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MWFV Ch.32 Part 2 – Improper! (II)

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On the way back, Su Bei remembered one thing.

Su Xiaobao: “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot something.” She just forgot to ask Mr. Qin if he saw her performance. For some inexplicable reason, Su Bei really cared about this.

Su Bei’s mobile phone suddenly shook twice. It was from Mr. Qin: Your performance is good.

Su Xiaobao, who didn’t know her mind, asked: “Forget what?”

“Nothing.” Su Bei shook her head and secretly smiled. Holding the mobile phone, her light brown eyes overflowed with joy and excitement. When she was at it, Su Bei also immediately changed the contact name [Mr. Qin] saved by Uncle Fu with [Dad]. Right after that, Mr. Qin sent another message: Don’t play too late.

When Su Bei and Su Xiaobao returned to the classroom, their class had already drawn the lot for the intra-class social activities. Su Bei immediately heard a ‘bad news’ from her deskmate Dong Wenqi—their class was paired with class 8-2.

Looking at Su Bei’s calm but somewhat excited expression, Dong Wenqi was speechless: “Are you not worried or nervous? Not at all?”

“Why should I nervous?” Su Bei was confused.

“It’s Class 8-2! Wait—” Dong Wenqi’s paused and looked at Su Bei seriously: “You don’t know Song Xinyi is from the class 8-2?” Pairing up with class 8-2 this time, although this was a good chance to see the school grass, but thinking about Su Bei and Song Xinyi’s ‘enmity and resentment’, Dong Wenqi suddenly the school grass’ face was not so sweet.

First, the school flowers vote, and then in the forums, the two girls were compared to each other. And today, they directly performed the same piano talent on the stage… Now thinking about it, if they really let Su Bei and Song Xinyi meet face to face…

No, Dong Wenqi dared not to imagine the scene.

Su Bei: “…”

She really didn’t know that Song Xinyi was in class 8-2. There was a total of 40 to 50 classes in the school, and the lottery had to pair her class with the male lead’s baby daughter? What kind of devil luck was this?

After calmed herself down, Su Bei shook Dong Wenqi’s arm and blinked: “What to afraid, can she swallow me in front of so many people?”

“Weren’t you so ready to fight head-on with her fans before? Just take out your courage at that time now.”

“It’s not the same ah.” Dong Wenqi may be able to fearlessly fight that useless gang of shrimp soldiers and crab generals. But facing their deity, even she felt timid.

Su Bei comforted again: “No need to fear. Let me say this: if there is a need to fight, leave everything to me. You can hide away and protect yourself.”

Anyway, it was impossible for a visible confrontation to occur. At least, regardless of the winner and loser, the goddess Song was a gentle and cute girl in everyone’s eyes, and would never go into conflict with others.

The two classes finally met.

Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei: “Su Bei, did you see her? That’s Song Xinyi.”

Without Dong Wenqi’s pointing, Su Bei still could recognize Song Xinyi from the previous school flower voting photos. Moreover, this kind of ‘all the stars cup themselves around the moon’ aura when she walked, except for Song Xinyi, it was hard for others to have.

“The one next to Song Xinyi is the school grass, the young master of Ye family, Ye Chen!” Dong Wenqi’s voice was full of excitement.

Ye Chen? This name somewhat familiar. Wasn’t he Song Xinyi’s fiance in the extra story?

Su Bei turned to look at another person—the boy whose appearance was second only to her family’s Xiaobao. “Why is Ye Chen a school grass, but Xie Minxuan not?” Su Bei was curious, the two boys’ face value was actually at the same level.

Dong Wenqi: “Well…” Should she say that it was because of male god Xie’s temper was so bad and not even half as amiable as young master Ye?

Even the teachers knew about the ‘conflict’ between the two goddesses, not to mention the students in both classes. At this time, when they saw Song Xinyi came, everyone’s expressions changed, waiting for a good show.

Song Xinyi walked very naturally towards Su Bei, with a friendly smile on her face. “I heard before that a beautiful girl was transferred to our school. I saw you myself. Really beautiful.”

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Song Xinyi from class 8-2. Nice to meet you, Su Bei who participated in the school flower voting.” Song Xinyi’s words and expression was full of sincerity and kindness, as if she was genuinely praising Su Bei’s beauty, and didn’t care in the least about the voting result.

Song Xinyi’s move immediately aroused the favorability of the students around her. Especially those who originally her followers, their mind instantly filled with admiration.

Look, this was the reason why the goddess Song could become the goddess of the whole school. She also had so many fans on the internet. That was not only because of her face value, but because she was magnanimous, kind, and hard-working. This was why they like her! In contrast, Su Bei, hah! Just an empty vase.


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