Liu Kai: “Fuck! This account is so stupid. I just helped Su Xiaobao and Su Bei dispel the rumor, and now a new one has been out.”

Du Yiming: “Tsk, it was not yesterday you know how low their IQ is.”

Chen Zian: “But this story seems to be too fake? Even dog blood drama won’t dare to film it. Which idiot make this?”

Liu Kai: “I don’t know, it’s an anon user.”

“Check who did it.” Suddenly, Xie Minxuan woke up and said with a cold voice.

“Right, our group still have a master!”

“Hey! Xu Yangyang, brother Xuan order you to work.” Liu Kai kicked Xu Yangyang’s chair.

Xu Yangyang turned his head a bit dumbfoundedly: “Check what?”

“The one who posted this. They use an anonymous account. Can you see which idiot did it.”

“Ah, it’s easy.” Xu Yangyang took the phone and quickly cracked the anon’s information: “Well, it’s Yang Yanyi, from class 8-6.”


“But, old Xu, what are you busily watching since this morning? Is it a school tutorial? Why do you look so absorbed?” Xu Yangyang didn’t even listen to their conversation.

“School tutorial your ass. I’m watching my god [Q]’s level clearance recording.”

“Who is that god [Q]? Shaquille O’Neal?”

“Not the NBA, it’s from the Red Hacker Master Challenge.”

“The hacker competition you told us before? What kind of god is that god [Q]?”

“Say red hacker!” Xu Yangyang emphasized the word ‘red’ before showing them the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ ranking list on his mobile phone.

The boys quickly came to see that [Q] was in the seventh place: “Seventh? Just that? I thought you need to be at least in the top three to be called a god.”

“You don’t understand, other people at most can only be called master, but [Q] is the true god! Although the higher ranking may have a bit more points than god [Q], the time they need to clear the level on average is more than six hours, but look at god [Q].” Xu Yangyang clicked on the data of [Q].

“1 hour and 3 minutes?!” Everyone was surprised. Although they didn’t understand, it seemed pretty awesome.

“Who is this [Q]? Do you know him?”

Xu Yangyang frowned slightly: “I’m not sure. Many people are currently analyzing god [Q]’s style. However, we still haven’t find the characteristics of other great gods yet. But some people guess that [Q] might be god Wei.”

“Who is that again?”

“A legendary existence in our circle.”

Other boys: The field was different. It was too deep, and we couldn’t comprehend.

Liu Kai: “Then, old Xu, how high is your rank?”

Xu Yangyang: …

Xu Yangyang: “If you don’t ask, we can still be a buddy.”

In the afternoon, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were picked up earlier. When they arrived at Jingyuan, Mr. Qin was already waiting. Seeing Qin Shao came home so early, Su Bei was somewhat surprised, but soon she guessed that the reason they had to come back earlier might be related to him.


“Mm.” Qin Shao had been used to this title and replied very naturally.

“Is something happen?” Su Bei asked.

Qin Shao raised his eyebrows and secretly mused: pretty smart.

“Change your clothes. There is a place we need to visit.”

As for where, Mr. Qin did not say, and Su Bei did not ask either.

Mr. Qin took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the local police station where his household registration was. His assistant had made an appointment in advance. The process was very smooth. When they came out, Mr. Qin’s household account book had two more pages with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s registration. The ‘relationship’ column was written ‘father and daughter’ and ‘father and son’ respectively.

Su Bei has two new ID cards in her hand. One was hers, and one was Su Xiaobao’s. No, he should be called Qin Yu now. ‘Qin Yue’ and ‘Qin Yu,’ Su Bei’s eyes fell on these two names. She looked at them repeatedly, the corner of her mouth unconsciously raised.

These were the new name given to them by Qin Shao. The novel’s extra chapters wrote: Su Xiaobao was finally sent to prison, and Su Bei died in the hand of a perverted director. Now, did changing their names would also change their bad end future? This thought made Su Bei’s smile widened even more.

Mr. Qin did not know what was in Su Bei’s mind right now. He glanced through the rear-view mirror and saw the girl holding two ID cards with a wide smile. The corner of Mr. Qin’s lips also arched slightly.

“Wait until home to look again.” He reminded Su Bei. Wasn’t she afraid her eyesight might be worsening because she was reading in a car?

“Okay, Dad.”

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(1) In ancient China, black dog blood was considered the antidote of black magic. In a modern context, 狗血 (dog blood) means something unbelievably cliche/ embarrassing/maladroit/exaggerating that needs to be neutralized with dog blood. (From


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  1. Thank you for translating, just thought a change of words might express this sentence better. Instead of don’t, aren’t would have been better here.

    “You said it was an idiot’s doing, yet still reading it, 𝒅𝒐𝒏’𝒕(aren’t) you afraid of damaging your IQ?” Su Bei commented indifferently. She withdrew her eyes and continued to do her homework.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. The boys are funny, but their conversation is kind of choppy. Also, what was Qin Yu’s reaction. I wanted to comment about the chapter title last chapter, but I did not want to overrun the comment section since I only realized later. It is sweet that Dad Qin renamed them himself, but it is probably going to be hard to get used to, lol.

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to translate and edit this novel. I am enjoying reading it very much and would not be able to read it if not for you.

  4. Interesting – from somewhere I got the impression that dog blood was used to describe overly melodramatic scenes because in the old days they used dog blood on stage for scenes that required blood, sometimes unnecessarily flinging it around.

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