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MWFV Ch.42 Part 2 – Identity Exposed (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.42 Part 1. For the first part of this week’s sponsored chapters, check Ch.39 Part 2.

Between class periods, Su Bei found a time to give Mr. Qin a phone call.

Mr. Qin was in the conference room, in the middle of a meeting. When he received the call from his daughter, he was a little surprised and quickly suspended the meeting.

His employees saw how their boss’s stern expression instantly softened after receiving a phone call. Their eyes widened, almost thinking that they were hallucinating.

Mr. Qin walked out of the conference room and connected Su Bei’s call. The girl’s sweet voice soon came from the receiver: “Dad.”

“Mm. What’s the matter?”

If something happened to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao at school, Mr. Qin would already get the news at the fastest notice, so now Su Bei calling him shouldn’t be for some bad news.

“We are going to have an exam soon. My classmates and I plan to stay at school to study after class…” Su Bei explained to Qin Shao.

Mr. Qin frowned slightly. When facing their children, any wise parent has the possibility of becoming a ‘dog head detective’ (1).

Qin Shao: “Self-study? Not doing other things?”

Su Bei: “Yeah, just studying in the library with Dong Wenqi, really.”

Qin Shao: “Can’t you study by yourself at home?”

Su Bei: “At home, I can’t calm down or concentrate well. Moreover, studying with classmates is more interesting.”

Qin Shao: “…, are you afraid of getting bad scores?”

Even if she didn’t do well in the exams, he wouldn’t beat her. What’s more, Mr. Qin remembered that from the report by Chen De before, the two children’s grades seemed to be excellent.

“It’s not that…” Su Bei thought for a moment and then said: “I just want to aim for better scores.” She then asked in a low voice: “Dad, can I?”

Mr. Qin was originally going to refuse. He didn’t like Su Bei to stay at school after class, but her delicate, pitiful tone made his heart softened. “Alright,” Mr. Qin relented, and then gave some conditions: “After class, you can only go to the library or stay in the classroom. After studying, you must go home on time. Also, take Xiaobao with you. ”

Su Bei accepted Mr. Qin’s condition one by one. “Thank you, Dad!”

Hearing the excitement in her tone, the corner of Mr. Qin’s mouth was slightly raised. “Anything else?” He asked.

Su Bei: “No, I’m going back to class. See you later, Dad.”

Su Bei quickly hung up the call. On the other end, Mr. Qin held the mobile phone with a helpless face: “The girl is quite realistic.”

After the last period ended, Su Bei was going to pack up and go to the library. However, Dong Wenqi put down her mobile phone and looked at Su Bei with apologetic face: “Su Bei~ Let’s officially start our plan tomorrow.”

Su Bei: “What’s wrong? Are you busy today?”

Dong Wenqi nodded: “Breaking news! Today, my brother Yanxi will come to B city, and his plane will arrive at the airport in 2 hours. I have to pick him up!”

Bai Yanxi was a male star that Dong Wenqi has recently become a fan, and his popularity was very high. From her, Su Bei had experienced the enthusiasm of a dedicated fangirl.

Su Bei: “Then you go, pay attention to safety.”

Dong Wenqi: “Yes, yes, don’t worry! We ‘xf’ are very loving, organized, and disciplined!”

“By the way, someone in the group said, our brother comes to B city, besides for tomorrow night’s event is also going to stay for several days to cast the female lead of ‘Hello, Miss Orange!'” Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei’s arms: “By the way, Su Bei, do you know who is the most popular female lead candidate for ‘Miss Orange’? Song Xinyi!”

Although Song Xinyi still hasn’t made an official debut, she already has many fans after participating in several variety shows, competitions and becoming guest appearances in movies. In addition, the female lead in ‘Miss Orange’ was apparently a youthful high school student. This was a very suitable role for Song Xinyi.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Bei’s calm expression and couldn’t help asking.

Su Bei shook her head. Having read the novel, she was not surprised at all: in the novel, the daughter of the main couple entered the entertainment circle, and in the future, with her ‘first love face’, would become a popular ‘national girl’.


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(1) Dog head detective: From a TV show. Apparently, he has a very high IQ, but although his deduction seemed plausible at the time, it was wrong, resulting in him failed to catch the culprit for several episodes and was ridiculed.

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