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MWFV Ch.24 Part 3 – Go To N City (III)

At the company, after Chen De heard about the conflict that almost ensued when Mr. Qin wanted to give the two children separate bedrooms, the assistant knew that it was partly his negligence that let them shared the same guest room. Before waiting for his boss to ‘call’ him, Chen De took the initiative to go to Mr. Qin for a self-introspection.

Regarding whether it was proper or not for two children to live together, Chen De was a single man and not a sensitive one. He never had this consideration before. But Mr. Qin was different. After the children’s identity changed and he became a father, Mr. Qin naturally started to see things from a different angle.

Chen De laughed inwardly, he was deeply moved.

“How many meetings scheduled for this week?” When Chen De still busy with his inner thought, Qin Shao suddenly asked.

Chen De quickly put away his thoughts, opened the newly bought mobile phone, and checked Mr. Qin’s work schedule. The assistant dutifully answered: “Sir, you have no other meetings scheduled this week except for Friday’s regular meeting.”

Qin Shao: “Cancel this friday’s regular meeting. Also, go to Su Bei and that boy’s school, ask for one day absent for this Friday.”

For a moment, Chen De was surprised. He soon guessed Mr. Qin’s intention and asked: “Sir, are you going to take care of Xiaobei and Xiaobao school transfer this Friday?”

“Mm, arrange a trip to N city.”

“Okay, Sir. I’ll arrange it immediately.” ”

At noon, Uncle Fu received a call from Mr. Qin with instructions about the children’s bedroom arrangement.

Qin Shao: “Prepare the second room on the west side for Xiaobei and the first room on the east for that boy.”

Uncle Fu: “…” Are you sure, Sir?

According to this arrangement, Xiaobei’s room was next to Mr. Qin’s while Xiaobao’s room was on the opposite end of the corridor. Although Xiaobao’s room was indeed based on the layout for the ‘future master’, but wasn’t the two children separated too far?

When Su Bei and Su Xiaobao returned home from school, Uncle Fu already finished arranging their new rooms.

One on the east and one on the west.

Seeing the pink and cute room with a row of stuffed dolls on the bed, Su Bei instantly froze. “Is this room specially prepared for me?” She asked. Prior to her arrival, there was no way for such a room to exist in Mr. Qin’s house.

Uncle Fu nodded with a smile: “Sir especially choose it for you.”

Su Bei: “…”

Actually, she was already fourteen years old, ah.


On the first night after moving to his new room, Su Xiaobao couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t because he still hasn’t accustomed to the new bed, but because Su Bei was suddenly not sleeping by his side. For Su Xiaobao, it seemed like something very important was missing.

For example, someone who had a habit of putting their mobile phone next to the bed. One day, if the mobile phone was put on the place where their hand couldn’t reach, they would feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Su Bei’s situation was not much better than Su Xiaobao. In the years when her consciousness transmigrated into another world, Su Bei had nightmares almost every night. Sometimes it was the scene of that campus violence, but mostly was because she missed Su Xiaobao, so she was dreamed of being trapped inside an empty space, unable to find Su Xiaobao everywhere.

In his new bedroom, Su Xiaobao was pulling Du Yiming and some other friends to play two rounds of game. Suddenly he heard a movement from outside. Su Xiaobao jumped out of bed and went to the door to check.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Su Bei coming out from her own new bedroom at the opposite end of the corridor. Su Bei looked at Su Xiaobao for a moment, then deliberately teased him while smiling: “Su Xiaobao, are you too afraid to sleep without your older sister by your side?”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

“I’m just hungry. I want to see if there is anything to eat.”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

Su Bei tiptoed over to Su Xiaobao and held his hand. The two siblings then quietly walked downstairs.


The next day, when Uncle Fu got up, he first saw Su Bei and Su Xiaobao not in their new bedrooms, but in the living room downstairs. The housekeeper saw the twins nested together on the sofa, falling asleep with their heads resting on each other’s shoulder. The TV was on, with a cartoon playing unwatched, probably for the entire night.

This made Mr. Qin somewhat helpless. He finally relented and ordered the servants to change Su Xiaobao’s room next to Su Bei’s.

Within two days, Su Xiaobao’ moved home’ twice.

That Friday, Mr. Qin, Su Bei, and Su Xiaobao departed to N city.

As soon as the family of three got off the plane, people came to receive them. The grand arrangement reminded Su Bei of the description of the domineering president male lead from the novel’s latter half.

“Dad, do you also have a company in N city?” After they got on the car, Su Bei asked Qin Shao.

“Mm.” Qin Shao nodded.

“Qin Group has one branch and two subsidiaries in N city,” after a pause, Qin Shao continued: “The branch company mainly handles Qin Group’s business around this area on behalf of the head office. The two subsidiaries are Redstone Biotech and Beining Technology.”

After the brief explanation, Mr. Qin glanced sideways. He saw Su Bei’s curious expression, and the boy next to her also seemed to perk up his ears, listening attentively. So Mr. Qin added a few more sentences: “The predecessor of Redstone Biotech is Redstone Pharmaceutical. Qin Group currently holds 51% of its shares. Its main business is still drug manufacturing. Beining Technology is a household electronics manufacturers…” Mr. Qin’s explanation was very detailed, each of his words filled with practical business wisdom.

Even the president of Redstone Biotech, who was sitting in the front passenger seat and was in charge of welcoming Mr. Qin this time, stretched his ears and listened seriously.

After a while, the car became quiet.

Mr. Qin seemed to be closing his eyes and resting, so Su Bei tried to not disturb him. The girl quietly turned her head and looked out the window. Gradually, the scenery outside the window became more and more familiar. This was the road she and Su Xiaobao took when they departed to B city.

“Xiaobao, we almost arrive at home…” Su Bei whispered, gripping Su Xiaobao’s hand tightly.

Mr. Qin’s eyes slightly opened, looking at the two children silently. The closer they were to the Hongxing County, the more silent Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were. There was anxiety and uneasiness that couldn’t be concealed. The twins had many memories in Hongxing County. However, those memories were obviously not a good one.


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  1. Ah yes, they are only 14! Our babies! Home base moved twice in a day. Dad Qin picked a lot of pink and dolls lol, they still have their computers which is nice. But what was the reaction from school to becoming Qin’s or has that not been annouced. I am glad they have side by side rooms now.

    1. purpleberrydoc

      I don’t think it got announced yet. I look forward to Su Bei’s seatmate reaction. She is hilarious.

  2. Glad he relented on the room layout. The first one was bad in numerous ways… just like how he calls his son ‘that boy’ – he should at least try to get to know him.

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