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MWFV Ch.42 Part 1 – Identity Exposed (I)

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Su Bei gathered some critical points from Dong Wenqi’s words: “So what you are all afraid of is the ranking list?”

“Yes, let me tell you…” Dong Wenqi began to solemnly lecture Su Bei about the lethality of the ‘monthly exam ranking list.’ In other schools, if students didn’t do well in their monthly exams, they simply came home to receive a scolding. But Weiming was different. People who could enter this school generally didn’t have a simple background and got more social and public attention than normal children. Yet, the school had to display the students’ exam scores with great fanfare. This, obviously, was to invite others to watch ‘the show.’ Therefore, for Weiming Middle School monthly exam, not only the faculty and management attached great importance to it, but also the parents and family of the students.

After Dong Wenqi finished her explanation, she patted her chest again and said, “Fortunately, my family only managed a small business.” If she did not do well in the exams, at most, she was going to be ashamed among the relatives, unlike those with prominent family backgrounds.

Imagine how terrible the consequences would be if someone from such a high family like male god Xie and young master Ye failed the exam. Dong Wenqi could even imagine the news headline: [Shocked! The son of the chairman of XX Group failed the exam!] [Let’s take a look at the rich second generations’ real appearance. Without their family identity, they are even less than flunkers.]

Bah! If male god Xie and young master Ye failed the exam, the rest of them didn’t even need to take it.

However, Su Bei…

“Su Bei, what about you…” With daily homework, most students would consult the app and internet, so there was no visible gap in grades. It was the exam that showed their real ability. Dong Wenqi suddenly grabbed Su Bei’s hand nervously. Su Bei’s surname was ‘Qin’. The scope of the Qin family was even greater than Xie and Ye.

Su Bei: “…”

Why did this deskmate think that her grade was bad? This preconceived perception was too deep-rooted.

“What ranking did Xie Minxuan usually get?” Su Bei asked. She took a test with Xie Minxuan before, so Su Bei guessed that her ranking should be similar to him.

Dong Wenqi: “Last month, male god Xie skipped the exam. The month before, he seemed to be the eighth or ninth place. Let me tell you that male god Xie usually only took the exam casually. If he got serious and didn’t hand in his papers so quickly, his scores would definitely be higher!”

Dong Wenqi patted Su Bei’s shoulder: “Male god Xie is a male god. Even if he randomly filled his exam papers, he still could get into the top ten. Us mortals are different, we shouldn’t compare ourselves with him.”

Su Bei chuckled slightly: “How about other people? Can they still be compared?”

“Other people, ah.” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Bei quietly, “Anyway, if they are from the families with similar standing with your own, as far as I know, all have good grades.”

“Male god Xie always stays in the top ten, and young master Ye is basically stable at the top fifteen. By the way, Song Xinyi is also in the ‘top 100 list.'” So, little girl, do you feel despair?

The ‘great grievances’ between Su Bei and Song Xinyi had gradually subsided with the end of the school founding anniversary. But with the upcoming monthly exam, the school forum became lively again.

Right after the faculty announced that the monthly test would proceed as usual, some people already started a new discussion about the two girls: [Waiting for someone to ‘show up’ in this month’s exam!], [The reasons why I like Song Xinyi, no. 2200: You can see her name on the ‘top 100 list’ at every exam!], [Cheer for goddess Song! By the way, also looking forward to the ranking of a certain school flower]…

Everyone was looking forward to the good show. Su Bei shook Dong Wenqi’s hand and said with a smile on her face: “Don’t worry. I actually think I will be okay.”

Dong Wenqi: “…” No, look at my eyes. I don’t think you will.

In the afternoon, Dong Wenqi suddenly pulled Su Bei with a serious expression: “Su Bei, I have a good idea!”

Su Bei: “What?”

Dong Wenqi: “Let’s go to the library and do some self-study for another hour after school. Starting today, every afternoon!” It was a ‘flunkers self-saving’ plan! They would supervise each other’s studies and made a counterattack. Even if they still ended up in the black and white list, at least their score won’t be too shameful.

Moreover, she just learned some terrible news. This month’s exam, male god Xie actually wasn’t going to take it sloppily like usual, and he even reviewed the lessons seriously!

Dong Wenqi didn’t know that Xie Minxuan’s effort this time was entirely because of his secret rivalry with Su Xiaobao. She only thought: Even the male god was working so hard, they had no reason to slack off.

Seeing Dong Wenqi’s eyes burning with intense spirit, Su Bei could not find a reason to refuse: “Okay.”

Recently, Su Bei has been busy with the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ and the Lin Group’s project. It was indeed necessary for her to find some time to review this semester’s lessons. And at the same time, she also could help Dong Wenqi with her study.

“But I have to ask my Dad’s permission.”


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