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MWFV Ch.24 Part 1 – Go To N City (I)

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Mr. Qin registered the two children into his household registration. Not only the family of three were happy, but also Uncle Fu. The housekeeper expressed his happiness by preparing a feast for Mr. Qin and the twins.

“Xiaobei, Xiaobao, drink your soup before going upstairs.” Seeing the twins were ready to go back to their room after dinner, Uncle Fu stopped them.

Qin Yue and Qin Yu were their new names. However, the twins were already long accustomed to the names’ Xiaobao’ and ‘Xiaobei,’ and calling them with the old names also sounded more intimate. Thus, the name that Grandma Wang gave to the siblings became their nicknames instead. Inside the home, they were still called by this nickname.

Su Bei: But they are already full.

However, looking at the old housekeeper’s caring face, Su Bei took the bowls of soup from his hand and passed one to Su Xiaobao.

“The children had grown much healthier than when they just arrived.” Uncle Fu murmured after the siblings went upstairs. His face was filled with emotion and relief.

Mr. Qin’s mouth seemed to move slightly, but he agreed with Uncle Fu’s words—the girl indeed had become a lot more beautiful.

“They go up at this hour every day?” Qin Shao asked. He rarely came back in time for dinner, so he didn’t know much about the twins’ routine at night.

“Yes, children probably need their own space.” Uncle Fu answered with a smile. It’s just that when Mr. Qin was away, Xiaobei and Xiaobao would stay downstairs after dinner to chat with him.

“What are they doing?” Qin Shao asked again.

This question made Uncle Fu secretly wanted to laugh—Mr. Qin was starting to care about the two children.

“Xiaobao usually doing school works. Occasionally, he will play some kind of online games with his classmates. Xiaobei is currently taking piano lessons. When she isn’t practicing the piano, she should be playing a computer.” Uncle Fu answered truthfully.

Playing games? Computer? Mr. Qin frowned deeply.

Should he limit the gadget time for those two children?

Upstairs, the twins’ bedroom.

Su Xiaobao was indeed playing a game, or to be precise, he one-sidedly crushed others. After the match, Chen Zian and Du Yiming’s wailing came from the headset.

[Chen Zian: Fuck, my star ranking is falling again!]

[Du Yiming: Falling your fucking star, I already doubt my own life!]

[Liu Kai: Next time I want to team up with my brother Bao again, it was such a wise decision!]

[Wang Weixi: Agree! ]


Of course the boys knew that brother Xuan had the intention to ‘teach the new guy a lesson’ when he invited Su Xiaobao into their game group. In the beginning, Su Xiaobao was indeed suppressed by Chen Zian and the others. But only after a few days, the relationship changed from suppressing into being suppressed.

When brother Xuan was here, it was still okay. But when brother Xuan was not online, they were completely abused by Su Xiaobao!

[Su Xiaobao: Still want to continue?]

[Liu Kai: Continue! But this time, add me to your team!]

[Chen Zian: Yes! Brother Bao, take me to fly with you!]

[Du Yiming: Add me too.]


Xie Minxuan, who happened to look at his mobile phone while attending the R&D meeting in his family’s company: “…”

Why did he feel that his brothers were abducted by Su Xiaobao? What kind of skill that guy had?

Su Xiaobao and Liu Kai started another match.

At the same time, in another corner of the room, Su Bei was also focusing on the monitor. But instead of playing a game, she was competing. Su Bei opened the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ webpage. The competition’s homepage was displaying the latest ranking. Yesterday, Su Bei cleared a total of twelve levels. Among those, three levels were done with a shortcut in order to save time. She barely passed and finally only got four points. Her total score yesterday was 45 points, ranking seven in the latest list.

Originally she could aim a little higher—Su Bei mused. Without wasting time, she directly started today’s challenges. One and half an hour later, the [upper limit] prompt popped up again. From twelve levels, Su Bei got a total of 47 points. After reaching the level cap, she saw that time was still early, so she went to browse the competition’s forum.

At this time, [Q] has become a hot topic in the forum. Some people were betting on [Q] ‘s identity—which great god was this mysterious [Q]? Others were displaying the record of [Q] ‘s level clearance yesterday for analysis.

That was still quite normal, but some were not:

[KIVIN: @Q, God Q, please look at me! I am your future underling.]

[Roa Ark: Does god Q still need a leg pendant(1)? The kind that will warm your bed.]

[Handsome Yang: I one-sidedly announced that god Q is my elder brother! ]


Su Bei was amused by these wonderful comments and clicked on her personal profile. The two huge red dots were very eye-catching: She had hundreds of private messages, and also more than one hundred friend requests.

Su Bei didn’t bother to open all the messages. She only read a few from the high-ranking participants whose names were familiar. The majority of the messages were asking if she was willing to form a team together for the second round. Su Bei replied all the messages with the same sentence: “For the time being, I’m still not considering forming a team, thank you.”

However, Su Bei also read the message from [Handsome Yang]. The sender’s dialog box was filled with rainbow fart for [Q].

Su Bei’s eyes twitched. She opened his message, simply because she recognized that it was Xu Yangyang. His user avatar was a bust selfie of Xu Yangyang holding a pen, tilting his head. Too recognizable and difficult for Su Bei to pretend to not know. After all, the relationship between Xu Yangyang and her family’s Xiaobao was very good.

Su Bei considered a bit and sent a friend request to Xu Yangyang. As for the others, she directly clicked [reject]. Most people who sent her friend request were participants who ranked around 2000. Their aim must be soliciting a strong player to pave their way through the second round of the competition. Not only [Q], all the big figures in the top rank must have received a similar amount of friend request.

There was one exception: [“vvvv” sends you a friend request.]

Su Bei glanced at the sender’s data. This user was ranked third. After that, she simply clicked [reject].

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(1) A person who holds someone else thigh aka clinging/depend on others. Leg pendant is like an ornament hanging on the leg, just like holding the thigh and not letting go.

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