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MWFV Ch.38 Part 2 – Drunk (II)

After they arrived at Jingyuan villa, Mr. Qin wanted to carry Su Bei back to her room, but was stopped by Su Xiaobao: “I don’t need you, I can carry her.”

“It’s inappropriate.” Mr. Qin said coldly to Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “Which part is inappropriate?”

Qin Shao: “How old are you?”

Su Xiaobao: “Fourteen, so what?”

Qin Shao: “Fourteen is not young anymore. Boys and girls are different, even if you are a sibling, you should keep an appropiate distancee.”

Regarding this topic, Mr. Qin felt that it was so troublesome having to explain it to this kid everytime. Should he suggest their school to started a related course?

Su Xiaobao’s face was darkened upon Qin Shao’s words. His eyes fell directly on the older man’s face: “If me doing it is inappropriate, do you think you are appropriate?”

Su Xiaobao’s words seemed to be a fish thorn that successfully stuck in Mr. Qin’s throat. Indeed, none of them was appropriate. But the only woman in the house right now was Madam Yang Guizhi, and at this hour she was probably either putting a mask or doing other beauty care in her room.

Finally, Su Xiaobao carried Su Bei back into the house.

“Don’t fall,” Qin Shao reminded.

Su Xiaobao: “Impossible.”

He was used to carry Su Bei on his back!

However, Su Bei seemed to be heavier than before. When they were still in the countryside, the girl was so thin and light, as if a slightest wind could blow her off. But now, she was much healthier. After having this thought, Su Xiaobao lowered his gaze. A smile flashed across his eyes.

Inside the house, Madam Yang came out after hearing the movement outside. Looking at Su Xiaobao carrying Su Bei upstairs, and listening to Qin Shao’s instructions to Uncle Fu, her expression became very ugly.

“A girl from good family. It’s one thing to go out and show her face. But she didn’t know how to behave properly? Still this young and already made herself drunk. What will people say? Really has no shame.” Madam Yang’s words were full disgust and contempt.

Not noticing Qin Shao’s increasingly dark and cold face, Madam Yang continued to complain: “I don’t know what kind of crooked things this child learned in the countryside. If she cannot change, don’t let her go outside again. She will only make Qin family to lose face…”

Qin Shao suddenly snorted coldly, interrupting Madam Yang’s prattle. The anger that suddenly erupted momentarily surprised the old madam.

Qin Shao: “Enough talking?”

Madam Yang subconsciously lowered her voice and said unwillingly: “I am her grandmother. What is wrong with me talking about it? Isn’t my words also for her own good?”

Qin Shao replied with a sneer: “How to teach my child is my own business. So I won’t bother you.”

“Or, Madam Yang, do you think you are qualified to talk to me about being a parent?”

“You…” Madam Yang couldn’t understand, why was Qin Shao who usually ignored her suddenly let her to shut up.

Without waiting for Madam Yang to find any rebuttal or compromise, Qin Shao said: “I have ordered people to clean up the Nanshan villa. They will come to help you pack your luggage and move over there tomorrow.”

“You!” Mrs. Yang suddenly widened her eyes: “Qin Shao, are you going to drive me away? I’m your mother!”

Qin Shao smiled. “I just let you move to a better place. Nanshan villa has a good environment and a good air. It has enough servants and convenient to live. More suitable for your holiday residence.”

“And,” after a pause, Qin Shao said: “I’ve also made arrangements to let Yang Zhiyuan to move in. If old madam isn’t willing to go, it’s okay. To save the expenses of that villa, I’ll let him find a more suitable place.”

After saying that, Qin Shao turned around and left. Yang Guizhi leaned against the wall. Her face was pale and her mouth repeatedly saying, “White-eyed wolf.”

This white-eyed wolf is threatening her, threatening her with the safety of her son!

At night, in his room, Su Xiaobao was playing online game with his usual group. As the result, however, they were completely defeated by the opponents.

Then, the WeChat group exploded:

[Liu Kai]: Damn, I lost! But the opponent’s lineup didn’t seem to be that luxurious?

[Chen Zian]: No, obviously it was a rubbish! We actually lost to a rubbish lineup. I cannot accept this fact.

[Du Yiming]: I say, brother Bao seems to be not in the mood today. He was captured as soon as he came out.

Classmate Du Yiming found the main issue.

[Liu Kai]: That’s right! What were you doing, brother Bao?

[Liu Kai]: Could it be that my brother Bao was hacked! His performance today didn’t even hit the toe of normal brother Bao!

[Su Xiaobao]: No hacking, something happened.

It has always been like this: whenever Su Bei was uncomfortable, he would also feel uneasy. So, when he played the game just now, Su Xiaobao’s thought was filled with Su Bei. Has she wake up? Did she have a headache? Was she hungry? Did she want to vomit?

Su Xiaobao replied into the WeChat group: I’m quitting for today.

After that, he dropped the phone and went to Su Bei’s room next door.

When Su Xiaobao walked in, Su Bei really has woke up. She was staring straight at the ceiling with both eyes opened.

Su Xiaobao: “Do you want to vomit?”

Su Bei shook her head.

Su Xiaobao: “Are you still drunk?”

Su Bei shook her head again: “I’m not drunk.”

Su Xiaobao: “…., are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

This time, Su Bei nodded.

Su Xiaobao: “What do you want to eat?” He should went down to see if there was something in the kitchen.

“Pearl milk tea.” Su Bei continued: “Add one hundred oreos, one hundred cream cheese, one hundred red beans.”

Hearing her request, Su Xiaobao’s mouth twitched twice: Asking for 100 toppings, dared to say that she wasn’t drunk?

Finally, Su Xiaobao went downstairs and made a cup of soymilk for Su Bei. After being rejected, he threw two white rabbits creamy candy into it. After that, he stayed at Su Bei’s bed, narrating ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ all night.

The next day, when Su Bei awake, her throat did not hurt, nor did her head feel dizzy. Regarding yesterday’s event, Su Bei only remembered that she seemed to mistakenly drink a glass of champagne in the garden and got drunk. After that, her mind was blank.

In a trance, she seemed to have found Qin Shao and Su Xiaobao. As for what happened afterwards, Su Bei couldn’t remember. Naturally, she also didn’t know any of her strange requests after returning home last night.

After rubbing her dry eyes, Su Bei pulled out her mobile phone from the bag next to her.

What instantly catched her attention was a deluge of message prompts. Su Bei was taken aback by the phone display: more than one hundred and sixty unread messages, all were from [vvvv]!


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  1. Ugh. I’m okay with the needless worry about puppy love and I can make do with the father being biased to a degree but that is seriously to much. Treating your son like he’s a sexual predator? The fck is wrong with his brain? Inappropriate my ass! His thoughts are the only thing inappropriate here.

  2. White eye wolf? I think the term only count if you actually raised him Madam Yang. I’m pretty sure you didn’t and you and your family are even leeching off him too.

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