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MWFV Ch.39 Part 2 – Admitting Mistake (II)

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Su Bei walked towards Qin Shao’s desk. She stopped one meter away and standing straightly, holding the dining tray. After some deliberation, she began to spoke about yesterday’s event: “Last night, I didn’t notice that the glass in my hand was alcohol, and then…”

“Then, you accidentally drank it?”

“Uh-huh, yes.” Su Bei nodded and added, “I really didn’t drink it on purpose.” She looked like a child who had done something wrong and was caught by her parents, pitifully begging for ‘a lighter beating.’

Looking at Su Bei’s sincere and pitiful attitude admitting her mistakes, Mr. Qin softened: A string of harsh rhetoric that was initially prepared to scold and educate Su Bei suddenly was swallowed back.

“You don’t even aware that you drink alcohol?” Mr. Qin rubbed his eyebrows with some headaches.

Su Bei: Well…

At that time, her attention was focused on the conversation with [vvvv]. After she gulped the glass of champagne, it was too late to notice that something was off.

Looking at Su Bei, a helplessness typical for an old father flashed in Mr. Qin’s eyes: “Alright, but this is the last time. Next time you go out, don’t forget to bring your brain.”

Su Bei: “…” She felt being looked down.

Mr. Qin stood up, took the dining tray that Su Bei almost unable to hold anymore, and placed it on the side table. Then he raised his palm and gently rubbed her head.

“Do you have a headache? Or any other discomfort?”

Hearing Mr. Qin’s tone loosened, Su Bei’s eyes brightened. She smiled at Qin Shao: “I don’t have a headache and feel alright, Dad. Don’t worry.”

Qin Shao: “…”

Su Bei remembered the conversation she had with [vvvv] last night: “Right, Dad. There is another thing.”

Qin Shao: “Say. ”

“You see.” Su Bei opened the chat record with [vvvv] on her phone and took it to Qin Shao. “I’m participating in a competition. This person is actually a teammate I met there. He usually speaks in this joking tone, but in fact, we are simply discussing the competition.” Su Bei explained.

Qin Shao glanced at the chat records on Su Bei’s phone, then took a deep look at his daughter: “Do you know him?”

Su Bei shook her head, “I don’t know him very well. We just participated in an online competition together. In fact, we have never met.”

“He is actually very good, not bad people.” Su Bei once again defended brother [4v].

Mr. Qin did not comment. His subordinates in Qin Group have found out the identity of this [vvvv], and he was indeed not a bad person. He also never met with Su Bei before and has not done anything out of the ordinary. But in the eyes of Mr. Qin, this brat was still not pleasing.

Su Bei: “Dad…”


Lowering her eyes, Su Bei whispered: “I’m not dating, don’t have a crush and also not befriending any messy people…”

Mr. Qin’s gaze stayed on Su Bei’s face for a long time, before he finally sighed softly: “Always be careful when selecting a friend, and don’t let yourself suffer.”

“Yeah, Dad. I will.” Su Bei nodded obediently.

Soon after Su Bei left, Madam Yang came to Qin Shao’s study. After one night of psychological struggle, she finally figured it out: It wasn’t a problem to move out. Wherever she lived wouldn’t change the fact that she was Qin Shao’s mother. She couldn’t make her relationship with Qin Shao sour just because of a living place. After all, her brother’s company and many projects that she invested were dependent on Qin Group. Besides, Qin Shao threatened her with the safety of her precious son.

Moreover, she could see it now: Qin Shao loved the two children. If she made them uncomfortable, he would make her unhappy.

“I can move away to the Nanshan villa you mentioned. However, I am not used to living in a place that isn’t my own. You have to transfer the villa to my name. Whenever I return to China later, it will be convenient to live there.” Madam Yang made her demands.

“Alright.” Mr. Qin agreed. It was just a villa.

“Also, I don’t like having outsiders obstructing my eyes inside my own home. After I live there, I’ll employ my own people to work there. You may pay their wage, but you should withdraw all your people.”

“Alright.” Qin Shao coldly glanced at the old lady: “If you have any other demands, just say it at once.”

Madam Yang was choked by Qin Shao’s words. She didn’t expect that their talk this time would be so smooth—when did he ever be so generous? It seemed that Qin Shao was willing to make concessions to let the two children living comfortably in this house.

Yang Guizhi snorted lightly: “Hum, I know you think that I’m just here to cause you trouble.”

“I really gave birth to you in vain.”

“Let me ask, what is your plan for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival? ”

Qin Shao: “The same with the past, no change.”

Madam Yang’s face turned dark: “You have no place inside that house. Why are you still going there?”

The ‘that house’ Yang Guizhi said was her ex-husband’s new family that he formed after remarriage. In the past, she was abroad and didn’t care about her ex-husband or son. But now, she was hoping that Qin Shao would stand on her side and stay away from her ex-husband.

Qin Shao smiled: “If I’m not going there, do you expect me to spend time with you, Yang Guishan, and Yang Zhiyuan?”

“You! Huh, what did I say wrong? Is it bad for you to spend a holiday with your own mother? Are you going to go to them? All good things are taken by Chen Xueyan’s son. What do you get? And Chen Xueyan’s son is always fighting against you everywhere, isn’t he? Don’t you feel nauseous sitting on the same table for dinner?”

“Let me tell you, they just treat you as…” The coldness in Qin Shao’s eyes suddenly scared Madam Yang to shut her mouth.

“Enough talking?”


“If you have enough talk, you can go to pack up.”

In the afternoon, Su Bei saw the old madam moved out from the villa with a large amount of luggage.

Uncle Fu was afraid that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao might misunderstand, so he specifically explaining to them: “Nanshan villa has a good location. The environment and air are very clean, and there are many servants there. It is more suitable for the old madam to live in.”

Su Bei did not care. After reading the novel, she had a bad impression of Yang Guizhi. So when the old madam left, Su Bei was happy because the home was no longer so suffocating.

Su Xiaobao, who only got up at noon, also didn’t show any particular reaction. He simply said: “It’s good.”

Watching the two children became ‘lively’ again, Fu Bo secretly smiled. Even he, the housekeeper, also felt a lot more relaxed after the old madam left.


Seeing Su Bei trotting upstairs, Uncle Fu asked: “Are you going to practice piano, Xiaobei?” Because Madam Yang’s complain about the noise, Su Bei stopped practicing piano during her stay.

Su Bei: “No, I’m going back to my room.” The second round of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ would officially begin tomorrow. To get in touch early, she, Xu Yangyang, and brother [4v] made an appointment for a simulation match in the afternoon.

However, Su Bei’s plan didn’t go well. Right after she turned on the computer, Uncle Fu came up to call her, saying that Young Chairman Lin was coming to visit.


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