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MWFV Ch.31 Part 2 – Opening Performance (II)

After the art performance went more than halfway, the topic about Song Xinyi also began to appear.

[Song Xinyi is also performing a piano solo today?]

[Song Xinyi has finished her performance just now.]

[Is it? I was so busy browsing the forum that I didn’t even notice!]

[Song Xinyi made a mistake?]

[How is it possible! Isn’t our goddess always play well? You above, if your eyes or ears have problems, go to the hospital to check.]

[Song Xinyi is on the sixth program list. If a piano solo is placed in the middle instead of the opening, it indeed will be disadvantaged.]

[To be fair, Song Xinyi’s piano play is excellent. In terms of technical skill alone, Su Bei and Song Xinyi are incomparable. Still, from the stage presentation, Su Bei is also very beautiful today.]

[Resources: Recorded video from the fourth row in the auditorium seat.]

At this time, the group of girls sitting near Mr. Qin started chatting again.

“Look, there’s a video of Su Bei’s performance in the forum.”

“How beautiful!”

“The effect is too superb. The spotlight on the stage and the light sticks below are blended perfectly, it is so fantastical.”

“We should do the same for our performance, it’s so beautiful!”

“Impossible. This effect is planned by the students from class 8-7. They also prepared the light sticks and chose their seat position beforehand. Even if our class wants to imitate, our seat is in a different place, and there is no way to create the same effect.”


Mr. Qin wasn’t interested in the conversation of a few little girls. However, he just overheard when they praised his daughter’s beautiful performance. The corner of his lips unconsciously arched, and if looked carefully, there was a pride in his eyes.

However, Mr. Qin’s inner ‘joy’ was soon broken by the words they said next.

“I heard that class 8-7 managed to sit in that area this time was because male god Xie specifically come to find director Liu to make the application. Is it true?”

“It’s true, ah. And didn’t you see it, when class 8-7 raised the light sticks, male god Xie and his group also lighted up LED signs.”

“Oh my god, the two male gods give her full support, what kind of fairy treatment is this. Su Xiaobao still okay, but even male god Xie…”

“Eh, do you think that the gossip about Su Bei and male god Xie are dating is true or not?”

“Where did you hear this?!”

“A lot of people are talking about it. After all, that male god Xie, who doesn’t even put Song Xinyi into his eyes, is helping Su Bei gather votes and even let his gang dispel Su Bei’s rumor. Why did he do that if they aren’t dating?”

“Oh my god……”

Mr. Qin who was eavesdropping with a dark face from the side: “….”

The word ‘dating’ seriously stimulated Mr. Qin’s nerves. His face darkened even more.

Male god Xie? Who was that? The little brat from Xie family? Mr. Qin frowned. He recalled how Su Bei recently always rushed to the room after dinner to play with the computer every night, and her ‘abnormal’ expression when looking at her mobile phone during the day.

Su Bei’s second program was the modern group dance performance of class 8-7. Previously, someone posted on the forum the video recording of Su Bei’s ‘laughable’ dancing practice. Initially, those from [anti-Su army] were also looking forward to see Su Bei’s dancing skill.

The result, once again, made them disappointed. Although Su Bei’s position in the group wasn’t the most prominent, nor did she dance spectacularly, but she never made any mistake either. The entire group performance passed smoothly.

Many people now saved many photos of [The new girl] and [Thermos little sister] in their mobile phones.


After their performance ended, Su Bei and other dancers left the backstage and returned to class 8-7.

“Thank you.” Su Bei said to her classmates. Although Su Bei couldn’t see the audience’s seat during her piano solo, her eyes still caught the glow from the light sticks and LED signs waving. Especially Xu Yangyang and his group, they must exert a lot of effort. In the second round of the “Red Hacker Challenge”, she would bring Xu Yangyang to fly with her—Su Bei secretly determined.

Xie Minxuan who was sitting lazily on a seat straightened his posture. With a somewhat casual tone, he said, “The success of your performance also benefitted our class.”

On the side, Xu Yangyang and his group: “……”

Why did they never know before that their brother Xuan was someone who had such strong class solidarity?

“Still, thank you.” Su Bei said.

Xie Minxuan turned his head to look at Su Bei, and immediately stunned-seeing Su Bei’s appearance, he suddenly didn’t know where to put his eyes.

“Just doing my responsibility.” Throwing these words slowly, Xie Minxuan turned his head away and moved his gaze. However, Su Xiaobao moved faster. He already took off his school uniform jacket and covered Su Bei’s body with it.

The two boys stared at each other, looking at the coldness in the other’s eyes.

After all the performances finished, the lights in the auditorium turned on again. Su Bei got up and turned to look at the back rows. However, she didn’t see anyone sitting on the seat previously occupied by Qin Shao. Her gaze swept the whole auditorium but still failed to find the man.

“Maybe he left long ago.” Su Xiaobao’s displeased voice rang from Su Bei’s side.

“Maybe he had to go back to the company.” Su Bei nodded. There was a little disappointment in her eyes that she herself didn’t even notice.

Right then, Su Bei’s cell phone suddenly rang. It was a short message : [I’m at the gate, contact me when the show is over.]


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  1. One thing the brother and the dad agree on. Preventing Su Bei from getting a boyfriend and especially if he is a certain ‘Young Master Xie’.
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