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MWFV Ch.31 Part 1 – Opening Performance (I)

“Eh, Su Bei’s ‘opening performance’ is actually a piano!” Holding the program booklet, one of the girls exclaimed in surprise.

“You only know that Su Bei is going to perform a piano now? This matter has been spread in the forum for days.”

“I thought it was just a one-side remark from Song Xinyi’s fans who wanted to step on Su Bei…”

“But, do you think that Su Bei’s performance will end up in total failure as they said in the forum?”

“I’m really not sure. After all, Song Xinyi’s piano is already proven. Su Bei, however, I never heard a word about her talents.”

“If she really failed, then it will be the first epic failure show in the history of our Weiming Middle School’s ‘opening performance’, haha. Why am I still looking forward to it.”

At this moment, many people were looking forward to Su Bei’s piano performance. Some supported her, while some were her haters, who even formed the [anti-Su army] spontaneously. Several students even started a live broadcast, specifically planning to broadcast Su Bei’s live performance in real-time. They even prepared provocative captions: [The first ‘school flower’ epic failure show in the history of Weiming Middle School!], [School Flower or joke?(1) See you tonight!]

“To be honest, although I am not Song Xinyi’s fans, it is still our school’s prided ‘opening performance’ after all. It is better to find a student with a proven ability to perform. If Su Bei failed, the whole school would also be embarrassed.”

“No way, Su Bei got the first place in the school flower vote.”

“Didn’t you see how her victory came. If it were not for male god Xie and young master Su’s fervent campaign, Su Bei’s votes probably couldn’t even compare with our class flower.”

“Really enviable, ah. There are also Liu Kai and his group in her class. They even made a warning post for Su Bei’s sake in the school forum before.”

“My god, is that true? What kind of warning? Not allowed to vote for people other than Su Bei?”

“Of course not. It was because someone spread the gossip that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are illegitimate children.”

Illegitimate children? Hearing these two words, Mr. Qin’s face suddenly darkened.

At this moment, the lights in the auditorium were dimmed. Someone shouted excitedly, “It started!”, and the whole audience gradually quieted down. ‘Opening performance’ began before the MC got into the stage. There were no opening speech nor announcement beforehand. The dimmed lights in the auditorium meant that the performance was about to begin. The curtains opened. There was a grand piano in the center of the stage, lighted with a spotlight. Su Bei walked onto the stage in a white dress and saluted gracefully.

“How beautiful-”

In the quiet auditorium, someone suddenly exclaimed in a low voice. But obviously, this remark coincided with many people’s mood at this moment. After all, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao hasn’t been transferred to Weiming Middle School for long, and they were usually low-key. Therefore, not many students outside their class have actually seen Su Bei directly.

Most students’ knowledge about the new school flower was from her photo holding the thermos taken on the basketball court before. However, who knew whether that photo has been tinkered by a skillful PS user or not, or how many beauty filters did it use.

So at this moment, when the students finally saw Su Bei in person, many were surprised: because they found that Su Bei was really beautiful, and her face was even prettier than her photo!

“I finally know why those guys in class 8-7 are always bragging about Su Bei’s face…” Someone whispered. They weren’t bragging, but merely telling the truth.

“I also think that from her face value alone, Su Bei actually truly deserves the ‘School Flower’ title.”

Su Bei’s face wasn’t less pretty than Song Xinyi’s, and on such formal occasions, her imposing posture was even more eye-catching.

On the stage, Su Bei also heard the voices, and she subconsciously glanced down to the seat below. However, because of the darkened auditorium, she could not see anything at all. Su Bei still had to greet the audiences. She showed a smile and expressed her gratitude.

After that, Su Bei walked calmly to the piano and sat down. Because her sight was now being blocked by the piano, her initial tension loosened. Su Bei took a deep breath, her fingertips resting lightly on the black and white keys, and her whole body finally calmed down completely.

“Ting-” A clear melody flowed, relaxing yet lively. With each tune played, the whole song seemed to be injected with vitality. The background and lighting on the stage were constantly changing with the ups and downs of the melody. Suddenly, a lot of light sticks were lit under the stage, creating the illusion of a starry night. Su Bei’s white dress and black grand piano made a great contrast. She was like a fairy under the moonlight, dancing in the sea of stars.

Inside the auditorium, everyone who had been waiting to see the epic failure scene was shocked. They subconsciously held their breath and fervently watched Su Bei’s performance on the stage. After the song ended, some people were still trapped in the atmosphere, unable to recover for a long time.

Su Bei’s opening performance was very successful. Compared to the unexpected shock brought by her, the following few programs seemed to be less attractive. At the moment, the art performance’s programs were still continuing one by one, but Weiming Middle School’s forum has already exploded.

[Fuck! Su Bei really can play the piano, and she is also not bad!]

[Nonsense, if she really doesn’t have the ability, why does she still dare to go to the stage? To make a joke of herself?]

[Hahaha, originally I came to watch the epic failure scene, but did not expect it to become an actual stunning performance!]

[Thermos little sister, I love you!]

[After being suppressed by Song XX’s brainless fans for so long, I can finally say this sentence loudly: Thermos little sister boldly flies, followed forever by the wolfberry and malva seeds!]

[By the way, shouldn’t they change the caption?]


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(1) School flower or joke: This is a wordplay. School flower: xiaohua(校花), joke: xiaohua(笑话).

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