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MWFV Ch.32 Part 3 – Improper! (III)

MWVF sponsored chapters (3/12). The chapters are brought by Alicia, Margeurite, Teabiscuit, Key of Cookie, Foodie_sweets and several anonymous sponsors at ko-fi . Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.32 part 1.

Only one person looked at Song Xinyi’s direction with a sneer and spat out one word coldly: “Fake.”

“There is a grudge?” Su Xiaobao glanced at Xie Minxuan.

“It’s not a grudge, just that she is very annoying.” Xie Minxuan said lazily, his eyes swept over Ye·Licking Dog·Chen, before move it again.

Su Xiaobao raised his eyebrows. On the side, Liu Kai and the others already began to tell him about the twenty things Song Xinyi did that she thought was a smart way to confess to Xie Minxuan.

Looking at Song Xinyi, Su Bei’s eyes moved slightly. This was the first time she directly saw Song Xinyi. She really fitted the description in the novel: a pure, beautiful, gentle, and kind. Indeed the image of ‘everyone’s daughter’. Regardless of whether this was true or not, because of the description in the novel, Su Bei couldn’t bring herself to have any favorability towards this girl.

Su Bei smiled back politely but with alienation at Song Xinyi and said, “Hello.”

Whether it was the main couple from the novel or their daughter, they were still dangerous for her villainous family. With this mindset, Su Bei did not want to have too many intersections with Song Xinyi. In other words, as long as the other party didn’t make the first move, both sides minded their own business.

After the game started, Song Xinyi took the draw and became class 8-2’s representative for the first play. After browsing the nameplates, Song Xinyi finally stopped on Su Bei’s name. At the same time, her gaze also fell on Su Bei, and with the previous friendly tone she said: “Su Bei, this game is very interesting, let’s play together.”

Su Bei also glanced at the game description. This was a crossword game. Each pre-prepared question board has a lot of vertical and horizontal square grids connected to each other with specified themes, such as: poetry, names of historical figures, English vocabularies, chemical equations, and so on. Participants needed to fill in the blank squares according to the grid’s length and the corresponding question before switching to the other group. This was similar to the crossword puzzle in the magazines Su Bei had done before, but more complicated.

Before waiting for Su Bei to speak, Song Xinyi suddenly said: “Ah, I haven’t asked if you have played this before…”

Su Bei: “…”

Song Xinyi: “It’s actually very simple. We can use the knowledge we usually learn.”

Standing next to Su Bei, Dong Wenqi roared in her heart: Simple your fart!

This kind of game was very hard, except for someone like the male god Xie. For flunkers like Dong Wenqi, it was similar to ‘doing math problems written in English, and has to write the answers in classical Chinese.’ Too terrible!

Song Xinyi was certainly not afraid. She had an excellent academic score. But what could Su Bei do? Song Xinyi made it clear that she wanted Su Bei to make a joke! Dong Wenqi secretly grabbed Su Bei’s hand, anxious.

At this time, Song Xinyi had walked to the game table and said to Su Bei: “From our class, Ye Chen and I will participate first. Su Bei, you can also choose one person in your class to form a team with you.”

Su Bei nodded. She first looked at Song Wenqi, whose soul already almost flown from her body. Su Bei silently withdrew her gaze and decided to pull Su Xiaobao with her so she could let him do most of the works.

Before waiting for Su Bei to call him, Su Xiaobao already walked towards the game table. However, before he reached there, another person squeezed to Su Bei’s side.

Su Xiaobao looked at Xie Minxuan with an icy gaze.

“Only two people per team. Because I am a girl, Su Bei should be one. The other team member must be chosen between them.” Song Xinyi pointed at Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan. Under the table, her other hand already clenched tightly.

Su Bei still hasn’t opened her mouth, so why did Xie Minxuan came out on his own initiative?!

“I remember that brother Xuan doesn’t like this kind of game?” Seemingly at random, Song Xinyi asked with a smile. She didn’t want Xie Minxuan to participate, not only because she felt uncomfortable seeing him standing together with Su Bei. More importantly, Xie Minxuan had a good grade. Although he never participated in this kind of game before, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to answer these questions.

“Which idiot tell you that I don’t like?” Xie Minxuan sneered and stepped back. He turned to look at Su Xiaobao and provocatively asked: “Have you ever played this game? Do you know what the rules are? If you lost, you also lost the face of our entire class.”

Su Xiaobao looked back at Xie Minxuan with a sneer: “If I remember correctly, in the last exam, my score seemed to be one point higher than you.”

Across the table, Ye Chen also looked at Xie Minxuan, this childhood playmate of his. Unfortunately, Xie Minxuan was busy ‘exchanging a harsh gaze’ with Su Xiaobao, and didn’t pay attention to the people on the other side.

Seeing the situation at the game table, other students around could not help but whisper.

“My mother. Two goddesses, the school grass, male god Xie and young master Su, what kind of immortal assembly is this?”

“No need for any game, the faces gathered on the table is enough to make me want to lick!”

“Just now, what did young master Su said? His exam score is one point higher than male god Xie? But after young master Su transferred into our school, it seemed that we still didn’t have any exam yet. Or did he talking about basketball? No, that’s not it. I remember young master Su won by two points on his last game with male god Xie…”

“Young master Su, don’t back down. Let male god Xie play, you can be their cheering team!”

“Male god Xie, don’t come back. Let young master Su support his sister, you can also be a referee on the side!”


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Author’s Note:

Xiaobei, Xiaobao: 14 years old, Birthday 27 February.
Daddy Qin: 38 years old, birthday 7 April.
[vvvv]: 19 years old.
Male God Xie: 14 years old.
Young Chairman Lin: 21 years old.
Song Yancheng (original male lead): 37-year-old
Lin You (original female lead): 35 years old


Actually my birthday is the same as the twins, lol.

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  1. What do you know…? Heir Xie read my mind.

    And whoever this cannon fodder is:
    “No need for any game, the faces gathered on the table is enough to make me want to lick!”
    I’m with you… well, only for the twins and Heir Xie. He/she can lick those other two what’s-their-faces. 😆

  2. Why do I feel the ages are there to keep us from thinking anyone besides the brat from the Xie family is a potential romantic interest?

    1. i still have my fingers crossed for su bei and her hacker classmate bc their friendship is based on shared interests!! a solid foundation

    2. I have seen that age difference up to 7 years is quite common in novels, and after that would the way more gap for shock purpose (but in that case, it’s already told in summary), so the ages here doesn’t say much about who the ML is.

  3. Would not it be, back down, instead of don’t back down? Towards the end. Thank you! Teabiscuit, I shall shower you in love, so you won’t see it but know that I thank you! This game is going to be good! Poor Dong Wenqi. Gotta love her and friendship, but believe in your friend, she is smarter than you give her credit for, or have seen or thought at that matter. Lol.

  4. Whoops, missed the A/N for a bit there. So chairman and our vvvvv are too different people, wiw, but now we know and it shortens the distance to seeing who kept shall be mwahahahaha.

  5. Wow, my birthday is the same as the twins too! First time I know someone with the same birthday. But I don’t like February because it’s very cold with a lot of snow in my country. I wish I would have it in the summer.

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