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MWFV Ch.27 Part 1 – This is for you, Dad (I)

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Everyone in the school was shocked by Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s change. If it were not for the twins to appear at the same time, they wouldn’t even recognize that the dazzling girl was once the poor worm who had always been bullied at school.

“Their change is too good, I cannot recognize them at all.” Some student sighed.

“People rely on clothes. Of course they can be so good looking if they wear such expensive clothes.”

“But it’s too shocking, ah. Actually, what kind of tricks did Su Bei use to seduce the chairman of Qin Group….”

“I also want to know. Still so young and already did this kind of thing. Moreover, she even dares to show off.”

“I think it’s a little disgusting. Hooking with a junior high school student…the chairman of the Qin Group must not be a good person.”

Several girls whispered in contempt. However, it was hard to hide the jealousy between their words.

—If Su Bei ‘hooked’ a bald old man, they might just sneer at her. The problem was that the man was the ultra-rich and powerful chairman of the Qin Group, and most importantly, very handsome.

Another student interrupted the girls’ conversation: “What kind of crazy guess do you make. That person is Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s father.”

“Father?! Impossible!” How could Su Bei and Su Xiaobao suddenly turned into a wealthy young miss and young master!

“Where did you hear that.” They were reluctant to believe.

“I heard from Liu Yufei.” The boy answered in a low voice.

Liu Yufei was also a member of Zhou Hongmei’s gang. She was taken away from school by her parents just now. Their gang had made many problems at school, including skipping class, fighting, and bullying. This time, if the school really made an investigation, there was a good chance that they might get expelled.

“I don’t know the details. It seems that because they beat Su Bei before, Qin Group’s chairman comes today to get justice as their father.”

“So, the chairman of the Qin Group is really their father?”

“It shouldn’t be wrong. Didn’t everyone say that they don’t have a father before? There must be some kind of family struggle that makes them being stranded here before. Moreover, look carefully, aren’t Su Xiaobao and Chairman Qin look very similar?”

Everyone else: “…you are right.”

After that, the girls had a lively discussion. Zhou Hongmei, who has always been so dominant in the school before, could only silently shrank behind the crowd and didn’t dare to utter a word. From her mother’s call just now, she already knew that her father was injured and taken to the hospital, and his job might be gone. She also knew that she might be expelled from school.

When Zhou Hongmei was bullying Su Bei, how could she knew that she would anger someone who shouldn’t be angered? Now, the only thing left on her was fear.

The other person who equally unhappy was Xu Shanshan. After Zhou Hongmei and her gang knew that she was the one who uploaded the video and made the forum post, they began to isolate and bully her. Just like how the classmates bullied Su Bei before. The only difference was that after she left, they simply changed their target to Xu Shanshan.

Because of her guilty conscience, Xu Shanshan was afraid to see Su Bei again. But she stared at Zhou Hongmei with a pair of menacing eyes. She heard that the school was going to deal with them. This was also good. Just got expelled together, so she didn’t have to be bullied anymore.

No one paid attention to the two girls hiding in the crowd. At this moment, the girls’ focus has been moved to Su Xiaobao, who came out last.

“You know, Su Xiaobao is actually so handsome.”

“Su Xiaobao has always been handsome.”

In the past, the twins’ background made other students habitually avoid them and never cared whether Su Xiaobao looked handsome or not. But when Su Xiaobao’s figure fell into their eyes today, he was already a rich and handsome young master.

“Really ah. I think Su Xiaobao is actually more handsome than the school grass.”

“I also think so. Young master Xu can only be considered quite handsome in our school. Compared with Su Xiaobao, however, he isn’t on the same level.”

Xu Lang who was passing by: “…”

Xu Lang has lost his previous bearing, and his whole body was shrouded in gloominess. During the two months when Su Bei and Su Xiaobao disappeared, no one knew how tormented he was. Worry and guilt haunted him almost every second. The root of this matter laid on himself. If only he hadn’t used Su Bei as a cover, Zhou Hongmei and her gang wouldn’t beat Su Bei. The following online video and rumors wouldn’t appear, the school wouldn’t suspend Su Bei, and the sibling wouldn’t disappear.

Xu Lang’s mind kept repeating the scene from the day when he stopped Su Bei to give the explanation. Her thin back that he saw when she walked away couldn’t be erased from his mind.

Xu Lang had always wished to see Su Bei once again. He was going to apologize to her and then told her his real feeling. But he didn’t expect that on their next reunion, the girl had become someone that he couldn’t afford anymore.

His family’s business might be good in the eye of the county school students. But compared with the Qin Group, it was hardly a drop in the ocean. Not to mention that some problems had recently started to emerge.

Under the students’ shock and gossips, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao followed Qin Shao to leave the school. He also brought back the twins’ school record. Inside the car, Mr. Qin was turning over the files. As Chen De reported, the two children’s achievements were very good. They were the top scorer of their grade in almost every exam. Moreover, Su Xiaobao also won many competitions and awards.

Mr. Qin read the files in silence. Although his expression was unchanged, there was a trace of satisfaction in his eyes.

“Dad, are we going back now?” Su Bei asked Qin Shao.

“Mm”, Qin Shao responded. He turned to look at the two children suddenly: “Otherwise, you have another place to visit?”

“Can we go back to our old house? It’s not far and won’t take time by car.” When she and Su Xiaobao left, they only carried two school bags from their old home. There were many things still not taken away, and some of them were the relics left by Grandma Wang. Su Bei wanted to clean up the house and brought back their remaining belongings.

Without asking the reason, Mr. Qin nodded and said, “Yes.”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao lived in the old house left by Grandma Wang. The house was left unattended for almost two months and now looked even more run-down.

“I will come in to pack some things. Dad, you wait for me at the outside, I’ll finish soon.” Looking at their tattered house, Su Bei reminded herself that Mr. Qin seemed to have a clean habit, so she did not invite him inside. She quickly jumped down from the car and went inside the house.

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  1. Ahhh… too little too late for regrets there.

    That was very satisfying end to those bullies. 😤

    Thanks for the chapters, translator-sama and sponsors! 😁

  2. The thing I hate most about Chinese culture
    “They offended someone who can’t be offended”
    Sure dump s#!t on everyone else in the world and be a total jackass/karen

  3. I don’t know why the Xu girl is happy? Isn’t she facing expulsion too? She might have become the new victim but she took part in bullying Su Bei and made the slanderous post.

  4. Hm. One thing that is surprising about the school allowing the bullying is that the twins were top students. My impression is that their grades should offset their lack of background, since schools and teachers seem to be rewarded on a merit system. Usually the school turns a blind eye to issues with underachieving students but protect the high achievers. Maybe because it’s such a crappy school that doesn’t apply?

  5. Mmm…So, Did Xu Lang develop feelings for the Mc or did he always had a crush on her but kept it hidden until now? Albeit he still kept it to himself but yeah.

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