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MWFV Ch.44 Part 2 – Monthly Exam (II)

Seeing Mr. Qin’s car parked at the school gate, a smile appeared on Su Bei’s face. She hastened her steps and quickly approached the car.

Su Bei: “Dad.”

Next to her, Su Xiaobao also called Mr. Qin ‘aloofly’: “Dad.”

When they heard Su Bei said that Qin Shao would come to pick her and Su Xiaobao up, Xu Yangyang and the others cheekily tagged along to take a look. “Hello, Uncle Qin.” They said in unison. A few brats who, until a moment ago, were still frolicking and jumping around immediately turned into a group of good little angels in front of Mr. Qin.

Looking at the children, Mr. Qin nodded.

After the Qin family’s car left, Xie Minxuan also got in his car and left, leaving Xu Yangyang and a few boys who had ‘never seen the world’ (borrowing brother Xuan’s word) in the school gate, still full of excitement.

“Oh my god, ​​I finally saw the legendary Mr. Qin himself!”

“Haha, following brother Bao is really a wise choice.”

“You know, I was so nervous just now.”

“Me too, me too. But I feel that Mr. Qin seems to be kind.”

“That’s because you haven’t seen Mr. Qin’s frightening side…” That was the legendary man who could make the whole business circle tremble in fear.

Qin Shao did not take the twins home. Su Bei saw that they took the wrong route, and turned to look at Qin Shao: “Aren’t we going home?”

Qin Shao: “Go to the company first and then go home later.”


Chen De who sat on the front seat smiled and explained to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao: “Mr. Qin still have some works left in the company, so after picking you up, he has to go back to finish the works.”

Mr. Qin temporarily left the office, and because of that, there was still another meeting that was postponed by half an hour.

Mr. Qin brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao into his office. After ordering the secretary to prepare dinner for the children, he went back to the meeting. Except for the time when Su Bei brought Su Xiaobao to find Qin Shao, this was the siblings’ first time coming to Qin Group’s office after Mr. Qin acknowledged their identity.

Faced with the chairman’s two children, secretary Wu couldn’t help but secretly took a few more glances. They were the crown prince and crown princess of Qin Group, and they even already owned some equity. Secretary Wu couldn’t believe her luck. At first, she got an unexpected extra shift. Not only was she temporarily assigned to work in the chairman’s office, she even saw the legendary future heir and heiress!

Secretary Wu’s girlish heart was overflowing. Qin Yue was so beautiful, and Qin Yu was very handsome. Moreover, Qin Yu’s face was really similar to their chairman. She also heard that the siblings were fraternal twins, how cute.

“What do you want to eat?” Secretary Wu looked at the twins and asked with a smile.

Su Bei smiled back friendly: “Anything is okay, we will eat the same food Dad usually eat.”

Secretary Wu: She is not the secretary of the chairman’s office. She doesn’t know what the chairman likes to eat, ah. But he seems to usually have a very simple meal.

Twenty minutes later, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao had a lavish and sumptuous meal in Mr. Qin’s office. The twins decisively chose to give up the seafood that was too troublesome to eat. But seeing the complicated and troublesome dinner in front of him, Su Xiaobao suddenly felt that he was not hungry.

Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of his mouth.

“Open your mouth.”

Su Xiaobao opened his mouth, and Su Bei stuffed a wrapped roast duck into it.

Su Bei: “Is it delicious?”

The wrapping was thin, the sauce was very fragrant, and the duck meat inside was crispy on the outside, fatty on the inside without being greasy.

Su Xiaobao chewed and nodded: “It’s delicious.”

Su Bei: “Then, I’ll wrap you a few more.”

Su Bei took another piece of wrapper, put some side dishes on the bottom, then layered it with another wrapper. The duck meat was dipped in the dipping sauce and placed on it, and finally, she wrapped the whole meal into one big lump and fed it to Su Xiaobao.

While Su Xiaobao was eating, Su Bei pondered for a moment, took a clean plate, and put the wrapped roast duck she made one by one.

Su Xiaobao glanced at the delicately wrapped roast duck on the plate, then looked down at the ‘big lump’ Su Bei gave him in disgust.

Su Xiaobao: “Why didn’t you wrap it well.” Like those on the plate.

Su Bei: “It’s the same in your mouth anyway. Hurry up and open your mouth.”

Su Xiaobao: “Mm.”

After ‘feeding’ Su Xiaobao, Su Bei continued to carefully make the good wrapped roast ducks. Her finger accidentally got into the dipping sauce, and Su Bei subconsciously licked it. The next moment, she was stunned.

Su Xiaobao looked at Su Bei: “What’s wrong?”

Su Bei: “I forgot to wash my hands and wear gloves.”

Mr. Qin seemed to have a clean habit…

Su Xiaobao: “So what, it doesn’t matter.” I won’t dislike it.

Even until Su Bei and Su Xiaobao almost finished eating, and Mr. Qin still hasn’t come back.

But Chen De was back. As soon as he entered Mr. Qin’s office, Chen De saw Su Bei sitting at the dining table, looking straight at the door.

Chen De asked the two children: “Are you full?”

Su Bei: “Yeah. Uncle Chen, is Dad still not back yet?”

“Mr. Qin is still in a meeting. I’m here to take two documents for Mr. Qin.” Chen De walked over to pat the siblings’ head, then he said: “You just play here for a while.”

Su Bei was initially going to wait for Mr. Qin to come back and eat dinner together. But after a long wait, Mr. Qin still hasn’t come back. When she thought about today’s competition, Su Bei texted Mr. Qin.

[Xiaobei]: Dad, can I use the computer on your desk?

Mr. Qin quickly replied: Have you finished your homework?

[Xiaobei]: Yes.

[Dad]: Okay, the password is qy123.

[Xiaobei]: Thank you, Dad.

When Chen De entered the office again, Su Bei was busy with the computer, and Su Xiaobao was playing a game on his phone. Seeing the ‘internet-addicted siblings’ nestled cozily inside Mr. Qin’s office and waited for their dad to get off work, Chen De suddenly felt the scene to be very heartwarming.

When Mr. Qin finally finished the meeting and returned to his office, the two children had fallen asleep. Su Bei was reclining on Su Xiaobao’s body, whose head was against the sofa. Their body was covered by a blanket from the office lounge.

Looking at the sleeping faces of his children, Mr. Qin’s gaze softened.

Qin Shao: “Why didn’t you let the driver take them back first?”

Chen De smiled and said, “I asked them, but Xiaobao and Xiaobei want to wait for you, Sir.”

Mr. Qin couldn’t say anything.

In the office, the lavish meals prepared by Secretary Wu have been cleaned up, except for a few dishes left by Su Bei for Mr. Qin. Among them, the neatly arranged row of wrapped roast duck on a plate was particularly conspicuous. These wrapped roast ducks were neat and exquisite, and at one glance, Mr. Qin could see whose hand had made them.

“Xiaobei must prepare them for you, Sir.” Chen De said from the side. He secretly thought to himself: No wonder people said that daughter was a little intimate companion. Even Chen De was a bit envious of Mr. Qin.

Chen De: “Should I pack it up?”

Qin Shao: “No, warm it now.”

When Su Bei woke up, Mr. Qin was sitting next to them and eating the roast duck she had wrapped for him. Su Bei was hesitant to tell Mr. Qin that she forgot to wear gloves when making those.

Mr. Qin noticed that Su Bei had woke up and was staring at himself with eyes wide open. He chuckled twice and patted the girl’s head.

“If you awake, let’s tidy up. We are going home.”


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