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MWFV Ch.33 Part 1 – Face Slap (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.32 part 1.

Su Bei finally chose Xie Minxuan as her partner because Su Xiaobao had never played this game before.

Seeing that Su Bei chose Xie Minxuan, Song Xinyi was secretly unhappy. However, she still maintained a cordial smile: “Then, let’s start.”

The first round was vocabulary. They had to fill the blank spaces with English words. The opponent team Song Xinyi and Ye Chen got the first turn and filled one of the horizontal grid. Song Xinyi looked at the board and concentrating for a few seconds, then quickly pointed one of the blank words.

“Su Bei, you also try it. It’s very simple. Just fill in the English vocabulary that you know.”

Su Bei also looked at the game board. The vertical blank grids were connected to the word filled by Song Xinyi. There were three entries, one with five blanks, and the other two with four blanks. The intersecting letters were C, E, and L.

It wasn’t difficult. Su Bei quickly prepared three words in her mind. However, before she could take the pen to fill her answer, Xie Minxuan, who was standing next to her, had already written a word on the board.

“Minxuan, you should let her participate. Why do you need to rush in like that? She also wants to play, ah.” Hiding her stiff face, Song Xinyi laughed at Xie Minxuan and went to fill another empty grid under his word. Then she directly handed the pen to Su Bei.

If someone didn’t know the grievance between the two girls, they would really think that Song Xinyi was taking care of Su Bei, who was playing this game for the first time. Completely disregarding Song Xinyi’s ‘caring’ words, Xie Minxuan once again grabbed the pen to write the second word on the game board.

This game was not as easy as simply filling in any random words. If they just kept filling in without any strategy, they would get stuck in the later phase. For a person who played this game for the first time, it was easy to be led by the opponent and walked into their trap step by step.

Did Song Xinyi treat him like an idiot? How could he don’t see her digging a hole for Su Bei?

“…” Song Xinyi stared at Xie Minxuan, who completely ignored her. If she played against Su Bei alone, she was 100% sure that she could defeat Su Bei in just ten turns. But with the help of Xie Minxuan this school prodigy, it wasn’t that easy for her team.

Soon the entire game board was filled with densely packed English words, leaving one last empty grid for each team.

Song Xinyi calmly wrote the last word [anthrax] on the board and passed the pen.

“It’s over, our class is going to lose this round.” Among the crowd of class 8-7, a student who was a class committee member suddenly muttered with a regretful tone.

“Why?” Dong Wenqi didn’t understand. Wasn’t there only one word left? If they filled that, even if Su Bei and Xie Minxuan didn’t win, they would at least draw a tie with Song Xinyi’s team.

“Look carefully. What is the first letter of our team’s final word?”

The student’s reminder finally noticed the other students: The first letter for their team’s final word was crossed with the last letter of Song Xinyi’s last word, which was…X.

“X? Fuck, what word starts with X?”

“Did I learn fake English? Why do I think that there are no such words in my textbook?”

“I know one word, but the number of letters doesn’t fit…”


Hearing the whispers of those students, Song Xinyi’s eyes flashed with a triumph: Crossword was a popular game in Weiming Middle School student activities, so she learned many secret tricks. This was just one of them.

Looking at the blank space, Xie Minxuan also hesitated. At this time, Su Bei, who was standing next to him as a decoration vase up until now, moved forward.

“Let me do it.” Su Bei smiled at Xie Minxuan. She walked towards the game board, picked up the pen from the table, and quickly wrote a word [xenon].

Other people didn’t hear the conversation between Su Bei and Xie Minxuan. They only saw their male god was talking to Su Bei, who then went to write the answer on the board.

Did male god Xie tell the answer to Su Bei and let her fill it?

“Haha, male god Xie is too terrific! He can even answer this kind of question!”

“Our male god is always a male god!”

“Right, right!” Dong Wenqi also nodded excitedly. Male god Xie was not only awesome, but also a gentleman: he must be deliberate, leaving such a difficult question for Su Bei to answer. Definitely to give her a face!

“But what does xenon mean.”

“I never hear it.”

“Is this word really exist?”

Obviously, Song Xinyi also had such doubts.

“Can you tell me what this word means?” Song Xinyi asked Xie Minxuan.

Xie Minxuan: “…”

How could he know.

It was Su Bei who answered, “You should have memorized a lot of words with ‘x’ for this game. You don’t know what this word means?”

Having Su Bei directly see through her trick, Song Xinyi almost couldn’t hide her expression. She wanted to pretend to not heard Su Bei’s words and ignored this inquiry. But at this moment, Xie Minxuan suddenly laughed in ridicule.

After laughing, Xie Minxuan glanced at Su Bei again. He almost forgot. At the last month’s test, Su Bei was scored nearly ten points higher than him and Su Xiaobao. For an academic prodigy, she wouldn’t necessarily be disadvantaged even if it was her first time playing this game.

At this time, some students already found the answer after browsing their mobile phones.

“Really exists. It’s actually a chemical element.”

“God, no wonder I don’t know. The chemistry teacher only taught us the first two letters, so I don’t remember its full name.”


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  1. Thanks Key of Cookie, so glad to see you again! But they now don’t know she was the one answering, that and he does know she scored higher, why’d he keep one snatching. Though that is probably what she would have made Xiaobao do anyways, just she a little lazy like that, or calm. My hands hurt. Then tell me the answer I’ll write it down. Meh, I think you can and I don’t want to do it. Lol. So mean.

    In my country it is an obligation to remember every chemical element on 10th grade(1st year highschool). 10TH GRADE. They’re only on 8th grade…. The most normal for them is that they would feel familiar yet not knowing what it is bcs in 7th grade chemistry is first introduced.

    Btw thank you for the translation ❤

  3. Did Song Xinyi treat him like an idiot? How could he don’t (Should be Not instead of don’t) see her digging a hole for Su Bei?

    Ty for the translation

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