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MWFV Ch.27 Part 2 – This is for you, Dad (II)

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While Su Bei was busy inside, Qin Shao and Su Xiaobao were ‘stationed’ to wait outside the door.

“Did you beat Zhou Hongmei’s dad using free combat?” Su Xiaobao, who had been hanging his head, asked after a bit hesitation.

“Not exactly, there are some special combat skills.” Qin Shao moved his eyes to look at the young boy, and raised his eyebrows slightly: “What, do you also want to learn?”

Although Su Xiaobao did not answer, the light in his eyes did reveal his desire.

“Do you know what is the most stupid thing to do?” Mr. Qin suddenly asked.

Su Xiaobao: “What?”

“Using violence to solve problems,” Mr. Qin continues: “You may encounter many problems. You can use your brain to solve, use the money to solve or use the law to solve. There are multiple ways. In short, it is not necessary to use violence because it is not cost-effective.”

The corner of Su Xiaobao’s mouth twitched. With a face full of black lines, he stared at the serious-looking older man: “…”

“So, what were you doing at school just now?” Beating your own face?

“Just got too angry.”

This reply made Su Xiaobao silent. He could understand the kind of anger Qin Shao said- at that time, when he found Su Bei in the school toilet, he was so angry that he wanted to kill those people!

It’s just…

Glancing at Qin Shao, Su Xiaobao pursed his lips: So this person could also be angry? Because of Su Bei and himself?

“Did you see the video? And the rumors on the internet?” Su Xiaobao looked at Qin Shao sharply and asked.

“It’s not important anymore, those things no longer exist.”

Unlike the school’s sloppy treatment, after Qin Shao knew about this matter, he immediately used Qin Group’s power to completely delete the video from the internet, including the original post.

Meanwhile, inside the house.

Originally, their house didn’t have many ‘belongings’, so Su Bei simply packed some important and useful items. After everything was being packed, it fitted just two large cloth bags. There were Su Xiaobao’s achievement certificates, a few clothes that Grandma Wang made for them, the military coat, enamel cup, and reading glasses left by Grandma Wang…

After finishing, Su Bei was about to go out, only to see Qin Shao and Su Xiaobao had already entered the house. Before the bodyguards moved, Mr. Qin had come over to pick up the two cloth bags on the ground.

This scene made Su Bei shocked.

“Is this all?” Mr. Qin asked.

Su Bei nodded.

“Dad, the red bag’s zipper is broken, and the things inside also a bit full. Be careful to not shake it.”

Mr. Qin who intended to hand over the bags to the bodyguards once he was outside: “…”



“This is for you!” Su Bei ran to Qin Shao and handed him something.

“What is this?” Mr. Qin asked, looking at the girl’s shiny eyes.

“Amulet.” Su Bei replied. She found this thing below the pillow when she packed up just now. Although she didn’t know whether this amulet was responsible for her temporal transmigration and subsequent return, she still hoped that it would protect Qin Shao’s safety and not let him be harmed by the male lead.

After quietly looking at the old amulet with its cloth cover already started to fray, Mr. Qin seemed to hesitate before finally took the thing from Su Bei’s white palm and put it into his coat’s pocket.

“Also, thank you.” Su Bei looked at Qin Shao with a big smile on her face.

Mr. Qin wasn’t someone who loved to make trouble, nor did he like to act arrogant. In fact, minor matters such as school transfer could be handled by his assistant. However, this time Mr. Qin not only specially made a trip with the siblings but also arranged such a big show to take them to school.

Su Bei could see that Mr. Qin was helping them to vent.

The setting sun fell on Su Bei’s smiling face was particularly beautiful at the moment, and her gaze was more sincere than ever before. Seeing her happy face made Mr. Qin wanted to smile too. He tried to raise her hand to pat the girl’s head, but the two bags he was carrying hindered his movement.

“Let’s go.”


Assistant Li was very surprised when she saw Mr. Qin personally carried two large cloth bags out of the house. Looking at the pile of ‘useless broken copper and iron’ inside, Assistant Li frowned slightly.

“These things are worthless, why do you need to bring them? You can buy anything you need after you go back. It’s too inconvenient to take it along the way.” Assistant Li said.

She had to admit that she had some ulterior emotions. Before, when she saw Mr. Qin’s brutality when hitting people, assistant Li was indeed shocked and scared. But when she came back to her mind, thinking about the reason why Mr. Qin used violence, she thought Mr. Qin was very manly, and her admiration deepened a lot. So much that when she looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao at this moment, the assistant felt uncomfortable.

Su Bei: “…”

Assistant Li’s words actually not wrong, but she was reluctant to throw these things away.

Mr. Qin looked coldly at this self-asserted assistant: “Assistant Li seems to have forgotten your own job.”

The warning in Mr. Qin’s eyes was too clear. In just one glance, assistant Li went pale, and her body frozen. Because she was chosen as the temporary assistant for Mr. Qin, she was so proud that she forgot her own position. Her identity was just an assistant, and what the boss and his children wanted to do was their family affair. There was no place for her to interfere.

“Assistant Li can go back.” Qin Shao put the two big bags on the car and ordered the driver to leave.

Su Bei pasted her face on the car window and glanced at their old house again. Her eyes were flickering.

At this moment, Qin Shao’s voice rang: “Feeling reluctant?”

Su Bei shook her head, and then nodded. After all, this was the place where she and Su Xiaobao lived and grew since they were born until fourteen years old. And this time, it was a permanent goodbye…

Mr. Qin didn’t speak anymore. Just when Su Bei thought that he was closing his eyes and resting, she suddenly felt a warmth on her head.

Because the family of three was going to return directly to B city, on the car, Mr. Qin gave Chen De a phone call.

Chen De: “Sir, are you going back tonight with Xiaobei and Xiaobao?”

Qin Shao: “Mm.”

Chen: “Yes, I will arrange your arrival here.”

After Chen De finished speaking, he was waiting for the other side to end the call. Instead, he heard Mr. Qin ask again: “Are you the one who arranges assistant Li?”


Because he wasn’t going to accompany this trip, Chen De had to choose a temporary assistant. Out of consideration for Su Bei, he specially arranged a young female assistant. This Li Ye’s ability was good, and she was also smart. However, why did he hear an unpleasant tone from his boss?

Chen De was hesitant and asked carefully: “Did assistant Li do something that makes you dissatisfied, sir?”

“Too many ideas.” After a paused, Mr. Qin added: “Later, there is no need to arrange a female assistant.”


Holding the phone, Chen Demo wiped his sweat silently.

After finishing the phone call with Chen De, Qin Shao glanced at the two children next to him. Su Bei was sleeping on Su Xiaobao’s shoulder. Looking at this scene, Mr. Qin felt a seemingly complicated emotion. It was a warm feeling that somehow mixed with a little dissatisfaction.

Su Bei didn’t know about this. She was awakened by a sudden vibration from her phone. She glanced at the message on the phone display: [Darling~ Are you there? Come on, I need you!]

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