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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.28 Part 1 – Darling (I)


Your sister. (1)

Looking at the new message popping up on her phone, Su Bei’s eyes twitched. What about the cool and loftiness of a great master? What about the mysterious aura of a great god?

If she didn’t add friend with the other party, Su Bei really wouldn’t be able to guess that the great master that ranked third in the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’, the one known in this circle as ‘god Wei’, was actually a silly clown who loved to joke in private.

That’s right, the person who sent the message to Su Bei was [vvvv] from the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’

In the beginning, when [vvvv] sent Su Bei a friend request, she refused. Originally she thought that since the other party was a great god, he would no longer take care of her after being rejected. Unexpectedly, the next day, [vvvv] sent her another request.

Su Bei kept refusing, and the other party kept sending more friend requests. After at least a dozen failed attempts, finally [vvvv] added a note to his friend request: “Please, add me (poor begging face).”

Su Bei was amused by his action. After some consideration, she clicked [accept]. Su Bei also wanted to know why this great god [vvvv] so persistently wanted to befriend herself.

[Q]: Hello, may I know why you want me to add you?

[vvvv]: Because I admire you.


[vvvv]: Really, I love you so much. I have studied all your videos before, so powerful! I especially like a powerful person like you!

[vvvv]: Tell me quickly how you got the idea of the method you used to break through the security system checkpoint of the virtual bank the day before yesterday?


If it wasn’t for the other party’s latter sentence, she would treat this person as a pervert, or deliberately trying to disgust her.

Su Bei: “…”

Now looking back at the beginning, after a few days of acquaintance, Su Bei finally adapted to [vvvv] ‘s style.

[Q]: What is it?

[vvvv]: Oh, baby, you finally reply to me, do you know how long I have waited for you? 47 seconds, ah.


[vvvv]: Did you break that level with the simulation of the Baiwei Cloud System? Quickly tell me how you infiltrated that perverted triple security.

How could a security system be called pervert…No, that was wrong. It seemed that this man himself was the pervert.

God Wei was one of the top figures in ‘red hacker’ world. In the early design phase of this competition, he helped with a lot of ideas, such as multiple security systems and the ‘first challenge’ before the actual competition.

[Q]: I don’t know.

[vvvv]: Don’t lie, ah. How can you not know! Didn’t you pass that level?

[Q]: I haven’t done any level today.

[vvvv]: Then, you should do it soon.

[Q]: I went back to my hometown today and now still on the road. I won’t make it home in time to do today’s challenge.

[vvvv]: !!! Are U teasing me? If you don’t do even one day, you will lose points.

The maximum points for all levels of each day were 48, and one day missing meant that she would lose all that point. The current rankings were already very tight, if Su Bei lost 48 points, her rank might fall a few dozen or even hundreds.

[Q]: I know, but there is no way.

She worked hard before finally managed to climb to the fourth place, and now she had to drop so much. Su Bei herself wasn’t reconciled. The only consolation was that the ranking in the first round did not count towards the finals. Even if she lost 40 points, she was still in the top 20% and had no problem advancing to the next round.

Su Bei’s uneasy expression while staring at her mobile phone fell into Mr. Qin’s eyes.

Was she chatting with someone? What kind of friend did she meet online?

Mr. Qin frowned slightly: He found that he didn’t understand these two children.

After several hours, they finally arrived at B city.

The next day, Chen De came to report to Qin Shao about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s new student transfer application process.

“I’ve talked with Weiming Middle School. Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s files can be transferred directly. All their previous exam results and student records will be retained.”

“Mm.” Mr. Qin nodded.

After a glance, Chen De didn’t saw Mr. Qin dismissing him, so he asked again: “Do you have any other instruction, Sir?”

“Find two combat instructors.” Mr. Qin commanded.

Chen De soon understood Mr. Qin’s intention: “Are you preparing to arrange combat training for Xiaobao, Sir?”

Chen De thought that his boss had a good idea. When he recalled how Mr. Qin met an ‘accident’ before, he felt that it was necessary to let Xiaobao learn how to fight.

Qin Shao: “Also arrange one for Xiaobei.”

Chen De: “?”

Chen De: “Xiaobei is a girl, isn’t it a bit harsh to have her learn to fight?”

Qin Shao lightly glanced at Chen De with a look of contempt. His gaze seemed to say [You are a bachelor who doesn’t have a child, what do you know.]

“Girls should learn how to protect themselves.” Qin Shao said with a dark voice.

—So that they wouldn’t get deceived by scumbags and had no ability to protect themselves.

Seemingly considering the ‘a bit harsh’ comment Chen De made, after a pause, Mr. Qin said: “Find a female teacher, and no need to find one with very high qualifications. Just let her learn some self-defense skills.”

“Okay, sir, I will contact the teachers as soon as possible.”


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(1) Your sister: a kind of rude slang and casual insult. Like ‘Your momma.’

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My Whole Family are Villains
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