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MWFV Ch.42 Part 3 – Identity Exposed (III)

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Because Su Bei already informed their driver to pick them up later, even without Dong Wenqi, Su Bei and Su Xiabao still went together after school to study in the library. Except for the siblings, Xie Minxuan, Xu Yangyang, and their group were also tagging along.

As a result, a miraculous scene appeared in the corner of the library: several big figures on the ‘top 100 list’, especially male god Xie, were gathering in the library to study seriously! Who knew how many students got their fighting spirit ignited by this scene. As for the two transfer students, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, whose attributes were not yet proven, they could be ignored for the time being.

After the study session was over, they came out of the library. It was getting late.

Xie Minxuan secretly glanced at Su Bei, then looked at Su Xiaobao and said, “Is your driver waiting outside? If not, you can ride my car.”

Su Xiaobao: “…” Are we familiar with each other?

Xu Yangyang suddenly barged in: “Brother Xuan, brother Xuan, look at me, my car is not here, can you also give me a ride.”

Liu Kai: “My car is here, but I also want to ride your car. Haha, beg brother Xuan to be my patron!” Brother Xuan’s car was a limited edition M, and he has long wanted to try riding it.

Xie Minxuan: “Go away.”

“How?” Xie Minxuan looked at Su Bei again.

“Thank you, but I informed the driver beforehand. Our car should be waiting outside now.” Su Bei smiled at Xie Minxuan and secretly musing: Xie Minxuan and his buddies surely interesting.

Walking out of the school gate, Su Bei quickly saw their family’s car at the parking space, but found something was different. After Mr. Qin picked them up from school for the first time, Su Bei already knew that the logo of the car that they usually used was silver, while the logo of Mr. Qin’s car was gold.

The car waiting in the parking space has a golden logo! Su Bei’s eyes lit up. She grabbed Su Xiaobao’s hand and ran towards the car quickly.

Sure enough, she saw Qin Shao in the car.


Mr. Qin’s originally stern face broke into a smile as he watched the girl ran towards him with a bright smile on her face.

“Get in.”

After getting into the car, Su Bei turned her head to look at Qin Shao, and couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Dad, why do you come to pick us up?”

Qin Shao: “The work at the company just ended. So I come by the way.”

If they come home at the usual time, Mr. Qin didn’t have time to pick the siblings from school because of their unmatching schedule. Another reason for today was that he didn’t feel at ease towards these two children. However, Mr. Qin would not say this aloud.

After dinner, Su Bei started today’s challenge.

In the first two games, Su Bei and her teammates still did not encounter any notable masters and won easily. In the middle of the battle, probably thinking that the opponents weren’t challenging at all, [vvvv] even leisurely chatted with Su Bei, mostly grumbling about how ‘weak’ their opponents were.

Soon after the third game started, [vvvv] ‘s voice came again from Su Bei’s headset, but this time, his tone suddenly became serious.

[vvvv]: “It’s a master, be careful.”

Su Bei: “You recognize someone?” Since he could tell that the opponent was a master at the preparation stage, this was the only possibility.

[vvvv]: “Well, just now I thought that the opponent’s layout was a bit familiar, and then slipped over and took a glance at their security wall. This method, if I guessed correctly, should be from the hand of [Black Durian]. [Queen] and [E Pigeon] were probably also part of their lineup, and although for the time being, I still don’t know the rest of their members, they should not be weak.”

After listening to [v] ‘s explanation, Su Bei’s expression also turned serious. [Black Durian] ranked second in the first round. [Queen] and [E Pigeon] were also in the top ten.

[vvvv]: “Tsk, the opponent’s lineup is indeed luxurious enough. Did the system secretly hear my complaint? The opponents it gave before cannot even be considered a small ship, and now let us fight the aircraft carrier directly.”

[vvvv]: “But don’t be afraid, your brother is here. Although my points are not as high as [Black Durian], my defense skills are definitely better than him. Baby Q, you can just attack at ease, and I will guard our base.”

After that, [vvvv] speeded up the building of the security wall. In addition, he also sent a sentence in their group chat: The opponents are masters, @Handsome_Yang, keep your eyes open.

This was the first time god [v] actively spoke to, and even tagged, him. Xu Yangyang was almost moved into tears. He was immediately injected with fighting spirit: If [v] said they are masters, they should be real masters! He has to go all out!

Su Bei began to attack the opposing team’s security wall. Just as brother [4v] said, their opponents really deserved to be high-ranked masters. The difficulty of breaking this security wall built in only 10 minutes was almost in par with the top five hardest levels Su Bei encountered in the first round of the challenge.

Su Bei didn’t dare to treat them lightly. She made 5 sets of disguised data, and began to carefully invade the other party’s security system.

At this moment, [4v] suddenly broke out in rage-their opponents were masters. He didn’t expect Xu Yangyang this fool to be a help, but never thought he even dug a pit for his own team!

[vvvv] directly made an angry voice call.

After a few games, great god [vvvv] finally made a call to himself. Xu Yangyang was very excited. As a result, as soon as the call was connected, a roar came from [vvvv].

[vvvv]: “Xu Yangyang, are you fu*king idiot? I finally put on the security wall, and you fu*ked it!”

[Handsome Yang]: “No, I just saw a bug, so I fix it.”

[vvvv]: “Bug your mother…your sister! That was a trap made by Laozi!” (1)

[Handsome Yang]: “Ah! No, I, I, I… Wait, wait! You! You, you… big brother?!”


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(1) Laozi : Literally meant ‘(this) old man’. In China, seniority was very important. So it was rude and haughty to call oneself ‘old’, a bit similar to Japanese ‘ore-sama’.


Well…..both are living in ‘Xu family’s house’, so the author has given us a clue lol.

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