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MWFV Ch.26 Part 2 – Beating Back (II)

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Seeing what had happened just now, the other parents didn’t dare to move. More than ten parents were standing nervously, hated that the ground didn’t crack to swallow them up. Who was still so daring to even utter even a single word? Mr. Qin glanced lightly. All the parents reflexively took a step back, fear was filling their eyes.

“Su-Su Bei’s dad. We will tell our children to apologize to your daughter, and we as their parents also apologize.” Someone nervously said.

“Yeah, our children didn’t know that they made a grave mistake. Please allow us to apologize in their place.”

Their attitude was very different from when they were forced to pay money by Su Bei before. Mr. Qin sneered at the group of parents who were apologizing in fear. “Let them go out.” He ordered. Letting them stay would only dirty his eyes.

At this moment, the Third Middle School’s reception room was completely under Mr. Qin’s control. Principal Chen and the teachers didn’t have the courage to refute—who would dare to jump out now? What if Mr. Qin sees them unpleasant and started to beat them instead?

Seeing the parents were leaving with their tail between their legs, Principal Chen took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his head. He then bit the bullet to step forward in front of Mr. Qin.

“Mr. Qin, you see, since you and the other parents have properly ‘talked,’ has the matter resolved now?” Principal Chen thought that since Mr. Qin had let those people leave, this matter should have been considered finished.

“Of course, for Zhou Hongmei and her accomplices, our school will also strictly deal with them according to the rules.”

After a long time, the principal still didn’t hear Mr. Qin’s reply and secretly panicked. Coughing nervously, Principal Chen asked: “Mr. Qin, do you think this is acceptable?”


Qin Shao’s word almost made Principal Chen felt as if he was getting an amnesty. However, the next second, he heard Qin Shao continued: “The matter between the parents has been resolved. Now let’s talk about the school side.”

Principal Chen’s face paled, and the heart that almost floating in relief instantly sank again. “This…”, the principal stiffened: “Mr. Qin, our school…”

Without waiting for the other man’s nonsense, Qin Shao directly interrupted Principal Chen’s words: “My child was horribly bullied inside your school campus. However, as the principal and teachers, you defined this campus violence incident as a mere contradiction between students without even investigating. This is negligence. Afterward, your school also suspended my child for the so-called school reputation and score. It is a dereliction of duty…”

Principal Chen and the teachers: “…”

Mr. Qin has investigated so thoroughly, what else they could say.

Principal Chen: “Mr. Qin, please listen to my explanation-”

Qin Shao: “No need to explain, I just make a simple statement from the information I gathered. As for the rest, Principal Chen can explain slowly under formal investigation.”

Mr. Qin took a document from his assistant and threw it in front of the principal.

“This– !”

It was a document with a formal government header: [Regarding Chen Zhongshu, the principal of Hongxing County Third Middle School, and the faculty member Luo Xi, …]. Principal Chen stared at the document, his whole body was as if being plunged into an ice cave. Although this was not a final report, he knew that his career has over.

“Is, is this real?” Other teachers whose names were also written asked incredulously—did Mr. Qin forged this document?

Seemingly seeing through their thoughts, Mr. Qin sneered and lightly threw another sentence: “Just wait quietly for the good news.”

Qin Shao has arranged people to thoroughly investigate the principal and faculty members of Hongxing County’s Third Middle School. Beside Xiaobei’s incident, these people also did a lot of ‘things.’ Besides using some connection to get a copy of this document, Mr. Qin was simply going through the standard reporting procedure.

On the afternoon of the same day, the principal and several teachers of the Third Middle School received a formal notice for their suspension and was put under investigation. The former head teacher was temporarily taking over the principal role.

However, this was for later.

Leaving some people in despair, Mr. Qin finished the school transfer procedure and took his children out of the reception room. When they left, it was just right after class. The students were all staring with wide eyes over the row of luxury cars at their school’s gate.

“Look! They come out!”

Under the students’ curious eyes, Mr. Qin walked out of the room.

“Wow! So handsome!”

“I know who he is! That’s the chairman of Qin Group! I have seen him in the news!”

“Are you sure?” Qin Group, that was an existence that ordinary people like them dared not to think about.

“One hundred percent sure.”

“You aren’t sure before.” After all, the chairman of Qin Group rarely showed up in public. There were very few photos of him on the internet, except for the sneak shots that mostly were not very clear.

“Didn’t you see? The banner hung at the school gate wrote ‘Redstone Biotech’! I checked it a moment ago, but do you know who owns the Redstone Biotech? It’s the Qin Group!”

“My God! So that is the chairman of Qin Group? Too imposing, and so handsome!”

“I thought that the chairman of the Song Group is already a very high-above existence. Never think before that there is someone else at his equal.”

“To tell the truth, I feel that Chairman Qin is more handsome than Chairman Song…” But compared with Chairman Song, Chairman Qin was too low-key.

Several girls were busily gossiping, but suddenly the crowd was exploding in another clamor.

“What’s the matter? What is this time?”

“Look over there, behind Chairman Qin!”

“Eh, it’s the girl from that photo.”

“Fuck! It’s really Su Bei and Su Xiaobao!”


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