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MWFV Ch.34 Part 2 – Protecting His Children (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.34 part 1.

In the comment area, the [Anti-Su Army] were not idle either:

[Don’t you think it’s weird? It seems that Chairman Qin is not married, right? I never heard that he have two children. Why suddenly he became Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s father?]

[Don’t you see that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao surname is Su and not Qin?]

Such comments sparsely appeared in the middle. Although somewhat annoying, they were quickly thrown back by angry supporters. Su Xiaobao has many little fans at school. After yesterday’s ‘opening performance,’ Su Bei also gained many supporters.

[Does Chairman Qin has to report his family affair to you?]

[Some family protects their children by hiding their identity. It’s normal that you haven’t heard of them.]

[Right. It seems that young master Ye was also using his mother surname until he was 10 years old.]

Indeed, some families with special circumstances would usually protect their children and heirs tightly. It wasn’t uncommon for such children to be entirely unheard of until they grew up. Although strictly speaking, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s situation was actually different, but no one in school knew.

Reading at these comments, Su Bei’s face was a little hot, but she didn’t feel gloomy or depressed. She knew that the favorable wind in today’s forum had nothing to do with their popularity in school. The most important reason was that she and Su Xiaobao were now labeled with the word ‘Qin.’ In this school, no one dared to provoke high existences like Xie Minxuan and Ye Chen, let alone offending the Qin family.

At this point, [Anti-Su Army] was still trying to control the rhythm. But unfortunately, their force was weak. However, without waiting for the wind to change again, another news was broken. This time, it exploded not only the school forum of Weiming Middle School, but also the entire business and media circles.

At 10 am, Qin Group issued a statement through its official channel. This statement wasn’t to announce that Mr. Qin had two children, let alone explaining the children’s origin. It was short and concise: [Qin Shao, chairman of the Qin Group, transfers 10% of the shares held by his name to his children, Qin Yu and Qin Yue, each receiving 5%…]

This news immediately monopolized the front-page headlines. Many people were shocked that Mr. Qin actually had children, and even two!

At the same time, Mr. Qin opened an account that he hadn’t used for more than two years and responded to several questions.

[I never knew that Chairman Qin actually had children!]

Qin Shao: Do I need to report to you if I have children or not?

[Too shocking, where did these two children come from?]

Qin Shao: Mine.

[Chairman Qin’s movement today, is it preparing to disclose the identity of the children?]

Qin Shao: My children already grow up. I can bring them now.

Of course, out of the protection for the twins, in the news released by the Qin Group, there was nothing besides the two names [Qin Yu, Qin Yue]. Even so, it was enough to let everyone in the school to know that the statement referred to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

At the moment in the Weiming school forum:

[The school flower and young master Su should be using their mother’s surname? Xiaobao and Xiaobei are probably nicknames. Haha, it’s too grounded, definitely not chosen by Father Qin.]

[OMG, No wonder I think they are familiar. Before, I saw two transfer student files in the director’s office. These two names were written on it, and I was also curious at the time.]

[So Su Xiaobao and Su Bei are really nicknames, hahaha, a bit rustic.]

[Haha, some people still insist that they are illegitimate children. Illegitimate my ass. Giving 5% shares, this is obviously the treatment for the heir.]

[To those bumpkins who never saw the world and said that 5% is not much, do you know the market value of Qin Group?]

[Frankly speaking, my family business is pretty good. But Su Bei’s 5% Qin Group share is enough to buy ten of our company.]

In the class 8-2, Song Xinyi was also browsing the forum. Her expression gradually turned ugly, and her fingernails hidden under the table were deeply embedded in her palm. Since last night until now, Song Xinyi has been borrowing an alt account from one of her fangirls to try moving the forum’s rhythm.

No one knew better than her that everything was simply untrue. What was protecting identity? Su Bei and Su Xiaobao hadn’t been in the Qin family before!

But with Qin Group’s formal statement, no one would believe Song Xinyi’s words.

Why? Why should it be the Qin family!

Outside the school, there was another kind of ‘commotion.’

Mr. Qin was sitting in his office, frowning over the issue of his daughter’s early love.

Qin Shao: “Does the boy from Xie family often harassed Xiaobei?”

Chen De didn’t know Mr. Qin’s headache over the ‘early love’ problem and was slightly taken aback by the inquiry: Harassing… wasn’t this word a bit too much?

“The second young master of the Xie family has a good relationship with Xiaobao. They often play basketball together, so he probably also a bit close to Xiaobei.” After thinking a bit, Chen De honestly answered. However, Mr. Qin’s face seemed to turn even darker.

Qin Shao: “That little boy is very popular in school?”

Chen De replied: “It seems to be so.” He smiled and added: “Xiaobao is certainly well-liked at school.”

Qin Shao: “Also popular among the girls?”

Chen De suddenly remembered the two words ‘early love’ that his boss accidentally revealed in their previous conversation. Looking at Mr. Qin’s face at the moment, Chen De suddenly realized something. “Sir, are you thinking that Xiaobei and the second young master of Xie family are dating?”

No need Mr. Qin’s to say anything, Chen De has already found the answer in his eyes.

“Young girls are easily attracted to the popular guys at school like the second young master Xie.” Chen De summoned up his courage. He glanced at Mr. Qin and said: “Both are still young, maybe they simply had a bit of puppy love towards each other…”

Chen De’s mind suddenly imagined Su Bei standing together with Xie family’s second young master. It was an image of ignorant teens, but seemed to be quite beautiful. However, just try thinking from another angle. If his daughter was the one abducted by a little puppy brat, Chen De would probably also want to break the brat’s dog legs.

No wonder Mr. Qin was so angry.

“Sir, do you want to arrange a few more bodyguards at school?” Chen De suggested. Even ignoring the ‘early love’ issue, after the statement this morning, it was necessary to add the number of bodyguards around Xiaobei and Xiaobao.

“Make the arrangements.”

“Yes, Sir.”

At this moment, Mr. Qin’s cell phone rang. It was from Jingyuan villa.

After the phone was connected, Uncle Fu’s voice came out: “Sir.”

Qin Shao: “What’s the matter?”

Uncle Fu: “The old madam is back…”

The old madam, Mr. Qin’s biological mother.


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