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MWFV Ch.32 Part 1 – Improper! (I)

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Although Mr. Qin’s phone number was already being saved in their address book when Uncle Fu handed them the mobile phone, Su Bei never called or texted him even once. So, when she saw the message from [Mr. Qin], Su Bei almost couldn’t react for a moment.

Mr. Qin has not left yet? Su Bei’s eyes flashed with a smile. She immediately dialed Qin Shao’s phone.

Su Bei: “Dad?”

Qin Shao: “Finished the performance?”

Su Bei: “Mm.”

Qin Shao: “I’m in the car. We are still parked in the parking lot at the school gate.”

Su Bei suddenly felt that she probably knew Mr. Qin’s underlying meaning. “Then you wait for a little, Dad. Xiaobao and I will go there now.”

At the school gate, Mr. Qin’ glanced out from the car window to see Su Bei half-jumpingly trotted towards the car, followed by Su Xiaobao behind who helped her carry something. Mr. Qin’s face that initially was very dark and full of coldness suddenly softened a little. The driver in the front row who noticed Mr. Qin’s bad mood has finally improved also sighed with relief.

“Dad?” Su Bei walked to the car and saw Qin Shao rolled down the window.

Mr. Qin briefly said two sentences: “Get in. We go home.”

Su Bei froze. Since she already accustomed to Qin Shao’s cold and stern personality from the villain’s description in the novel, she didn’t feel very strange seeing Mr. Qin’s rigid face at the moment.

But, to go home now…

Su Bei was in a dilemma.

“Dad, you can go back first. We still have some more activities in school later.” She explained. Weiming Middle School’s founding anniversary event was held all day long. After the art performance, it was continued by social activities and games between classes.

Mr. Qin frowned slightly. He asked back with a heavy tone: “Now?”

Su Bei nodded: “Yeah, it will start soon.”

Qin Shao: “Until what time?”

“Around 8 o’clock,” Su Bei hastily added another sentence: “The activities are all held inside school vicinity. If we have nothing to do, Dad, we can go back earlier.”

“First get in the car and change your clothes!” Mr. Qin suddenly said with a dark face. His tone had a bit of sternness that he rarely showed in front of Su Bei.

Su Bei didn’t have the time to change. At this moment, she was still wearing her group dance’s costume. Although her upper body was covered by Su Xiaobao’s school jacket, on the below she only wore a pair of denim shorts that clearly showed her white, long legs.

No wonder Qin Shao’s face was extremely dark now.

—A little girl, what did she want to do wearing such clothes! And even still planned to go back to school like this to play until night?

Moreover, because Su Xiaobao’s school jacket was much longer than Su Bei’s costume, when she wore it like this, if one didn’t look carefully, it would look like that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Su Bei was shocked by Mr. Qin’s sudden sternness. But after she heard his words, she obediently jumped into the car, put on the partition, and changed her clothes.

Outside the car, the father and son stood side by side.

Su Xiaobao suddenly frowned and muttered: “All girls these days are wearing similar clothes. Aren’t you too old-fashioned?”

Qin Shao glanced at Su Xiaobao. He held back his temper and asked, “Do you think it’s okay for Xiaobei to walk around like that?”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Of course not. But Qin Shao was so fierce Su Bei just now, it made him very upset.

Su Bei, who had changed her clothes, got out of the car and walked to Mr. Qin’s side.


Qin Shao carefully examined her appearance. Su Bei had changed into the school uniform that radiated the aura [successfully reduced the early campus love phenomenon by 80%]. The stern expression on Mr. Qin’s face finally eased a bit.

Qin Shao: “Want to stay?”

“Uh-huh.” Su Bei’s head looked like a chicken pecking rice. When they were still in Hongxing County’s Third Middle School, there were not many school events. Even if the students organized some kind of activities, no one would invite her and Su Xiaobao.

Looking at Su Bei’s sparkling eyes filled with ‘expectations’, Mr. Qin felt a headache. In the end, he relented and only emphasized two things: “Directly come home after the school activities ended and immediately call me if something happened.” As for that little brat from Xie family, he still had to investigate it clearly. Just put it aside for now.

“Okay”, Su Bei’s face was filled with a smile: “Thank you, Dad. See you later~”

Grinning from ear to ear, Su Bei dragged Su Xiaobao and ran back to the school building. The twins didn’t notice this scene being taken into the phone by a nearby student who originally planned to leave early.

Looking at the two children’s figures that had disappeared from the school gate, Mr. Qin let out a rare sigh before getting back into the car. After leaving two cars to continue waiting at the school gate, he instructed the driver to go to the company.

Inside the car, Qin Shao was looking at the photo album inside his mobile phone. There were more than 20 photos that he took inside the auditorium: Some were when Su Bei greeted the audiences on the stage; some were when Su Bei started playing the piano; and finally, the photo of her curtain call. Qin Shao picked a few and shared it on his WeChat.

As for the photos of Su Bei’s group dance, when Mr. Qin took a look, his eyes instantly dimmed. He put away his phone, determined to permanently ‘bury’ these photos in his phone album.


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  1. Ahhhh, thank you Alicia, so much. Now the jacket makes more sense, she was wearing the dance group outfit not the dress, whoops guess my mind went over that change of clothes. The video or photos are going too show off who their dad is, and whose children they are. Well, he did share photos on WeChat, so people will know from there, won’t the news go viral? If won’t be bad either, hopefully, but the reactions will be good to watch! Yay for 12 chapters and possibly being on the second day, am I?

  2. Not sure how the outfits really were but yeah, clothes nowadays can be quite flashy, to say the least. Especially theater outfits and the likes, fiarly certain comfort and ease is below being flashy, generally speaking.

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