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MWFV Ch.36 Part 2 – I’m Her Dad (II)

At the same time, the Qin Group’s office.

Mr. Qin summoned Qin Group’s most powerful team and gave [vvvv] ‘s account from last night to them: “Find out about this person as quickly as possible.”

“Yes.” They responded.

Mr. Qin’s subordinates thought: judging from Mr. Qin’s attitude, this person must be very dangerous. Like Chen De, after other people left, the assistant asked Qin Shao with a grave expression, “Sir, is it a spy?”

Qin Shao: “No, just a little brat who courted death.”

Chen De: “……”

Mr. Qin obviously didn’t want to say more, so he also didn’t dare to ask more.

After a while, Mr. Qin ordered Chen De to reply to the Lin’s invitation, stating that he would go to the 80th birthday banquet for old master Lin. Then he called back to Jingyuan villa and gave some orders to Uncle Fu, let him call some stylist to the house, and also ordered banquet clothes for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

“Sir, are you planning to take Xiaobei and Xiaobao to the Lin banquet?” Chen De asked from the side.

Mr. Qin nodded: “Take them out for some experience.”

Chen De secretly smiled inward: Mr. Qin said that he was taking his children out to gain experience, but wasn’t he actually simply want to show them off?

Chen De didn’t guess wrong. However, when Mr. Qin decided to bring Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to attend the banquet, he also had another reason: for Su Bei’s sake. Regarding his suspicion towards his daughter’s ‘early love’, Qin Shao thought that the biggest reason was because the girl was still too young. She still had too little knowledge and never saw much about the world.

Old master Lin always had a good reputation. Even if the Lin family had been regressed in the past few years, they would never casually invite random cats and dogs. Such banquet would be perfect to bring Su Bei over, so she could have more contact with various people and learn more about the world.

A girl with a high vision would never commit a mistake. At least she would not easily be fooled by a some random kid with crooked intention.

Moreover, Mr. Qin also had another hidden motive. Young little girls who were still not matured generally thought that boys like the second child of Xie family to be handsome and cool. However, in the eyes of Mr. Qin, Xie Minxuan was a simply a hairless little brat whose fur has not grown up yet. His ability was not a real ability, his power was not a real power. Still immature, unstable, and ignorant.

In this regard, the child from Lin family was pretty good. Mr. Qin wanted to take Su Bei and let her see what a truly outstanding, mature, responsible, and trustworthy man should look like, and save her from the same fate as the other girls in her school, who idolized Xie Minxuan blindly.

Su Bei didn’t know Mr. Qin’s ‘good intentions’. Hearing that he wanted to take her and Xiaobao out, she was so happy, like when Grandma Wang was going to took them to the county seat when they were a child.

The next day was Saturday, and Lin’s banquet was held that night.

Jingyuan villa.

Uncle Fu originally had invited a special teacher to teach Su Bei and Su Xiaobao basic etiquette and precautions for the banquet. As a result, Mr. Qin became impatient with those cumbersome things and told Uncle Fu to send away the etiquette teacher.

“When Qin family’s children go out, others will only flatter. No one will dare to make them unhappy or stupid enough to pick up faults with them.”

When Mr. Qin said this, Uncle Fu was stunned. However, when he thought about it, the reasoning was indeed not wrong. Moreover, the children’s behaviors were already excellent, and there was no need to specifically let them learn etiquette.

But Mr. Qin only said to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao: “When you go outside, you will learn to distinguish between good and bad, and know how to judge before making any decisions.”

Su Bei nodded.

In the afternoon, the stylist team arrived. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao went to change for the evening banquet. When she saw Su Xiaobao in a suit, Su Bei’s eyes lit up and blinked. She looked at Su Xiaobao, and then at Qin Shao, who was reading some documents on the sofa. She then looked back and forth between the two people several times.

——Really similar.

Su Bei couldn’t hold her laughter.

Mr. Qin was distracted by the girl’s bell-like laughter. He put down the documents in his hand and looked up at the two children. When he saw Su Xiaobao, a smile appeared in Mr. Qin’s eyes. Seeing a young boy whose appearance was like being copied from his own…indeed made his heart felt a subtle, somewhat inexplicable, pride.

Then Mr. Qin moved his eyes to his daughter. Tonight, Su Bei’s hair was tied up and shaped cutely on the back of her head. The rest of the hair was naturally scattered on the shoulder, with the tips slightly curled. This hairstyle was very suitable for her age: pretty and lively but still elegant.

Su Bei’s evening dress was white, which resembled the one designed by Dong Wenqi’s mother for her ‘opening performance’ last time. However, under Mr. Qin’s strict supervision, this dress was much ‘warmer’ than the previous one. The skirt length was below the knee, the collar was only a little bit down the collarbone, and her upper body was also specially covered with an exquisite short coat.

Mr. Qin was obviously very satisfied with this design——This was how a girl should be dressed.


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