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MWFV Ch.44 Part 3 – Monthly Exam (III)

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On the 27th, Weiming Middle School monthly exam was conducted as scheduled. The subjects for the first day were Chinese, Maths, and English.

The first period was Chinese. Generally speaking, Chinese was not difficult. Su Bei finished the questions in less than an hour. Only when she reached the final essay topic, she hesitated a little: Please write an 800-word essay with ‘Father’ as the theme, free style.

The second subject was math. This time, Su Bei originally had decided to use the proper eighth grade methods to answer the questions. As a result, she found that the next few big questions exceeded the syllabus’s scope.

The test questions for this math exam were issued by Su Bei’s math teacher: thanks to Su Bei’s school entrance test last time, Teacher Lin suddenly got a load of inspiration. This time, he specially arranged a few high-level questions beyond this semester’s syllabus to boost the students’ motivation to learn ahead.

After finished doing all the questions, Su Bei checked the entire answers from beginning to end. After confirming that she didn’t make any mistake, she handed in the test paper.

When Su Bei handed in her paper, Teacher Lin pulled her to chat on the side: “How is your impression about this exam’s difficulty?”

Su Bei: “A bit difficult.”

Hearing this, Teacher Lin frowned. When he was about to ask if Su Bei couldn’t get 95 points or more, he heard she said: “I probably cannot get a full score.”

Teacher Lin: Haha…

“You may go.”

When Su Bei came out of the examination room, Dong Wenqi was already there, almost became an ‘amah rock’. Upon seeing Su Bei, she ran over nervously. “Su Bei, how is your exam? I think that some of the few big questions in the math exam today are so difficult, did you answer it?”

Dong Wenqi cared more about Su Bei’s exam results than her own. She was still waiting to go into the forum to slap those annoying people in their face, so Su Bei must be scored well.

“It’s done, there should be no problem.” Su Bei smiled. She looked around and asked: “Did you see Su Xiaobao?”

Dong Wenqi: “No, did he came out earlier?”

Before Dong Wenqi finished speaking, she saw Su Xiaobao walking out of the next examination room, together with Xie Minxuan.

Dong Wenqi:!

“Am I seeing it right? Male god Xie has just come out now…”

Su Bei already came out pretty late, but young master Su and male god Xie came out even later. Where was his usual routine of finishing the exam in 10 minutes, sleeping for 20 minutes, and then waking up to hand in the paper, all exactly in 30 minutes?!

Su Bei didn’t know Xie Minxuan’s habit, but she knew Su Xiaobao well: these two boys obviously tried their best in the exam because they were afraid of having the other party beating their scores if they didn’t do it serious enough.

During the lunch break, Su Bei and Dong Wenqi went to the cafeteria. Su Xiaobao and the boys said that the break was too boring and went to the basketball court.

Su Bei felt that boys were too energetic.


Su Bei and Dong Wenqi were eating on a table next to a few girls. Unfortunately, they met Song Xinyi again. The girls next to her should be her classmates.

Noting that Su Bei was also sitting here, the girl standing next to Song Xinyi took her hand and said, “Let’s sit on the second floor.”

“If there is a space, just sit here. There is no problem.” Song Xinyi said to the girls. She walked over boldly and sat down on the table next to Su Bei.

This time, Song Xinyi did not behave as enthusiastically as she did during their last meeting at the class game. She just glanced at Su Bei lightly, and soon took back her gaze as if she just saw a stranger. A sneer flashed through Song Xinyi’s eyes—just like her fans in the forum, she also thought that this monthly exam would ‘uncover’ Su Bei’s real face.

Two groups of people were sitting nearby, but ignored each other. Before long, the girls in Song Xinyi’s group began to discuss the exam.

“This math exam is so difficult. If I knew it would be this hard, I would have done more review.”

“You are still okay. These past two days, I was busy watching my brother Yiyue’s drama and didn’t have time to study at all. Last night, I even secretly watch until 2 o’clock.”

“I think I might fall out of the top 100 this time.”

“By the way, what is your answer for the last question of the multiple-choice? Is it C?”

“No, I chose B.”

At Su Bei’s table.

Su Bei: This conversation seems to have a familiar pattern.

Dong Wenqi: She doesn’t want to listen at all.

The girl who answered C looked at Song Xinyi again: “Xinyi, Xinyi, what is your answer?”

Song Xinyi: “Is it the last question? Mine should be B.”

The girl wailed: “Then I’m over.”

At the same time, Dong Wenqi also wailed at Su Bei: “I’m over too.”

Su Bei: “?”

Dong Wenqi leaned over and whispered, “I also picked C for that question.”

Su Bei smiled: “What a coincidence, so did I.”

Dong Wenqi: “Oh, I’m really over.”

A few seconds later, watching Su Bei’s smile unabated, Dong Wenqi suddenly reacted and opened her eyes widely: “Could it be that Song Xinyi was wrong?!”

Su Bei: “Just confirm it with Xie Minxuan and the boys later.”

“Then, let’s go.” They still had to bring food to the boys.

Dong Wenqi: “Go, go.”

She didn’t want to stay here anymore. Listening to other people’s answers was so terrible!


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