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MWFV Ch.40 Part 1 – Investment (I)

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Lin Shaochi visited the Qin family today to apologize to Mr. Qin and Su Bei about what happened at the banquet yesterday.

In the living room, Su Bei sat on Mr. Qin’s right. Looking at the person sitting in front of him, she was puzzled: she inexplicably felt that this person was a bit familiar.

At this time, Mr. Qin introduced the guest to her: “He is the young Chairman of Lin Group, Lin Shaochi.”

Su Xiaobao and Lin Shaochi had met yesterday, so at this moment, the boy simply nodded at the other party and said, “Hello.”

It was Su Bei who was slightly taken aback when she heard the guest’s identity.

——Is this the same Lin Group that she worked with?

Following the advice given by [vvvv], Su Bei sent another email to Lin Group, stating that she could not work for them, but was willing to provide remote technical support as a consultant for this project. Lin Group agreed. Su Bei initially only asked for 30% of the original pay offer. However, Lin Group was very generous: they would still pay her the full amount they had offered.

Speaking of which, this young Chairman Lin sitting before her was half her boss.

Su Bei couldn’t help but took a few more look at the young man. Although they had never met, Su Bei, as [Q], has communicated with Lin Shaochi several times via the internet. They talked about the network security project and its technological issues. From their communication, Lin Shaochi gave Su Bei the feeling of a rigorous and serious young man due to his responsibility for starting a new business venture.

Su Bei didn’t expect to see that Lin Shaochi himself was actually like this: his every word and movement showed him to be steady, calm, and knowledgable, totally befitting the image of a successful entrepreneur with a firm hold of his trade. These traits were somewhat similar to the description of Mr. Qin in the novel.

Noticing Su Bei’s gaze, Lin Shaochi also looked at her.

A very beautiful girl—Lin Shaochi also had this impression when he first saw Su Bei yesterday. However, different from her stunned look after being drunk, at this moment, the girl’s beautiful face was full of witty charm, and she also smiled slightly, giving a good feeling to the spectator.

Lin Shaochi turned his head to Qin Shao and spoke sincerely: “Mr. Qin, what happened yesterday was my fault. Since the situation wasn’t convenient yesterday, I come to visit today to apologize.” He looked at Su Bei again. “Miss Qin, I’m sorry for our mistake, making you drank wine accidentally yesterday.”

“Also, this is a little sincerity from our Lin family, I hope you like it.” Lin Shaochi took out a gift box and put it on the table in front of Su Bei.

Inside the box was a very exquisite blue diamond bracelet with a simple yet unique design. Excluding the gifts he prepared beforehand for this visit, Lin Shaochi brought this especially for Su Bei. This bracelet was not something that he bought hastily, but an item in Lin family’s vault. It was one of the collections previously owned by Madam Lin, who was Lin Shaochi’s mother.

When she was alive, Lin Shaochi’s mother liked to collect all kinds of jewelry. Most of the jewelry she collected after getting married had a more mature and luxurious design, but this one was bought before she got married. The style was simple and immaculate, but also exquisite, very suitable for a young girl. When he remembered the girl’s appearance in the garden last night, Lin Shaochi immediately thought of this bracelet.

Seeing the neatly placed bracelet in the box, Su Bei’s gaze slightly wavered: it was very beautiful, but must be very expensive.

Su Bei subconsciously looked at Qin Shao.

Qin Shao: “If you like, just accept it.”

After that, Mr. Qin glanced at Lin Shaochi. This young man handled last night’s matter properly, and both his attitude and sincerity when apologizing were also appropriate, so Mr. Qin didn’t want to pursue this matter too much. At the same time, he also secretly sighed: after Lin Group’s previous chairman and wife passed in an accident, old Master Lin’s temper was very fierce, unwilling to file for bankruptcy. In the end, he pushed Lin Shaochi out early. Now, it appeared that this decision wasn’t entirely a bad thing.

Young people with real experience were very different from those prodigal children. They had a broader view, knew how to advance and retreat, was mature, and smart. Not bad.

Mr. Qin glanced at his son. This kid was smart, but compared to Lin Shaochi, he was less calm and more impetuous. Mr. Qin inwardly sighed and thought: It doesn’t matter, this kid is still young anyway, and he won’t grow up to be a waste.

Seeing Mr. Qin’s attitude, Su Bei understood that the bracelet sent by Lin Shaochi was just a courtesy gift with no other meaning, so she took it without any burden. “Thank you, this bracelet is so lovely. Also, last night it was me being careless. I hope I didn’t cause any trouble for you.” Su Bei smiled at Lin Shaochi and spoke calmly.

Lin Shaochi’s face might look perpetually serious. However, Su Bei had a preconceived impression of him because of their several conversations before. Therefore, when she was now facing Lin Shaochi directly, she didn’t feel intimidated and acted naturally.

The girl’s frank attitude made people felt comfortable. The corner of Lin Shaochi’s mouth unconsciously raised, and he said to Su Bei: “It’s good that you like it.”

On the side, Mr. Qin suddenly frowned and felt that Lin Shaochi was no longer that pleasing to his eyes.

Su Xiaobao went for his combat class, and Su Bei took the opportunity to play a mock game with Xu Yangyang and [vvvv].

Mr. Qin took Lin Shaochi to the study.

When Su Bei came out to drink water and passed by the study, the two people inside happened to talk about the ‘new network security project.’ As the general technical consultant for Lin Group’s Network ​​Security Department, probably no one else knew this project better than Su Bei. She stopped at the door of the study. At this moment, Mr. Qin raised his head and saw Su Bei, who was sticking her head at the door with bright eyes.

Seeing Su Bei, Qin Shao’s eyes softened a bit: “What’s wrong? Do you need anything?”

Su Bei: “Nothing…” Just want to listen to your conversation.

Mr. Qin retracted his gaze and was going to continue his business talk with Lin Shaochi. After some time, he raised his gaze again and found that Su Bei was still by the door, only perfunctorily hiding her body behind it.

Mr. Qin said helplessly: “Come in.”

Su Bei: “No, I can just listen here.”

Mr. Qin:…

“Come in.”


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