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MWFV Ch.30 Part 2 – Invitation (II)

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When Su Bei was cleaning her inbox, an email caught her attention. Unlike the ‘implicit’ attitude and the obvious mass template of the other emails, this one directly sent a link to Su Bei.

[Hello, Q. The link below is our company’s website. I hope you can try to break through our security wall. (Link attached)]

Su Bei: This request was very straightforward.

Su Bei groaned a little, but she couldn’t hold back her curiosity and finally clicked the sender’s website link.

“Lin Group?” It seemed to be a pretty famous company. Unlike the virtual system she broke through when finishing the level challenge, it was a real company’s official website. Su Bei was amused, and her fingers began to strike quickly on the keyboard. Soon, the expression on her face turned serious.

The website’s security wall was very cleverly built. It was a bit similar to the triple security system that made [vvvv] quite a headache that day, but even more complicated. However, the underlying principle was still the same. Soon after several careful trials, Su Bei discovered a loophole in the wall. Using a disguise, Su Bei attached herself to a set of inflow data and successfully infiltrated it into the system.


There was a smile on Su Bei’s face.

Since it was still a formal company’s website, Su Bei didn’t dare to do anything excessive. After a bit of consideration, she left behind some trace and quit.

At the moment, the security project department of Lin Group was in great turmoil. When Assistant Wang reported to Young Chairman Lin about this matter, the shock on his face had not yet calmed down.

“Young Chairman, our website…”

“Broken through by [Q]?” Lin Shaochi asked after receiving Assistant Wang’s report. His face showed no surprise.

Assistant Lin: “Yes.”

Lin Shaochi: “How long did it take?”

Assistant Lin: “…”

Assistant Lin dared not to say that the safety system, the one that so many technicians from their entire technical department spent a long time developing, was actually infiltrated by Q in just 9 minutes and 23 seconds. Even more terrifying was that many technicians were also staring at the system. Still, no one actually noticed when [Q] came in. In response to the phrase ‘he came quietly, he walked away gently, without taking away even a single piece of cloud’, Q only left behind an emoji package.

If it wasn’t for the emoji that stayed on their homepage for 2 seconds, they wouldn’t even notice that the other party had been there. Even the time spent by Q to break in was simply a guess they concluded via technical analysis.

Thinking of the cute emoji with the words [Look at my Anywhere Door], Assistant Wang’s gaze turned blank. He probably didn’t want to accompany his little niece to watch Doraemon again for a long time.

“Just leaving an emoji?” Lin Shaochi was also a little surprised when he heard this.

“Yes. In addition, when Q left, they also seemed to help us fix some security bug.”

Lin Shaochi: “…”

After a while, Lin Shaochi suddenly laughed softly.

“Okay, I know.”

Time flew, and Friday finally arrived.

Because Mr. Qin has promised her before, Su Bei thought that he would work at the company in the morning before going to their school in the afternoon. After she finished her preparation, Su Bei was a little surprised to see that Mr. Qin was still at home.

“Dad, good morning. You haven’t departed yet?”

“I’m not going to the company today. Let’s go to school together.”

Although she never expected this, Su Bei was quite happy.

“Okay~” She replied sweetly.

“Eat your breakfast.” Putting away the documents in his hand, Qin Shao raised his head to look at the two children. When he saw Su Bei’s appearance, he was stunned.

Today the girl was wearing a snow-white tube top with a skirt. The top was designed to fit her body’s outline properly. The skirt, meanwhile, was quite short in the front and longer in the back. It exposed the girl’s two slender legs and made her looked pretty and lively. Su Bei arranged her hair behind her head in a simple yet refreshing style. At the same time, the girl’s smooth neck was also exposed…

Su Bei noticed that Mr. Qin was looking at herself. She smiled and hopped in two circles before asking, “This is my dress for today’s opening performance. Dad, how is it?”

Her dress was elegant but still looked youthful and lively. In short, it looked good.


Qin Shao frowned suddenly.

“Who prepared this dress?” Between his words, Qin Shao slightly stared at Uncle Fu with dark eyes filled with questions and dissatisfaction.

Uncle Fu was shocked, and so was Su Bei. This dress was sponsored by her deskmate Dong Wenqi, whose mother was a well-known designer. Because Su Bei was going to perform solo, Dong Wenqi took the initiative to ask her mother to personally design this dress for Su Bei. It was so gorgeous and fitted the theme of her performance today.

Su Bei looked at Qin Shao. Seeing that the other party seemed to dislike this dress, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is it not good?”

Qin Shao: “You can just wear your school uniform to perform.”

“…” Su Bei couldn’t understand Mr. Qin’s aesthetics.

Uncle Fu, standing on the side, saw the expression on Mr. Qin’s face and guessed his thought. The housekeeper coughed and spoke on Su Bei’s behalf: “Sir, the students who perform all dressed up, it won’t look good if Xiaobei showed up in the ‘opening performance’ wearing just a school uniform.”

Hearing Uncle Fu’s words, Mr. Qin looked down to see Su Bei’s face with a pitiful #Daddy. Please don’t make me change my dress# expression. For the first time, he felt the headache of raising a daughter.

“Are you going to wear this directly to the school?”

Su Bei nodded. This dress was pretty, but a little troublesome to wear, especially the straps on its back. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao had to try several times before they could get it right. Su Bei’s performance was the first one, so she intended to wear her dress it directly.

After seeing Su Bei’s exposed arms, Mr. Qin frowned, “Go and wear a coat.”

“No, I’m fine.” The weather was not cold.

Qin Shao: “Too few clothes.”

Su Bei: “…”

She seemed to finally get Mr. Qin’s point. Seeing his unyielding posture, Su Bei had no choice but to go up obediently and found a thin white coat to put on. Su Bei did not dare to disclose to Mr. Qin: The stage costume for their class’ group dance later was even ‘cooler’ than this one.

Weiming Middle School founding anniversary event was held throughout the day, from 10:00 until 20:00, and art performances were the highlight of the celebration activities. At the moment, not only the students but also their parents and guardians were sitting in the main auditorium. Besides assigning seating areas for students for each class, the school didn’t regulate the seating position for visiting parents.

Mr. Qin sat among the crowd. He seemed low-key and restrained, but his strong aura still attracted many people to secretly glance. However, some were still young girls, and their focus did not last too long. Soon, several girls sitting in the next column on the left side of Mr. Qin withdrew their gaze and began to gossip about other topics in a low voice.

The word ‘Su Bei’ from their mouth caught Mr. Qin’s attention.


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