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MWFV Ch.25 Part 3 – Going to the School (III)

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“Your school thinks that my two children have no parents, and even if they are bullied inside the school, no one will come to seek justice?”

Mr. Qin’s words silenced all the teachers: They indeed thought so before. Conflict among the students had to be quelled as much as possible. Making Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to back off from the matter was much easier than trying to control Zhou Hongmei and her group, with those unreasonable parents on their back.

“This…” Principal Chen hesitated before saying: “Our school did not handle this matter properly. It was truly our fault. If Mr. Qin is not satisfied with the result, then…”

“Indeed unsatisfactory,” Qin Shao sneered: “So what? Are you planning to force me to let go of this matter as you did to my children??”

Principal Chen: “…”

It was easy to make the two children back off, but was this Mr. Qin someone that the principal could easily persuade? However, regarding this matter, the school also had its own difficulties.

“Mr. Qin, it’s not that we try to shake off responsibilities, however, this matter is truly troublesome. The parents of some of those problematic students aren’t living nearby, and some others are not easy to be called over…” The principal tried to get some ‘pity’ by playing emotion cards.

“No need to trouble your school. The parents of those students, I have arranged for them to be called over.”

Sure enough, not long after Mr. Qin’s words fell, those parents were brought into the school one after another. Some of these people were still working in the factory, but the factory director came directly and let them come to the school. Some were told to come by their creditor. A few more were brought back overnight from their work outside the county.

Looking at the more than two dozens parents who were so easily gathered here, all the teachers present couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts: this was the power of money.

The parents who were called were all showing a confused face. A few with a bigger temper began to yell to the teachers: “Teacher, why are you so forcefully calling us here?”

Teachers: … …

It wasn’t our school that called you here, but Mr. Qin over there.

Finally, Mr. Qin said: “You are called because your children beat my child.”

Listening to Qin Shao’s words, the parents were even more confused: They were called because of this? There were so many children beaten by their children. Which one was this time?

“it’s like this…” Principal Chen started explaining to these parents.

After listening to the principal’s explanation, one of the parents unhappily retorted: “This thing again? Hasn’t it been resolved before? I have also been called to the school before because of this thing, how can it still not ended yet?”

“Right, ah. I also heard my husband said that you forced him to pay money before. Why do you still need to call us again?”

Principal Chen: It’s useless even if you got angry at me. Tell that directly to Su Bei’s dad.

Finally, the parents moved their gaze to Mr. Qin. The man was wearing an expensive-looking suit and was sitting on the sofa. They could see at a glance that he was a big boss with an unusual identity. The parents inexplicably felt a sudden fear. Even the few people with louder voices also succumbed.

They heard before that the child that they kid beaten was a neglected orphan without a guardian. So how did a scary dad suddenly emerge?

“Well, you are the father of this child, right? It was indeed our children who beat your child, but our children have also been scolded for this matter.”

“Right, ah. The teacher has punished our children, so how can you still bring back the matter? Do you want to let your child beat our children in return?”

“Let me tell you first, my child is thick-skinned. Even if your child beat her, it only will hurt your child’s hand.”


Listening to these parents who started to play rogue, the teachers who were listening from the side couldn’t bear to hear anymore.

Mr. Qin suddenly sneered: “It doesn’t matter even if you want to play a rogue. I don’t mind counting your children’s mistakes on their parents’ heads.”

Seeing Mr. Qin’s scary eyes, the parents were shocked.

“What do you mean?”

Mr. Qin: “It means solving problems in an adult’s way.”

As soon as his word came out, the reception room was instantly fell silent. Some parents figured out Mr. Qin’s meaning: Because their children bullied his child, now he was going to find trouble with them?

It’s bad.

Although these people usually liked to make trouble and acted unreasonably, no one was stupid. They could see the man in front of them wasn’t easy to deal with. They couldn’t afford to anger this kind of big boss. The parents recalled how they were called here…

At this time, a loud voice suddenly jumped out: “How can children’s affairs affect adults. If children have conflict, then just let them beat each other. Why need to be so serious!”

That was Zhou Hongmei’s father. Before coming to N city, Qin Shao already instructed Chen De to investigate the family situation of all Su Bei’s bullies, and naturally recognized who this person was. Qin Shao coldly looked at father Zhou, who instantly felt cold on his back. But he already let out those words, and could only brace himself to continue.

“And according to the school, this matter has been resolved. We even had to pay money!”

“Pay money?” Qin Shao suddenly smiled coldly.

“Yeah, we paid money to your child!” His family paid 200 yuan! Thinking of the 200 yuan he spent, father Zhou was pained. He still wanted to say: They had paid the money and now the debt had been cleared. If Qin Shao still insisted on bringing forth the matter, then pay back his 200 yuan first before resuming this talk.

However, before father Zhou even opened his mouth again, a sudden “bang–” sounded in his ear, and at the next second, his view turned black.


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