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MWFV Ch.38 Part 1 – Drunk (I)

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“Did you let her drink?” Mr. Qin asked in a dark voice.

His daughter, Qin Shao still understood-although Su Bei occasionally gave him a headache, she wouldn’t be so unrestrained outside, let alone doing something excessive.

Facing Mr. Qin’s anger, Lin Shaochi was stunned, and apparently realized that things might not be as simple as he had thought before. He quickly found several waiters who were on duty near the garden at the time, and also pulled out the recording of the surveillance camera around the time before he saw Su Bei.

In the recording, Su Bei came out to the garden and found a place to sit down. After that, she did not leave, and nothing strange was happen in the middle. One of the waitress noticed that there was a guest in the garden, and the glass was empty, so she took the initiative to refill Su Bei’s glass.

However, because the lights in the garden were relatively dim at that time, the waitress did not notice that Su Bei had apple juice in her glass before, so she filled it with champagne that had similar color.

Afterwards, it was exactly what Lin Shaochi had seen: Su Bei drank the glass of champagne with a great gusto.

Lin Shaochi lowered his head and apologized to Qin Shao. His face was slightly tense: “Mr. Qin, I’m sorry, this incident is indeed Lin family’s mistake.”

The young man’s apology didn’t ease the expression on Mr. Qin’s face. After glancing coldly at Lin Shaochi, he said: “It should be said to be your fault, Young Chairman Lin.”

Out of respect for the host, Qin Shao did not let their usual bodyguards to follow Su Bei. Except for two people, who were protecting her from a relatively far distance. The two special bodyguards only watched from afar, and unless Su Bei was in real danger, they would not show up easily.

The birthday banquet of the Lin family’s old master was personally arranged by Lin Shaochi, so when any accident happened to the guests, he should bear the responsibilities.

Originally, Mr. Qin had enough appreciation towards this young chairman. But now, when he looked at Lin Shaochi again, Qin Shao suddenly felt dissatisfied. Although he wanted to thank the young man for bringing his daughter here, when he thought how Su Bei was brought here by Lin Shaochi just now, Mr. Qin saw the other party unpleasant.

While waiting for the sobering soup to be cooked and sent from the kitchen, Su Bei sat quietly beside Mr. Qin. Her hand tightly grabbed her father’s sleeve, and her mouth tightly shut.

Very cute.

Lin Shaochi secretly glanced at Su Bei. The girl’s face was still flushed, and her lively eyes were also as red as a rabbit. She was sitting with her back straight. Her eyes widened and she was staring at a point ahead. She was obviously drunk, but forcefully kept her eyes wide open and pretended to be sober, like how a person who had not slept for two days pretended to be very energetic. This action made people want to laugh.

However, Lin Shaochi didn’t dare to laugh now, as he still didn’t know how Mr. Qin would find himself accountable for this matter.

Su Xiaobao finally rushed in after being called by Lin family’s servant.

Hearing his voice, Su Bei, who had been performing ‘blank stare’ on the sofa, finally moved. After Su Xiaobao sat down, she did not hesitate to remove her hold on Mr. Qin’s sleeve and moved to her brother’s side.

Qin Shao: “…”

Su Xiaobao quickly noticed Su Bei’s abnormality, and asked Qin Shao: “Did she drank? What’s happen?” The tension and sternness on his face were exactly the same as Mr. Qin just now.

“Accidentally drank champagne.” Qin Shao said. As for the other details, he did not explain much. He glanced at the old Master Lin, then looked at Su Xiaobao and said, “Greet him.”

Su Xiaobao was taken aback: Who should he greet?

Seeing the doubts on the young boy’s face, old master Lin smiled kindly and said: “Just call me Grandpa Lin.” He then pointed at Lin Shaochi: “This is my grandson, Lin Shaochi. He is seven years older than you and Qin Yue, you can call him brother.”

Listening to old master Lin’s words, Mr. Qin frowned slightly: Although old master Lin didn’t say anything wrong, but he somehow feel dissatisfied. But even so, then what? Should he let his children call Lin Shaochi, ‘uncle’? Won’t that make the other party his peers?

This is even worse!

Qin Shao’s face darkened. But he kept silent.

After waiting until Su Bei drank the sobering soup and her condition improved a bit, Qin Shao and his two children left Lin family’s house.

In the car, Qin Shao suddenly asked Su Xiaobao: “Have you ever drank alcohol?”

Su Xiaobao was taken aback by Qin Shao’s question. After hesitating, he whispered: “I have.”

That was when he still working at the logistics park. One day, they worked late. The foreman invited everyone to have a dinner and gave Su Xiaobao a cup of drink. Su Xiaobao only realized that it was liquor after the cup was in his hand. But since he already accepted the cup, he couldn’t return it back to the foreman. Besides, there were other people around, so he couldn’t make a fuss. Su Xiaobao could only bite the bullet and drink the cup empty. They boy still remembered the bitter and spicy taste on his throat, and the floating sensation afterward.

Hearing the answer, Qin Shao looked at Su Xiaobao. His gaze solemnly stayed on the boy’s face for a few seconds before he said: “How much can you drink?”

Xiaobei obviously only drank a small glass of champagne. But looking at her appearance, she seemed to be pretty weak and had a slight allergy towards alcohol. Su Xiaobao and Su Bei were twins, so they might or might not be similar in this aspect.

Su Xiaobao shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Mr. Qin originally wanted to say, “Try it.” However, he immediately remembered that this kid was only fourteen years old and hasn’t reached the age to drink.

But the next second, Qin Shao heard Su Xiaobao pointing at Su Bei and muttered: “Anyway, there is no way I’m as weak as her.”

Mr. Qin: “…” His hands suddenly became a little itchy and want to hit this brat.

“You compare yourself with her?” Mr. Qin coldly looked at Su Xiaobao. After that, he moved his eyes to Su Bei, and sighed: “Later, when you are outside, properly watch her and don’t let her touch alcohol.”

“Still need you to say?” Su Xiaobao impolitely glared back at Qin Shao. If not for this man who didn’t let him follow Su Bei today, would she ended up being drunk?

Because Su Bei fell asleep shortly after getting in the car, she didn’t know about the consensus reached between the father and son.


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  1. Cameras are handy huh. About wanted to slap Dad Qin if he was going to make our Xiao Bao drink alcohol so young. Ah it’s so leaning. I wish he show some love to his son and the son to give back any love he gets, if he gets any! ;-;

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