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MWFV Ch.39 Part 1 – Admitting Mistake (I)

[vvvv]: What? What did you drink wrong?

[vvvv]: Baby, what happened to you?

[vvvv]: Please don’t hang up!

[vvvv]: Did you see my message? Reply ASAP if you see it!

[vvvv]: Are you still there?

[vvvv]:F*ck! Don’t scare me!

[vvvv]: Quickly reply!

[vvvv]: Are you there?

[vvvv]: Please reply!


On Su Bei’s phone, except for two celebrity gossip sent by Dong Wenqi via WeChat, the remaining 160 messages were sent by [vvvv]. From the last message Su Bei sent him last night until a few minutes ago, [vvvv] had sent her a message almost every few minutes.

Su Bei quickly sent a message to [vvvv] using her ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ account.

[Q]: I’m here, I’m fine.

Su Bei had just sent the message, and the other party immediately replied after only several seconds: [vvvv: F*ck! You finally reply! You f*cking scared me to death.]

Even throughout the screen, Su Bei could feel [vvvv]’s intense worry and couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

[vvvv]: How are you? Are you okay? What happened?

[Q]: I’m fine. The phone was accidentally muted by me last night, so I didn’t see the message. Sorry for making you worry.

[vvvv]: Nothing, as long as you are alright.

In the middle of the conversation, [vvvv] ‘lost contact’ with the person he was chatting with. At that time, he was genuinely terrified about Su Bei’s safety.

——It was night, at a banquet, there were no people around, and she drank something wrong…

Connecting the information provided by Su Bei, [vvvv] ‘s brain directly filled the missing parts with a very dark imagination: “At a certain banquet, a weak young girl mistakenly drank some spiked drink, and was rendered unconscious. A wretched man tried to xxxx….”

The more he thought, the more worried he was. [vvvv] almost going to hack some government’s website, then use the Skyeye to find Su Bei. Fortunately, nothing happened. Otherwise, he might already sit to have some tea in the police station now.

[vvvv]: Tell me, what happened to you yesterday?

[Q]: Yesterday, when I was chatting with you, the waitress there refilled my glass and mistakenly gave me a glass of champagne. I accidentally drank that.

[vvvv]: Were you drunk?

[Q]: Must be so.

Su Bei had no impression of what happened afterward. Among the drinkers, this phenomenon was commonly called: blackout drunk.


[vvvv]: Hahahaha, just by one glass of champagne? Are you sure you drank champagne, not sorghum liquor?

Su Bei was mercilessly mocked by brother [4v]. After making sure that she was fine, this big brother seemed to revert to his ‘normal’ style.

[vvvv]: Okay, okay, baby. It’s okay as long you are alright~

[vvvv]: I stayed up all night worrying about you. No good, I have to get some sleep now.

[vvvv]: Good night, baby, don’t miss me too much.

Su Bei: “…”

After closing the chat interface, Su Bei glanced at the clock: [10:26], no wonder she felt a little hungry.

After washing her face, Su Bei first checked on Su Xiaobao. She wanted to ask him how she did find them yesterday, and whether she did anything strange after she got drunk. She walked into Su Xiaobao’s room. The curtains were closed, and there was a big lump on the bed. No need to guess, the boy was still sleeping.

Su Bei was surprised: Although today was a weekend, Su Xiaobao usually has gotten up long ago, went for a 3 kilometers run, had breakfast, and then either studying or playing games. Why was this person still asleep today?

Su Bei carefully climbed onto the bed. She reached out her hand, touched Su Xiaobao’s forehead, and then compared it with her own temperature. It wasn’t hot. Since there was no fever, he didn’t seem to be sick.

Su Bei’s movement woke Su Xiaobao up. The boy looked so sleepy. He barely opened his eyes to look at Su Bei, “What are you doing?”

Su Bei: “Checking if you have a fever.”

Su Xiaobao: “I’m not.”

After that, he muttered “sleepy”, turned over, and continued to sleep.

Seeing this, Su Bei’s eyes twitched, and she couldn’t help asking: “What did you do last night?”

Playing games or chatting? Already this hour and yet still so sleepy.

Su Xiaobao: “I took care of you all night.” And while he was at it, Su Xiaobao also pulled over Liu Kai and those night owls to take back the rank that had fallen before.

Su Bei: “…”

“Then you go to sleep, I will call you again at lunch.” After that, Su Bei walked out of Su Xiaobao’s room very quietly.

When Su Bei came down from the upstairs, she saw Uncle Fu.

Seeing Su Bei coming down, the housekeeper asked with a look of concern: “Xiaobei, are you alright?”

Su Bei blushed at this question. Although yesterday was an accident, getting drunk obviously wasn’t something to be proud of. She smiled embarrassedly and said: “I’m alright. Thank you, Uncle Fu.”

“It’s good if you’re alright,” Uncle Fu smiled and said: “You haven’t had breakfast yet, you should be hungry now, eh? Mr. Qin ordered the kitchen to prepare porridge and some small snacks. You should eat something to pad your stomach first.”

Su Bei was taken aback when she heard Uncle Fu’s words.

“Is Dad at home?” Even on weekends, Mr. Qin spent most of his time working in the company or attending some important events, and rarely at home.

“Yes, Sir is in the study now.” Mr. Qin also went a few times to check whether the children had woke up or not.

Uncle Fu thought: Mr. Qin deliberately did not go out today, probably because he was worried about Xiaobei and Xiaobao.

Su Bei’s eyes twitched. She was initially a little surprised hearing that Qin Shao was home. But she gradually became terrified when remembering yesterday’s event.

“Has dad eaten his breakfast?” Su Bei asked.

“No.” Mr. Qin never had the habit of eating breakfast, except when Xiaobei personally cooked and let him take it to the company.

“However, at this hour, Sir usually likes to drink a cup of coffee.”

In the study, after hearing very light footsteps came closer, Mr. Qin quickly dealt with the document in his hand and put down the pen. Right when he raised his head, Mr. Qin saw Su Bei standing at the entrance of the study, carrying a dining tray with both hands. There was a cup of coffee and two plates of snacks on it.

After getting used to sending Qin Shao hot milk a few times, whenever Su Bei came to the study to look for him, she would knock on the door and directly come in, no longer being as restrained as she was at the beginning. Today, however, the girl was standing stiffly at the door, bowing her head, and looked hesitant.

Mr. Qin couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“What are you doing standing stupidly like that?”

Mr. Qin’s voice pulled Su Bei’s attention back.

“Come in.”


“Dad, your coffee.”

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4 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.39 Part 1 – Admitting Mistake (I)”

  1. Vvv really sounds shady plus all the flirty talk, joke or not. That said, he also seems like a genuinely good fellow that worries about the Mc tomthe point of considering hacking the government to make sure Mc is safe. He didn’t do it but well, he was probably about to soon enough.

    I have mixed opinions about him but in overall, thus far, seems like a good fellow indeed.

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