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MWFV Ch.29 Part 3 – Early Love? (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.29 Part 1

Su Bei opened a chat with [vvvv].

[Q]: Hello, are you there?

[vvvv]: Oh my god! This is the first time my darling take the initiative to find me. Do you miss me?

Su Bei: …

For the nth time, this person’s eccentric speech made Su Bei shuddered.

[Q]: I want to ask you a question.

After this sentence, there was no more text from [Q]. [vvvv] waited patiently and scratched his head until he was almost bald. He had a thousand suspicion that [Q] was disgusted and now retaliating at him.

The truth was, right before Su Bei could type her question to [vvvv], Mr. Qin on the front seat was staring at her. From the rear-view mirror, he saw Su Bei staring attentively at the mobile phone in her hand.

Mr. Qin frowned. “Don’t play with your phone in the car.” He reminded.

Su Bei obediently put away her phone and sat properly in the back row. Next to her, Su Xiaobao glanced at Su Bei and pursed his lips. He secretly thought: Qin Shao was right.

After she arrived in the classroom and free from Mr. Qin’s supervision, Su Bei finally took out the mobile phone from her pocket. Looking at the “99+” unread message next to [vvvv] ‘s avatar, Su Bei’s face blackened, and she tried very hard to control the urge to click [Delete Friend].

[vvvv]: What the hell is happening to you?!


[vvvv]: Big brother, big hero, Daddy, I beg you, don’t play with me, please speak! Otherwise, I’m going crazy!

[Q]: Sorry, just being occupied.

Su Bei sent the screenshot of the email she had received to [vvvv].

[vvvv]: Oh, this…

Just two words, but there was a clear disappointment between each syllable.

[vvvv]: The headhunters from those companies saw your result, so they want to recruit you as potential staff. I also received a lot.

[vvvv]: *screenshot*

[vvvv]: Wait, this completely normal, ah. Are you perhaps never participate in this kind of competition before?

[Q]: This is my first time.

[vvvv]: Fuck! The god Q that blows up the rank is actually a newbie, hahaha.

[vvvv]: Rest assured, big brother v will guide you well.

[Q]: Speak human.

[vvvv]: Let me tell you something. Participants of a hacker competition actually aren’t aiming for the final prize. Instead, they were going for the popularity, opportunities, and resources brought by the competition. In the same way, many companies also watched their performances closely. If a participant manages to stand out like you, there will be many companies trying to snatch this talent. Of course, nothing has been determined at this early stage. So, even if those companies are optimistic about you, they will remain in wait-and-see status and not directly give you their offer to join their company…

After knowing that Su Bei was a cute newbie, [vvvv] unexpectedly started to use human language. However, these things didn’t seem to be of much use to Su Bei. What she wanted was the 300,000 yuan prize.

On the other side of the classroom, Xu Yangyang was also busy watching the latest data of ‘Red Hacker Challenge’. Looking at Xu Yangyang staring at the phone with a stupid joy, Liu Kai who was sitting in the back seat could not help but give him a kick: “Old Xu, are you being confessed by a goddess this early in the morning?”

“How silly,”, Xu Yangyang glanced back coldly, “I’m watching the latest video record of my god Q. You don’t know how powerful my god Q is.”

Xu Yangyang started chattering, but Liu Kai and others have heard it all the time, so they simply dismissed it.

Du Yiming: “No matter how awesome [Q] is, still have anything to do with you. Why are you wiggling your tail so happily.”

“You don’t understand, the second round is a team challenge, and god Q promised to take me to fly together!”

No one believed.

“Are you hallucinating, or is that god Q simply don’t know your rank? Why did they have to take a third-rate player like you into their team?”

Xu Yangyang: “Really, ah. That day god Q said they will bring me, and it is also god Q who send me friend request first, why don’t you believe it?”

Everyone: We still didn’t believe it.

“Old Xu, let’s calm down and think about it carefully. Isn’t god Q very talented? Then, what about your ability? Why did they have to pick you out of ten or twenty thousand other people? And even promised to take you to fly?”

Xu Yangyang: “…”

This was also a mystery to him.

Qin Group’s head office.

At the moment, Mr. Qin was sitting at his desk, frowning. Seeing this, Chen De couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, do you have some thorny problem?”

After this question, Chen De found that Mr. Qin’s face seemed to darken even more. He waited for a long time before hearing Mr. Qin asked: “Are children now all addicted to the internet?”

Chen De was taken aback. He thought about it and said: “Although not to the level of addiction, but the majority of children now are indeed more likely to indulge on the internet.”

“What are they doing online?” Mr. Qin asked again.

Chen De: “Games, social media, video site, and some kids also like to follow idols.”

After hearing this answer, Mr. Qin frowned slightly, and Chen De’s heart thumped a bit, as an idea came to his mind. “Sir, are you talking about Xiaobao and Xiaobei?”

Mr. Qin didn’t answer, but the expression on his face had proved Chen De’s guess. He immediately said: “Sir, Xiaobao and Xiaobei are actually very sensible, and their grades are excellent. It is normal for children to occasionally go online to entertain themselves…”

Chen De was comforting Mr. Qin, but the other party asked again: “Besides that, what else can they do on the internet?”

Chen De was dumbfounded: “This… seems to only be that, and I cannot think of other things…..”

“For example, online dating?”

“Online dating?!” Chen De was shocked. Online dating was a significant matter! How old were Xiaobei and Xiaobao?!

An assistant knocked on the door, interrupting Mr. Qin’s and Chen De’s discussion.

“Mr. Qin, Lin family’s young Chairman is here.”

Lin Shaochi came today was not for seeking sponsorship or discussing their joint project with Mr. Qin, but for sending an invitation letter: the 80th birthday of the Lin family’s old Master.

Lin Shaochi’s grandfather used to be very high standing in the business circle. Even now, he still has some reputation. If it wasn’t for his serious illness, continued by the death of his only son and daughter-in-law in an accident, the Lin family would already grow into the same scale as the current Qin Group.


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  2. Thanks and love ya, Key of Cookie! Also poor V! He now knows our Q is a newbie and now we know he knows what he is doing with his speech and that he can speak, HuMAn!

  3. >>“Are children now all addicted to the internet?”

    I agree with Chen, kids should stay away from the Internet, it is like a drug. That said… as an Internet and computer addict myself I find it cute how he reacts to his daughter spending an hour each day in the net and concluding that she is addicted to it. An addicted person would actually spend more time on the net… Myself I probably spend 15-20 hours in front of the computer almost every day.

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