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MWFV Ch.43 Part 2 – Praised (II)

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Xu Shiwei: “Are you really friends? Do you say that only to save that leg pendant’s face?”

Su Bei: “No, I am really a friend with Xu Yangyang. To be precise, we are classmates.”

“F*ck, classmate? You are still in middle school?!” Now it was Xu Shiwei’s turn to be surprised.

Su Bei: “Yeah.”

Xu Shiwei: “So you are the same age as that idiot, fourteen years old?”

Su Bei: “Yes.”

Xu Shiwei: “…”

Before, Xu Shiwei always thought that even if [Q] was young, she was at least already sixteen or seventeen years old. But it was actually fourteen!

My god, what did children now usually eat when they grow up? She already reached the master level at the age of fourteen.

Xu Shiwei was surprised, and couldn’t help but despise his own younger brother: “That idiot really depends on relatives and friends to get by until now.”

These words made Su Bei laugh, then she heard Xu Shiwei again: “This weekend, let Xu Yangyang take you to our house to play.”

He was quite curious. How is this baby [Q] look like?

Su Bei: “Xu Yangyang shouldn’t know who [Q] is.”

As soon as he heard this, the Xu family’s eldest son immediately laughed out loudly: “Haha, that idiot.”

“Then, no need to tell him.” Xu Shiwei gave an ‘evil’ advice.

Su Bei smiled and nodded: “Alright.”

After happily ended his phone call with Su Bei, Xu Shiwei waited for a moment. Seeing that his idiot younger brother didn’t come on his accord, Xu Shiwei simply got up and directly went to the room next door.

At this moment, Xu Yangyang was shivering in his room. When Xu Shiwei came in, his expression became even stiffer: “Bi-big brother, why are you here?”

When he thought that the great god to whom he fervently blew countless rainbow farts was actually his own big brother, Xu Yangyang became very depressed.

“Nothing, just come to have a talk with you about the ‘pit’ you dug just now.” Xu Shiwei sat on Xu Yangyang’s computer chair leisurely and said with a smile.

Xu Yangyang almost got a heart attack: It’s over, the big demon is coming to settle his debt.

“That, big brother, I was wrong, I really thought it was a bug…” Xu Yangyang desperately tried to explain.

Xu Shiwei’s temple seemed to bulge, and he looked at his younger brother with disgust: “With that trashy ability of yours, still dare to move on your own? Stop speaking nonsense.”

“Brother, I am still fourteen. My ability, isn’t it already a leader among my peers? Just try looking, is there any other fourteen-year-old kid who is as good as me?” Xu Yangyang felt wronged.

Xu Shiwei sneered and inwardly shouted: Why not, there is one in your class!

Both were fourteen years old. But look at other family’s baby Q, and look at his own family’s idiot brother. What else could this guy do except for pitting his own big brother?

Xu Shiwei looked at Xu Yangyang again with disgust.

“Hehe, big brother, I want to ask you something.” Xu Yangyang suddenly looked at Xu Shiwei with bright eyes: “People in the forum previously speculated that [vvvv] is [Great God Wei], is it true? ”

Xu Shiwei: “True.”

Xu Yangyang: “F*ck!”

Xu Shiwei: “What?”

Xu Yangyang: “No! I was scammed! I bought a keyboard on the internet with ‘god Wei’ signature at a high price…”

That was not his big brother’s handwriting!

In the end, Xu Yangyang was still taught a lesson by his enraged brother—not because of his mistake in the competition, but for being a stupid wastrel.

Meanwhile, Jingyuan Villa.

After finishing the game, Su Bei contacted young Chairman Lin about the ‘NST project.’

[Lin Shaochi]: About the plan you revised before, and also the idea you mentioned, I have a detailed discussion with Chairman Qin today.

Su Bei’s eyes lit up. She didn’t know why excitement and anticipation suddenly rushed out. She quickly typed on the phone: Really! Did Mr. Qin praise me?

After a moment, Su Bei hurriedly withdrew the previous sentence and asked seriously: What is Mr. Qin’s opinion?

On the other end, Lin Shaochi was a bit confused: He vaguely saw the message that [Q] deleted just now…

[Lin Shaochi]: Mr. Qin said that the plan was excellent, and he was optimistic about this project.

“I knew it.” Su Bei muttered to herself, holding the mobile phone with a slight smile. Her heart was filled with joy.

[Lin Shaochi]: In addition, the proposal about establishing a subsidiary you mentioned before, I’m currently preparing it.

After finished her talk with Lin Shaochi, Su Bei ran into Mr. Qin’s study, holding a glass of milk.

“Dad, do you want to drink milk?”

Looking at the smiling daughter who was standing at the door, Mr. Qin put away the serious expression on his face that he had when handling the work documents.

“What’s the matter? Or, do you want something?” Mr. Qin asked Su Bei, his gaze soft. Usually, this girl did this thing when she had a request.

Su Bei was taken aback.

“Nothing, Dad. I just want to give you milk, ah.” Su Bei said. She walked to Mr. Qin’s side and handed the glass in her hand to him.

——Well, because Dad had just unknowingly praised her, she became a little excited.

“Okay, Dad, good night.”

“Good night.”

“Don’t play your phone in bed.” Seeing Su Bei preparing to leave, Mr. Qin spoke again.


“That, Dad…” When she reached the door, Su Bei stopped her steps.

Qin Shao’s hands paused, and he looked at Su Bei: “Hmm?”

“Are you going to pick us up tomorrow?” Su Bei simply asked casually, but she didn’t notice the trace of expectation in her own eyes.

Mr. Qin paused. He was very busy. Besides dealing with his company’s day-to-day work, he usually also had to attend some meetings and events outside. In fact, he was unsure if he would have time to pick them up from school tomorrow. But seeing the expectation in his daughter’s eyes, Mr. Qin nodded: “Yes.”


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  1. Thank you so much!!! Ty! Yees !! This update was great! So many things happened and I cannot wait until they get their exams score just so they realize that she’s not dumb – I feel they admire her and see her as semi talented… but not that smart since during the table game all her points were seen as her classmate’s (was is xie something?)

  2. I love that we’re seeing the other side of “villains”, in many media I feel the villain isn’t as bad as being made out and that the so called “hero” is.
    Hoping dad Qin and his son can bond as well, xiaobao should at least try.

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