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MWFV Ch.33 Part 3 – Face Slap (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.32 part 1.

In the middle of the indoor court, Xie Minxuan lightly glanced at Su Xiaobao: “Don’t embarrass our class.”

Su Xiaobao gave him back a gaze of contempt: “Then you better don’t hold me back.”

Next to them, Chen Zian started to be anxious: The two have started again. No need for their opponent to move. He was afraid these two guys would attack each other first and defeated their own team.

Chen Zian was really anxious.

However, once the game began, both Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan suddenly became serious. Probably because they spent so much time trying to defeat each other, the two boys had perfect cooperation. When one attacked, the other was defending on the side. The two quickly accumulating scores, while the three people from class 8-2 were rendered entirely powerless.

“Male god Xie is so handsome!”

“Ah! Young master Su, come on!”

Su Bei watched her family Xiaobao’s performance and couldn’t help but also screaming her support. However, she secretly also wanted to comment. An indoor basketball game was actually very different than the one being played in a full-size court. It was basically a small activity game on the same level as musical chairs. But Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan…How did these two boys make such a thundery performance on this small game?

Unlike the excitement over here, on the other side, Song Xinyi was sitting among the girls of her own class with an unusual silence. She wasn’t watching the game, nor did she care about the score there, because she was currently busy browsing the school forum.

Because of Su Bei’s ‘opening performance’, the forum’s overall direction has completely changed. Although some people still showing Song Xinyi support by scolding Su Bei, there were many more who praised her.

[I announced that from tonight, I am Su Bei’s person!]

[Her face is pretty and she is very talented. To be honest, I think Su Bei deserves the ‘school flower’ title.]

[I like Song Xinyi, but I also like Su Bei!]

[Yes! Only little children should choose one. I like both of them!]

[I heard that class 8-2 and class 8-7 were taking the activities together today. Ah, ah, I really want to go and see the two goddesses in the same space!]

[I can finally admit this loudly. Compared to Song Xinyi’s ‘the girl from next door’ type, I prefer Su Bei.]


Song Xinyi’s fingers quickly swiped the forum comment area. Her expression became more and more ugly, especially when she read the comments that expressed support for Su Bei. She glanced at Su Bei, who was talking with other girls in the opposing crowd. Song Xinyi bit her lower lip, suppressing the burning hate in her heart.

Why was Su Bei so lucky! Obviously, Su Bei was not as good as herself, and Su Bei’s popularity was also not as high as hers. If it was not for Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan, how could Su Bei got that many votes!

Just like now! She obviously wanted everyone to see Su Bei’s true face, that the girl was an empty vase who had nothing except a pretty face. But Xie Minxuan once again came out to help her, why!

At this time, in one of a WeChat group that Song Xinyi joined, a girl suddenly uploaded a photo: [Look at what I took!]. Song Xinyi’s attention was distracted by the next comments on the group and moved her gaze away from Su Bei.

On the other side, Su Bei, who was completely oblivious of Song Xinyi’s resentment toward herself, saw the game finally ended. Su Xiaobao and his two teammates won from class 8-2 with a large margin.

Su Bei happily walked towards Su Xiaobao. This game has a prize, a plush toy for each player. Su Xiaobao came over and gave Su Bei his prize. “Don’t want, it’s ugly.” She glanced at the ‘green little pig’ with a very disgusted expression and refused directly.

Many girls were hoping to get the cute little pig from young master Su. But they saw him giving the prize to Su Bei directly, who refused with a disgusted face, and their heart instantly broke.

——Woohoo, they didn’t want to be Su Bei’s sister-in-law anymore, they wanted to be young master Su’s younger sister!

On the other side, after hearing Su Bei’s words, Xie Minxuan glanced down at the ‘pink little frog’ plush toy in his hand. It was the same series with Su Xiaobao’s pig. He suddenly frowned and directly stuffed the plush toy to Chen Zian. Seeing that, Su Xiaobao also wordlessly gave Chen Zian his own little pig under the eyes of so many girls. Chen Zhian was now holding three plush toys ‘little green pig’, ‘little pink frog’ and his own ‘little purple duck,’ thinking: Actually, they were pretty cute…

Out of habit, Su Bei took out a tissue from her pocket to wipe off the sweat on Su Xiaobao’s neck. She turned her head and suddenly saw Xie Minxuan and Chen Zian were watching their interaction. Slightly surprised, Su Bei took out two more tissues from her bag, then handed it to the other two boys.

“Is there any water?” Su Xiaobao asked suddenly.

“I didn’t bring the thermos, only this.” Su Bei handed the mineral water in her hand to Su Xiaobao and said: “But I’ve been holding it for a long time, so it is not cool anymore..”

Xie Minxuan: …

Chen Zian: Why did he don’t have a group of younger sisters……

At night, the twins were back at Jingyuan villa.

Su Bei secretly finished today’s ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ levels behind Mr. Qin’s back. When she was about to turn off the computer, a new email reminder popped up—the sender was Lin Group.


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Author’s Note:

When Du Yiming blocked the twins at the school gate, Su Xiaobao didn’t deny when he asked “So he is your elder brother?” (Su Xiaobao is a scheming boy~). So now, everyone at school assumed that the two were elder brother and younger sister. Su Bei gave Su Xiaobao face in front of others, and did not reveal that inside the house, their sibling relationship status was now elder sister and younger brother, hahaha~~


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