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MWFV Ch.30 Part 1 – Invitation (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.29 Part 1

Today was a weekend, and Su Bei’s piano lesson was two hours longer than usual. Her teacher was so surprised that Su Bei could completely play the entire ‘Moonlight’ without any obvious mistakes. Teacher Zhu couldn’t help but praise Su Bei’s talent again and again when she left.

Of course, Uncle Fu was happy to hear Su Bei being praised. “Xiaobei’s ‘opening performance’ will definitely be wonderful.” He said with a smile.

“It’s better to not be a joke.” Su Bei also smiled. Otherwise, it would be really painful to be beaten by those [Anti-Su Army] in the school forum.

“Impossible,” Uncle Fu retorted. He hesitated a bit before asked: “Have you invite Sir for the school’s art performance?”

Su Bei froze and shook her head. She expressed her concern: “Dad is so busy, he should have no time to go.”

Qin Shao was very busy. Su Bei saw that with her own eyes. Just like this weekend, Mr. Qin was still working in the company.

Mr. Qin has the time or no, Uncle Fu also didn’t know. However, Mr. Qin has asked him more than three times about the school’s art performances. Uncle Fu laughed in his heart, but in order to save his employer’s face, he still earnestly said to Su Bei: “If you don’t ask directly, how do you know if Sir has the time or not? And although Sir is busy, Xiao Chen and the others are still at the company, aren’t they? It’s alright for him to spare half a day to see your performance.”

Su Bei thought about it, and Uncle Fu’s words were indeed made sense: “Uncle, do you think Dad would be interested in things like art performances?”

“Of course.” Although Mr. Qin usually didn’t interested in such events, he obviously quite interested in her own daughter’s performance.

At this time, Su Xiaobao, who was sitting next to Su Bei, suddenly interrupted: “If he isn’t interested, it is his business. Since other parents also go, why doesn’t he?” The boy could see that Su Bei actually wanted Qin Shao to go.

Uncle Fu: “You can talk to Mr. Qin tonight.”

Su Bei: “Okay.” If Qin Shao came home before she fell asleep.

In the afternoon, the villa received a call. Mr. Qin was originally planning to go home early. But at 4:00, suddenly there was an unexpected problem with a project that needed his attention.

When Mr. Qin returned to Jingyuan at night, it was almost 11 o’clock. The whole villa was very quiet. However, unlike usual, the lamp on the living room was still on tonight. When he passed by, Qin Shao found a figure sleeping on a sofa.

Su Bei was nestled in the corner of the sofa, wrapped in a blanket with her head tilted. Warm yellow light fell on the girl’s white face. She looked so tranquil and warmth.

At this time, Uncle Fu, who heard the sound, came over. “Sir, you are back.”

“Why do you let her sleep here?” Mr. Qin asked with a dark voice.

“She said that she wants to wait for you to come back. She has been waiting here since 9 o’clock,” Uncle Fu replied. In some ways, Su Bei’s stubbornness was really similar to Mr. Qin. Uncle Fu couldn’t persuade her.

Wait for him to come back? Qin Shao’s eyes flicked. Something flashed through his eyes, but soon he frowned again. “Later, always make sure they go to bed in time.” After a pause, he added: “Don’t allow them to wait for me.”

Seeing Su Bei’s feet exposed on the blanket, the frown in Mr. Qin’s forehead suddenly got deeper.

Uncle Fu: “What about now?”

Qin Shao: “…”

He originally wanted to have Su Bei directly back to her room. But before he had the time to do that, Mr. Qin looked at the girl on the sofa, who was wearing a nightdress and shrinking herself into a ball. Suddenly he couldn’t have the heart to disturb her.

Fortunately, Su Bei woke up at this time. When she opened her eyes, there still some sleepiness and daze that had not been dispersed, until she saw the person standing in front of her.

“Ah, Dad! Are you back?”

The surprise in the girl’s eyes warmed Mr. Qin’s heart, inexplicably bringing him satisfaction and joy.

“Mm, I’m back.” Mr. Qin felt soft as he watched Su Bei looked up at him with a pair of somewhat still drowsy eyes. Without even realizing it himself, he squatted down beside the sofa, bringing their eyes on the same level.

“What do you want to tell me?”

Yes, what did she want to tell Mr. Qin? Su Bei was still a little drowsy, and her brain didn’t work. She shook her head and blinked, trying hard to remember what she wanted to talk with Qin Shao.

“Ah, I remember. I want to ask if you have time next Friday, Dad?”

“About half a day will be okay.” Su Bei quickly added.

Qin Shao: “I can spare the time for the whole day.”

Su Bei smiled and asked: “Can you go to our school’s art performance? Parents are also invited to the school that day.”


Su Bei: Huh? He agreed? She thought that Qin Shao would at least take time to consider and check what date it was.

“Thank you, Dad~”

Seeing Su Bei so happy that her eyes bent into a half-moon shape, Mr. Qin also smiled quietly.

“I will go on Friday. Now, you should go back to your room and sleep.” Mr. Qin stood up.

“Okay.” After achieving her goal, Su Bei nodded obediently. She hugged the blanket and was going to walk back to her bed upstairs.



“Put on your shoes.” Seeing Su Bei jumping off the sofa and was going to run back barefoot, Mr. Qin resisted the urge to hold her upstairs.

“Oh, right.” Excuse her, seemed like her brain still half-asleep.

Qin Shao: “Don’t play with your mobile phone in the bed.”

Su Bei: “Mm.”

Su Bei trotted upstairs, her brisk footsteps were quite cheerful.

“It looks like both the children are so happy you can see the performance, Sir.” Uncle Fu commented.

Mr. Qin didn’t reply, but seeing the corners of his mouth, it was evident that he was in a good mood.

—Xiaobei must be very happy. As for that kid, huh.

‘Red Hacker Challenge’, after having scored 48 points for a few days in a row, Su Bei finally climbed up to 17th rank. With the end of the first round of the challenge, the second round was about to begin. Su Bei’s [Friend Request] has increased exponentially over the past two days. Basically, they wanted to team up with her for the second round. Since she already had a decision, Su Bei directly refused these [Friend Request].

In addition, more companies were throwing olive branches to Su Bei via emails. Her goal in participating in the competition was for the 300,000 yuan prize, so she has never considered joining a company. After all, she was only 14 years old and had no plans to be a ‘child laborer’ for the time being.


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  1. Yay! She is happy he is coming! And maybe Xiao Bao is too. I think he is at least a tad bit happy. I am so excited for the school performance and reaction to the name change and exam scores! Thank you Malacat for sponsoring, love you!

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    I really wanted the author to show more of his twin brother, that his relationship with his father would improve like his sister

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