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MWFV Ch.29 Part 1 – Early Love? (I)

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This is the first part of today’s sponsored chapters.

Without one day’s points, Su Bei’s ranking in the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ fell directly from 4 to 137. She comforted herself. No matter what her rank was, she could still be smoothly passed the first round. However, Su Bei still felt uncomfortable for losing the ‘territory’ that she painstakingly gained.

After dinner, Su Bei directly returned to her room and started today’s challenge. This time, she dared not take it lightly anymore and put 100% effort for almost every level. When she saw the [upper limit] prompt again, Su Bei finally sighed in relief and let her whole body relaxed.

A perfect 48 points!

At the same time, Su Xiaobao also nestled in Su Bei’s bed and finished another round of his usual game. Looking at the rainbow farts Liu Kai showered in the game’s group chat, Su Xiaobao’s eyes flashed a disgust. Without giving any face to the other party, he directly sent an [white-eye] emoji.

Su Xiaobao looked up at Su Bei: “Are you playing games?”

“It’s not a game, it’s a competition, a cybersecurity competition.” Su Bei explained. She then looked at Su Xiaobao with shiny eyes: “Su Xiaobao~”

Su Xiaobao: “What?”

Su Bei: “Can you do my homework?”

Su Xiaobao: “……still not done?”

“My hands hurt,” Su Bei said with a pitiful look. She did not see how long it took her to clear all the levels today, but knew that she probably had broken another record. “And I still have to practice piano later,” Su Bei pointed a finger towards Su Xiaobao: “Only one day.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Liu Kai and the others sent another message in the group.

[Liu Kai: It’s so fucking cool today. Let’s start another round!]

[Chen Zi’an: O-K, blow them up tonight!]

[Su Xiaobao: I pass.]

[Du Yiming: Ha? Still 8 pm and you already stop? Why?]

[Su Xiaobao: Doing homework.]

[Liu Kai: Who are you lying to, hasn’t you finish your homework at school?] Su Xiaobao even took advantage of the physical education class to do a few harder questions.

[Su Xiaobao:…]

Throwing away the phone, he turned over to take the workbook from Su Bei’s schoolbag and began to write her homework.

In front of the computer, Su Bei was reading the messages sent by [Handsome Yang] and [vvvv].

[Handsome Yang]: God Q, where are you?

[vvvv]: Darling, do you know that the forum has exploded after you skipped the challenge yesterday?! Go and take a look.

Su Bei opened the forum. Sure enough, because [Q] ‘s ranking suddenly fell to more than one hundred, the entire forum exploded.

[Angel Fights Baby]: Fuck! Q is actually defeated!

[Osmometer Hero]: If you don’t need your eyes, you can donate it to those in need. Do you not see that Q’s total points have not changed from the previous day?

[Mr. Share]: It really hasn’t changed. With the level of god Q, even their lowest point is impossible to be 0. Is it perhaps that god Q didn’t do the challenge yesterday?

[Shooting Beta]: It should be. I didn’t see Q in the video review.

[Black Bamboo]: God Q did not do the challenge? Fuck, did something happen?

[Old Salted Fish]: Is god Q going to quit?!

After thousands of comment, they basically could be summarized into: “What happened to god Q?”, “Why did Q quit?”, “Q has an accident!”

[Q]: I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. I went back to my hometown yesterday, so I have no chance to go online.

[Fuck, honorable god Q actually appeared in the forum!!!]

[So god Q didn’t do the challenge because they was occupied with other matter! Big boss is really a big boss! How confidence.]

Thanks to [Q] ‘s appearance, the discussion in the forum started to heat up again. Some gave [Q] rainbow fart, some asked her about strategy, and some people directly started the second round of ‘Please bring me to fly with you’.

Su Bei took another look at the forum before quitting. When she logged into her personal profile, Xu Yangyang sent her a private message.

[Handsome Yang]: God Q, so you are not going to quit, how great!

[Handsome Yang]: God Q, did you have a very important business yesterday?

[Q]: Yes, we go to our hometown to transfer the school registration.

On his side, when Xu Yangyang saw the message [Q] sent to him, his eyes widened: the message was so short, but the amount of information seemed to be a bit large…

[Handsome Yang]: Hehe, god Q, it’s enough as long as you continue the competition. I’m waiting for you to bring me to fly~

The next second, a prompt [Teammate Request] blinked on Xu Yangyang’s monitor.

[Q]: Rest assured, I will.

Xu Yangyang: Ah, ah, ah! God Q promised to take me to fly! So happy! What kind of fairy luck do I have?

[Q]: That’s all, I have to practice piano. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

Xu Yangyang: God Q can also play piano?

A lot of scattered information was connected. Xu Yangyang’s mind vaguely started to come up with a certain someone with similar characteristics. However, before the conjecture could even be formed, his brain directly rejected it.

That night, it was almost 10 pm when Mr. Qin came home. The lights on the first floor have been turned off. He did not stop and went directly to the second floor. When he stepped into the corridor, a string of relaxed and pleasant piano melody flowed into his ears. It was from the direction of the piano room that Uncle Bo temporarily prepared for Su Bei.

Mr. Qin’s steps paused for a moment. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes. Chen De had told him before that Su Bei was very talented in piano. However, he didn’t pay any attention. Unexpectedly, the girl was really talented.

The song Su Bei was playing at the moment was called ‘Moonlight.’ Although the technical difficulty was said to be not too high, that was relative only to the experienced pianists. It wasn’t an easy piece for a beginner to play. However, Su Bei managed to play the entire song without any mistake. Although some places were a bit rusty, it was still quite a surprise.

Counting today, Su Bei seemed to have only taken piano lessons for 10 days. This fact made the corner of Mr. Qin’s lips arched in a slight smile. There was a certain amount of pride in his expression that the man himself didn’t even notice.

But at the next second, Mr. Qin raised his hand to look at his watch, and suddenly frowned—Already 10:30, but she still hasn’t sleep?


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There is a mistake in the raw. Previously it was said that the max point for each level is 5, but in this chapter, the total points max for 12 levels became 48 instead.

Enjoy the sponsored chapters! Both THDP and MWFV got massive donations this week so I have to add extra time translating…..

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