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MWFV Ch.25 Part 1 – Going to the School (I)

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Assistant Li was the local assistant Chen De specially arranged for Mr. Qin. When Mr. Qin and his party arrived in Hongxing County, Assistant Li had been waiting for a long time.

When the car window was sliding down, she saw the man inside. Assistant Li’s breath momentarily stagnated. Her heart was beating a little faster: She didn’t expect that the real Mr. Qin was even more handsome than his photos, and his aura was so overwhelming.

Mr. Chen told her that Mr. Qin came here for the school transfer procedure for his two children.

Mr. Qin actually has children…

Although as an assistant, she shouldn’t pay too much attention to her boss’s private affairs, however, this fact still made assistant Li a little uncomfortable.

Qin Shao glanced at assistant Li, there was barely any warmth in his eyes.

“Assistant Li?”

The assistant whose name was suddenly called, stunned a bit before quickly putting away her previous thoughts and answered: “Yes. Hello Mr. Qin, my name is Li Ye.”

Qin Shao simply nodded slightly: “Has everything been arranged?”

“Yes, Mr. Qin. Everything has been arranged before your arrival.” After a pause, she asked: “By the way, sir. I’ve also arranged your accommodation. Do you want to rest at the hotel first?”

“No.” Qin Shao quickly ordered: “Go directly to the Hongxing County Third Middle School.”

Assistant Li: “Okay, Sir. I’ll immediately contact the school.”

Third Middle School.

After receiving the call from Assistant Li, Principal Chen immediately summoned all the school’s teachers and staff to the reception room. The person who contacted him was from the Redstone Biotech company. On the phone call, the other party only said that their chairman would personally come to their school. Although the caller didn’t tell him the reason for this visit, Principal Chen did not care.

What was the reason for a businessman to visit a school? Nothing more than to make a donation, either a school building, teaching equipment, or even to give scholarships for the students. Anyway, this was a great chance. It would be beneficial to the improvement of their school resources, equipment, and comprehensive score. Not to mention that Redstone Biotech was a very famous company in this area. Among all the companies in N city, it could be ranked at least in the top five.


When Mr. Qin and his party arrived at the Third Middle School, the school already hung a welcome banner they prepared in advance. Principal Chen came out personally and greeted the group before inviting them into the reception room.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yu from Redstone Biotech. I am the principal of the Third Middle School. My surname is Chen.” Principal Chen warmly extended his hand to Mr. Qin, who led the group.

At the same time, the principal secretly observed this ‘President of Redstone Biotech’ before sighing inwardly: the aura of a big businessman was indeed extraordinary. Even though he was just a junior high school principal, he has seen enough of the world. But now, standing in front of this young president, Principal Chen actually felt enormous pressure.

Seeing the enthusiastic Principal Chen, a sneer flashed inside Mr. Qin’s eyes, and he simply stood unmoved.

The atmosphere turned awkward.

After a while, Yu Xiaofeng, the real president of Redstone Biotech standing next to Mr. Qin, coughed a little and introduced: “Principal Chen, I am Yu Xiaofeng. This is Mr. Qin, the chairman of Redstone Biotech’s parent company.”

The people from Third Middle School were greatly shocked. They thought that having the president of Redstone Biotech came to their school was already a great honor, but didn’t expect that a person with even a higher status was coming.

Redstone Biotech’s parent company, wasn’t that… Qin Group?! What kind of luck did their small junior high school have, that they actually caught Qin Group’s eyes?

Principal Chen was so excited that he was almost jumping forward. “How do you do, Mr. Qin? Please sit down.” The principal tried to keep his face calm and politely gestured for the guests to take a seat.

As he walked toward the sofa, Mr. Qin turned around and called the twins who had been silent since they entered Hongxing County: “Come here.”

Mr. Qin’s words finally let the school’s people noticed that two people who followed behind Mr. Qin were young children.

Why did they bring children here? Principal Chen was puzzled. However, the scene he saw next made him even more surprised: After Mr. Qin sat down, the two children also sat next to him, while all other people brought by Mr. Qin stood behind without taking a seat.

Including the President of Redstone Biotech!

What was the identity of these two children?!

Not only Principal Chen but other teachers present were equally shocked. At this moment, the head teacher suddenly called out: “Su Bei? Su Xiaobao?”

No wonder their former teachers did not recognize the twins. Compared to one or two months ago, the siblings’ changes were so great, absolutely didn’t resemble their appearance when still studying at this school. Who would have thought that these two handsome and beautiful children with an extraordinary aura would be the two poor and skinny students from before?

However, the head teacher was so impressed by the weak yet tenacious child who was clearly isolated and helpless, but could calmly fight for justice in front of those unreasonable parents. Therefore, after observing Su Bei’s eyes and the expression on her face, the head teacher finally recognized these two children.

As soon as the head teacher’s words fell, the other teachers were also shocked—Su Bei, Su Xiaobao? Weren’t that the name of two students in their school? The siblings who didn’t have household registration.


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