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MWFV Ch.34 Part 3 – Protecting His Children (III)

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Qin Shao handed over the company’s affairs and returned to Jingyuan in advance.

Madam Yang Guizhi was already sitting on the sofa, eating fruit. There were piles of luggage she brought in the living room. Seeing Qin Shao coming back, Madam Yang stood up with a sharp expression.

“What’s the matter with those two children?” Madam Yang asked. Obviously, she already knew that Qin Shao had two children, and even knew that he had given them 10% of his shares. This was the reason why she hurried back.

“Are you questioning me?” Qin Shao looked coldly at Madam Yang, his gaze filled with plain intimidation.

“I’m not questioning you. But Qin Group suddenly issued that statement. I am your mother, shouldn’t I come to find out about the situation?” Madam Yang said in a low voice. Although Qin Shao was born by herself, she was actually quite afraid of this son.

“They are my children.” Qin Shaoyan said concisely.

Madam Yang was dissatisfied: “So what? You suddenly said that two children who popped up out of nowhere are yours, so why not say that the random cats and dogs on the street are also yours? What if you get it wrong, what if…” Her words were immediately stopped by Qin Shao’s gaze.

“Alright, even if the children are yours, why didn’t you think more when doing something as big as bequeathing shares? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand? Simply giving it like that, and even to two young children.”

Mr. Qin suddenly laughed: “Madam Yang, don’t forget, Qin Group’s surname is Qin. If I don’t give my own shares to my children, then to whom? Is it to Yang Guishan? To Yang Yuanzhi?”

Yang Yuanzhi was Yang Guizhi’s son. Although it wasn’t clear whether he was that foreign director’s child or not, but he has been raised in Yang Guizhi’s elder brother Yang Guishan’s house. Compared with Qin Shao, with whom she had a weak emotion, Madam Yang and her younger son had a deep relationship.

Hearing Qin Shao mentioning the three words ‘Yang Yuanzhi,’ Madam Yang’s expression was tensed: When she brought her younger son back to the country and used Qin Group’s resources to do business, what Madam Yang afraid the most was for Qin Shao to do something detrimental towards Yang Yuanzhi.

“Qin Shao, are you threatening me?”

“No, it’s a warning.”

Yang Guizhi: “…”

Suppressing the dissatisfaction in her heart, Madam Yang finally changed her tone: “I just said it all because I care about you. Alright then. I’m too lazy to take care of your own house affair.”

“But in terms of blood relation, am I not the grandmother of those two children? So why you don’t let me stay here after they come?”

Qin Shao glanced at Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu said, “Old madam’s room is still as before.” It was just that the room next door was changed into a piano room for Xiaobei. As a result, after Madam Yang saw it, she began to complain endlessly, saying that she wouldn’t be able to sleep well because of the noise.

Uncle Fu couldn’t understand. Madam Yang knew that Sir suddenly had two more children and already gave them Qin Group’s shares. So why did she deliberately come here only to make herself unhappy?

“Uncle Fu.” Qin Shao suddenly said.

“Yes, Sir.”

Qin Shao: “Arrange a few people to come and send the old madam’s luggage to Jinyushan villa.”

Uncle Fu held back his smile. Madam Yang was, after all, Mr. Qin’s biological mother. Pressed overhead by the words ‘filial piety’, Mr. Qin had to tolerate her. Every year when she came to visit, Mr. Qin didn’t want to have any conflicts with her, so he went to live elsewhere temporarily.

But now was different. Mr. Qin was already a father. Even if it was for his own children, he probably wouldn’t tolerate Madam Yang anymore.

When she heard that Qin Shao ordered her to move elsewhere, Madam Yang made a ruckus. She cried and protested, tossing around for a while. However, Qin Shao was unmoved. Finally, Madam Yang weakly asked people to move her luggage back to her original room.

The old madam was smart. She knew that Qin Shao wasn’t close to herself. If she made trouble, it was she who would suffer losses. After all, Yang family’s business was entirely relying on the Qin Group.

After making trouble in the living room, Madam Yang probably figured out Qin Shao’s bottom line. She spent the whole afternoon adjusting her mentality in her room.

By the time Su Bei and Su Xiaobao returned to Jingyuan from school, the old madam’s attitude had changed, completely different from the one in the afternoon. When the twins had just entered the yard, she walked out of the house with a smile on her face.

“Ah, you are Qin Yu and Qin Yue. This is the first time I see you. I am Qin Shao’s mother, your grandmother.” When she saw the two beautiful and handsome children wearing the best quality products from top to bottom, Madam Yang was stunned. She then remembered the 10% shares, and her heart suddenly felt stuffed.

However, with Qin Shao next to her, Madam Yang maintained the smile on her face and said kindly to them: “Come here, let grandmother take a look at you. Really good.”

When Madam Yang was talking, all her attention was placed on Su Xiaobao. After all, girls were going to marry outside, but boys were her own—this concept was deeply rooted in Madam Yang.

Ignoring the pretense, Yang Guizhi really liked Su Xiaobao. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Qin Shao, her biological son. However, she couldn’t get close to him. This boy looked like Qin Shao, but was not as scary as his father, so he was just right.

“So your name is Qin Yu, it’s a good name. Grandmother specially asked Uncle Fu to prepare a feast. Quickly go inside.” Madam Yang pulled Su Xiaobao into the house intimately.

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Where did this strange old lady pop up?

Behind them, Su Bei watched Madam Yang’s wonderful ‘I am very familiar with you’ performance and received a bit of shock. After recovering her mind, Su Bei analyzed a few keywords from her speech.

So this was Mr. Qin’s biological mother, the Madam Yang who, according to the novel, was famous for being difficult?

At the end of the novel, after Mr. Qin was defeated by the male lead and went bankrupt, Madam Yang didn’t have a good time in China. Finally, she sold all her equity and property in China and took her younger son abroad.

Su Bei was standing unmoved. She was busy digging her memory about Madam Yang from the novel.

However, in Mr. Qin’s eyes, her figure looked lonely. He stared at the girl next to him, seemingly to be lost after being overlooked by her ‘grandmother.’ If not that some facts were not suitable for the children to know, Mr. Qin really wanted to tell Su Bei: You don’t need to care about this so-called grandmother. She is not important.

Su Bei was muttering in her heart: now that this Madam Yang was going to stay in Jingyuan for a while, should she and Su Xiaobao avoid her? Suddenly, she felt something rubbed her hair.

“Dad?” Su Bei lifted her head slightly and looked at Qin Shao.

“Let’s go inside.” Qin Shao retracted his hand from Su Bei’s head. He slowed his pace and walked into the house together with Su Bei. His movements seemed to be less enthusiastic than when Madam Yang took Su Xiaobao into the house, but was much more natural than the false familiarity.


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