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MWFV Ch.40 Part 2 – Investment (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.39 Part 2.

“Come in.”

Mr. Qin had just finished speaking, and the girl already ran in. Skipping lightly in two or three steps, she soon arrived by Mr. Qin’s side and sat down.

Seeing the interaction between the father and daughter, Lin Shaochi was surprised. Mr. Qin, who was so frightening outside, unexpectedly was like this when he was with his daughter. But when Lin Shaochi thought about it once again, it was making sense: facing such a cute and charming girl, no matter how cold someone was, they would instantly melt.

After sitting down, Su Bei secretly glanced at the documents on the desk. This was the updated proposal that adding some of her suggestions. The day before yesterday, Lin Shaochi told [Q] that with Lin Group’s current strength, it would be hard for them to fully start this project alone, so he wanted to find a partner or investor.

So, Lin Shaochi was going to ask Qin Group?

Su Bei raised her eyebrows. Her eyes lit up, and she turned her head towards Qin Shao. “Dad, is this a new project that you are going to do?”

“Not yet.” Mr. Qin glanced at Lin Shaochi. He had told this young man to come up with something that could convince him. After all, he was a businessman, not a philanthropist. From this project, Mr. Qin did see a business opportunity, but from the information Lin Shaochi presented so far, he couldn’t see a high probability of success.

Lin Shaochi fell silent for a few seconds, ready to come up with a few more reasons for Qin Group’s investment.

But Su Bei spoke first.

“This project seems pretty good, Dad. Just invest a little bit. How about 20%, okay?” Su Bei looked at Mr. Qin with glowing eyes. She stretched out two fingers eagerly to Mr. Qin. But after a moment, added another finger: “I think 30% is better…”

“50%.” Su Bei finally stretched out five fingers.

Regardless of the fact that network security was not considered a promising industry now, in a few years, if nothing unexpected happened, this project would become the hottest industry. If Qin Group invested in it now, they would definitely make a lot of money!

Moreover, Su Bei also had another intention: in the novel, Mr. Qin was going to be bankrupted by the male lead in the end. This was Su Bei’s greatest fear now. If Qin Shao invested in Lin Group’s project, even if Qin Group really collapse in the future, they still had 30% shares of this project and wouldn’t be too miserable, right?

Hearing this, Qin Shao raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Bei.

Is this girl now starting to splurge family’s wealth? Mr. Qin secretly thought.

However, this wasn’t bad. Qin Shao had read a quote on the internet: sons should be raised poor, and daughters should be raised rich. Mr. Qin felt this to be somewhat reasonable.

Qin Shao looked at Lin Shaochi and said: “Qin Group will invest in this project, but I will take 51% shares. Regarding the operation and decision-making, you can take control, and Qin Group will not interfere. But you should give me the report regarding the progress and profitability at any moment’s notice.”

Mr. Qin’s meaning was very clear. In this project, his Qin Group was simply the moneybag behind the scenes, and only responsible for giving investment and collecting the profit. This was a bit like the Wall Street gang, but compared to that, they gave Lin Group more autonomy, and could be regarded as Mr. Qin’s trust towards this young chairman.

Su Bei: “!”

51%! Isn’t it a bit too much?

Su Bei glanced at Lin Shaochi silently.

The young man was also stunned: Mr. Qin unexpectedly decided to invest because of a word from his daughter.

Lin Shaochi didn’t think that ‘good’ in Su Bei’s mouth was that she really understood the value of this project, and believed that Su Bei might just say it because she thought it was fun. But in any case, it was a good thing that the Qin Group agreed to invest.

Lin Shaochi remembered the little girl’s grace.

Because Su Bei’s ‘meddling,’ the talk about the joint project between the two companies Qin and Lin went smoothly. Since half of this project was now owned by her family, Su Bei became even more motivated.

Before the people from Lin Group’s Network Security Department made another contact, Su Bei once again formulated the detail of the previous plan. Later, Su Bei received a message from Lin Shaoshi via her phone.

Lin Shaochi told Su Bei that they had gotten a partner. Between the lines of his message, Su Bei could see his joy.

[Q]: Lin Group only had 49% shares, would it be bad for you?

[Lin Shaochi]: No, our interests are aligned with the other party…

Lin Shaochi gave Su Bei a brief business knowledge about a ‘win-win’ partnership, and also about the issue of decision-making power.

Su Bei: “…”

She didn’t understand. She should ask for Mr. Qin’s guidance if she had time.

[Lin Shaochi]: Presently, we have another problem.

[Q]: What?

[Lin Shaochi]: I want to make this project bigger, but the current situation is that most of the company’s senior management and technical staff do not agree. After all, it is a new project, and also a new field for Lin Group. Other people in the company want to test the water first and move slowly.

[Lin Shaochi]: I want to hear your opinion.

Lin Shaochi didn’t even know the real name and identity of [Q], and simply found her from the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ But for some reason, he had trust in her. Therefore, when encountering some decision-making problems beyond technical issues, Lin Shaochi occasionally discussed it with [Q].

[Q]: Of course, you should do it bigger.

Bigger means more money.

[Q]: We don’t lack money now, right?

At Lin Group’s office, Lin Shaochi read this sentence on his mobile phone and suddenly smiled: it makes sense.

[Q]: One more, if the conditions are right, I think we should set up an independent company for this project…

Su Bei remembered what Qin Shao said before, about the difference between a branch and a subsidiary.

[Lin Shaochi]: Subsidiary?

[Q]: Yes! Subsidiary.


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