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MWFV Ch.37 Part 1 – Banquet (I)

Qin Shao seldom attended a banquet, so when people heard that Qin Group’s chairman was going to attend the Lin family’s banquet, everyone was surprised. They secretly mused: How big was Lin family’s face, that they could move even this big Buddha? Moreover, they also heard that Mr. Qin was going to brought his pair of children that never appeared in public eyes before.

Although tonight was the birthday banquet of the old master Lin, Qin Shao’s appearance has become the center of everyone’s attention. Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao and was invited into the guest area on the second floor of Lin family’s villa. People with insufficient status couldn’t go to the second floor. Still, many were seeking the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Qin.

Among these people, Qin Shao would pick up some important people to be introduced to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao who were standing next to him. For example, at this moment, Mr. Qin was pointing to the person who came to greet them and said, “This is the chairman of Yuanhang Group.”

Mr. Qin paused his words and glanced at the other party.

The chairman of the Yuanhang Group immediately said, “My surname Zhou, Zhou Bi.”

Mr. Qin nodded and said to the twins, “Chairman Zhou.”

Su Xiaobao raised his eyes and looked up at this Chairman Zhou, giving him just a glance. Meanwhile, Su Bei was nodding politely.

Chairman Zhou looked at Qin family’s two children and was shocked. There had been a rumor in their circle before: Mr. Qin never been close to women, and most likely to have a problem in that aspect. Who would ever guess that Mr. Qin actually had two children, and they were already this big? This man was truly hiding too deep. When the father was a tiger, his children wouldn’t be a dog. As the proverb said, the two children from Qin family really deserved their father’s reputation. Their each and every movement was indeed outstanding.

Even in his surprise, Chairman Zhou didn’t forget his purpose. He quickly seized the opportunity to discuss business matters with Mr. Qin and pitched some of the Yuanhang Group’s projects. Chairman Zhou then left a sentence “I hope these projects can get into your eyes, Mr. Qin”, and politely took his leave.

After that, Mr. Qin glanced down at the absent-minded girl next to him.

Qin Shao: “Bored?”

Su Bei nodded then shook her head-she was actually thinking about the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’.

Mr. Qin said: “If you are bored, you can go to the garden downstairs to play for a while.”

Su Bei’s eyes jumped: “Really?”

Looking at the girl who was so eager to go out, a touch of helplessness flashed inside Mr. Qin’s eyes. He said: “You can go, but remember two things: don’t run too far and don’t touch alcohol.”

Su Bei smiled sweetly at Mr. Qin “Okay, Dad.”

“I’ll go too.” Su Xiaobao stood. He got up and prepared to follow Su Bei, but was stopped by Qin Shao.

“You stay with me here.” Mr. Qin glanced at Su Xiaobao and said: “When you get something, you also have to learn to endure something else. This is a man’s responsibility, understand?”

Qin Shao: “This is an opportunity to learn, cherish it.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Su Bei went to the garden and found a wicker chair to sit down. She took out her mobile phone and was ready to message [vvvv] to discuss the second round of the competition that was going to began at the day after tomorrow. Su Bei clicked [vvvv]’s avatar, but a message popped up: [This account has been frozen]. She tried with [vvvv]’s other account, and got the same result.

In the end, Su Bei could only logged into the chat window in ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ and finally connected with [vvvv].

[Q]: What happen to your penguin(1)?

[vvvv]: I was blocked because TOC violation.

Not only his Penguin, but when he woke up early in the morning, he found that all his social accounts that were registered with the same information also being blocked. When [vvvv] applied for unblocking, he was told to wait until his account was completely ruled out of abnormal risk before it could be unblocked.

[vvvv]: Wait, who are you?

[Q]: Q.

[vvvv]: The real great god?

[Q]: Who else?

[vvvv]: No, let’s confirm our secret code first.

[vvvv] sent a bunch of codes.

Looking at a string of numbers, Su Bei was stunned : “Isn’t this ‘the moonlight in front of the bed'(2)?”

Su Bei quickly replied to [vvvv].

[vvvv]: Great, you are the real great god. Scared this baby to death.

[Q]: What’s wrong with you?

[vvvv]: I almost thought I was going to die without a burial place, you know?

When he saw his accounts being blocked, [vvvv] immediately remembered the event from the night before yesterday, especially the threat he received from [Q]’s father. When he recalled the man voice that was cold enough to freeze him to death via the phone, [vvvv] was still feeling afraid even now.

[vvvv]: Are you okay?

[Q]: I’m fine, what can happen to me?

[vvvv]: Your Dad didn’t find you to talk about life?

Looking at [vvvv]’s message, Su Bei was puzzled: My dad? What about my dad? What happened?

[vvvv]: You really don’t know? Fuck!

[vvvv]: It’s like this…

Brother [4v] was going to call her the night before yesterday, but was caught by Mr. Qin. He also briefly told Su Bei about her father’s terrifying threat.

Su Bei: !!!

The phone almost flew out of her hand.

Suddenly, a waitress walked to Su Bei, making her jumped in surprise. The waitress saw the empty glass on the table nearby and asked, “Miss, do you want another glass?”

“Yes,” Su Bei nodded and said, “Thank you”. Her whole attention was still on the ‘horror story’ told by [vvvv]. Su Bei took the phone and continued to ask: What did you say on the phone?

[vvvv]: Not much, just how I usually speak to you.

It seemed that not only did he called her ‘little baby’ and ‘darling’, he also used the words like ‘Daddy’?

Su Bei:!!!

Thinking of brother [4v]’s usual flirting style, Su Bei’s body instantly shuddered: No need to guess. She could already imagine how ugly Mr. Qin’s face was at the time.

No, she have to drink to lessen the pressure.

Su Bei took the glass and drank it in one big gulp—Why did it taste a bit strange? Somewhat sweet, but it didn’t seem to have the same taste of apple juice she drank before. Su Bei was slightly surprised, but didn’t care too much. Her finger quickly moved on the phone keyboard and continued to send messages to [vvvv].

[Q]: My dad hasn’t mistaken you as a pervert or stalker, right?

[vvvv]: No, I think uncle suspecting that I’m chasing you….

This sentence made Su Bei felt even worse.

Another message popped in.

[vvvv]: Are you really a girl?!

[Q]: Yeah.

[vvvv]: F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

[Q]: Isn’t it written on my penguin profile?

[vvvv]: I thought it was fake.

The two chatted for a while, then [vvvv] invited Su Bei to play a simulation match.

[Q]: No time, I’m at the banquet and don’t have a computer here.

[vvvv]: WTF, you can still chat with me for so long at the banquet? Hey, I seem to be very important to little baby.

Two seconds after he sent this message, [vvvv] immediately deleted it. He was used to chatting with [Big Baby Q] in this tone, but after father Q’s scary warning, he didn’t dare anymore.

[vvvv]: Holding a mobile phone at the banquet, are you not afraid of being thought as an internet addict?

Su Bei subconsciously looked around and replied: “No one is here.”

But she didn’t notice. At the moment, from the corridor at the other corner of the garden, someone was looking at her direction.


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(1) Penguin is a QQ account, a popular social media in China owned by Tencent.

(2) A poem titled ‘Quiet Night Thought’ from Tang dinasty. I don’t know whether this poem is simply very popular or a must-read for students in China. I’ve recently read another novel where this phrase was used by two transmigrators to confirm that they are from the same world.

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  1. Face palm……..girl, how can you drink anything without checking it first………….sigh………..

  2. I should be worried about the fact that she either drank alcohol or poison (probably not but possibility is there) but im more worried about her bringing the 4v matter to QS .-. Will she even ask? Heheheh now its kinda cute how 4vs is being mindful of his words thank you for translating! This is amazing ^_^

  3. If it’s the poem I’m thinking of, that poem is a standard part of elementary school introduction to Chinese poetry curricula. Even in overseas language schools, kids have to memorize and perform it (school/preschool ages), because it’s short and easy. It’s always included in the Tang poems 300/500 collections, too.

      1. Can i know which novel you are referring to where the phrase was used by two transmigrators to confirm that they are from the same world?

  4. Can i know which novel you are referencing where the phrase was used by two transmigrators to confirm that they are from the same world?

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