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MWFV Ch.45 Part 1 – Strict Dad (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.44 Part 3.

In the evening, Su Bei and Xu family’s brothers once again won three consecutive victories. Since his identity exposed, big brother Xu has never concealed himself again. Except for not letting Su Bei spoke and exposed herself, he always spoke in the group voice chat without hesitation. As a result, during the entire games, Su Bei could hear the roar of big brother Xu and the ‘cries’ of Xu Yangyang.

[4v]: “Xu Yangyang, go back here and watch out obediently! What are you doing over there?! Dancing?!”

[4v]: “Xu Yangyang, what kind of shitty wall did you build?!”

[4v]: “Xu Yangyang, are you scared? The enemies are coming, why aren’t you on guard?!”


Xu Yangyang: This baby feels bitter, and this baby doesn’t know who to complain to!

[4v]: “Xu Yangyang!”

Xu Yangyang: “Ye-yes, yes, yes….”

[4v]: “The takeaway I ordered has arrived. Go down and get it.”

Xu Yangyang:!

Are you kidding me.

“Big brother, we are still in the middle of the game…” Xu Yangyang said quietly.

[4v]: “It’s okay, whether you are here or not won’t make the slightest effect.”

Xu Yangyang: I feel insulted, but can’t refute.

[4v]: “Roasted kidney, stir-fried clam, and a large portion of lobster.”

Xu Yangyang: “I’ll go!”

“I’m going now, hehe, wait a minute!”


When Xu Yangyang took the takeaway back, sure enough, Xu Shiwei and Su Bei had finished today’s last match perfectly.

After eating the lobster, big brother Xu took a photo and sent it to Su Bei with an emoji [cheers to our victory].

Su Bei: …

[4v]: I have an idea for a new security wall. Let’s try it later. I will build the wall, and you attack.

Su Bei: Okay.

Ten minutes later, big brother Xu has finished eating his takeout and started testing the security wall with Su Bei. When her door was knocked, Su Bei was still busy typing on her keyboard.

She simply thought it was Su Xiaobao. She didn’t put any attention and said, “Enter.” But the next second, Su Bei quickly reacted. Her door wasn’t locked. If it was Su Xiaobao, he never knocked. Uncle Fu usually never came to disturb the children at night. Even if there was something, he would just speak from the door. Therefore, the one who would visit her room and knock on the door was only Mr. Qin.

Su Bei was startled: “Wait a minute!”

Outside the door, Mr. Qin’s hand on the doorknob paused. He heard Su Bei hurriedly shouted: “I, I am changing clothes.”

Inside the room, Su Bei didn’t have the time to turn off the computer, and simply unplugged the socket. Then she quickly ran to the bed, jumped around, and rushed into the cloakroom.

The frantic sound from the room made Mr. Qin’s temple twitched. He frowned slightly and said: “Slow down, don’t be hurry.”

“Yes!” Su Bei didn’t dare to be slow, and quickly took off her school uniform and put on pajamas. Finally, she opened the door.

Looking at Mr. Qin standing at the corridor, Su Bei smiled stiffly. Pretending to be calm, she called at Qin Shao: “Dad.”

Qin Shao: “Not sleeping yet?”

Qin Shao had just returned from the company. When he passed by, he saw the light inside Su Bei’s room was still on.

Su Bei’s eyes moved slightly: “No. I was studying, and now I’m about to sleep.”

Su Bei’s back was drenched in sweat. Wasn’t this a classic scenario: the daughter should have been doing her homework, but secretly playing the computer instead, and almost getting caught by her father who returned at night.

Su Bei lowered her gaze, moved her hands to the front, and subconsciously twisted her fingers. Her small movements were all fell into Mr. Qin’s eyes. He stared into the room. When he noticed that the chair on the computer desk was turned slightly, his eyes suddenly became stern.

Qin Shao: “What time is it now?”

Su Bei: “10?…past thirty?”

“It’s 11:40. Don’t you know that you should be in bed now?”

“You don’t want to take the exam tomorrow?”

Mr. Qin’s expression was stern, and his tone became a bit fierce. Su Bei subconsciously shivered back. She bowed her head, staring at the tip of her slippers and dared not speak.

His daughter’s ‘internet addiction’ indeed caused Mr. Qin not a small amount of headaches. He originally wanted to take this opportunity to properly teach Su Bei. At this moment, however, when he saw the girl shrinking back with her head buried down, seemingly felt wronged and afraid, Mr. Qin couldn’t bear to do anything.

“Alright, go to sleep now.” Mr. Qin said in a heavy tone. As for the teaching, it seemed that he had to find another time. Today was already too late.

“Okay,” Su Bei answered obediently. She then said to Qin Shao with a small voice: “Good night, Dad.”

Looking at Su Bei, Mr. Qin’s expression softened.

After Mr. Qin left, Su Bei sent a message to big brother Xu before going to bed: I have to sleep now. Let’s continue tomorrow.

[4v]: Ah, I’m careless. It’s already so late.

Big brother Xu finally noticed the time—when he and Su Bei started trying the security wall, it was a bit before 9 o’clock. In a blink of an eye, it was already almost midnight.

[4v]: My fault, my fault. Baby Q, your school still has an exam tomorrow. Quickly go to sleep, alright?


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  1. Thanks Gogogo!. Although you might want me to go to the next chapter straight away. I must thank ya! Xu Yangyang is becoming my baby that I want to protect, although the other Xu seems to be paying attention knowing he has an exam tomorrow. Hopefully it is not just to know Su Bei’s schedule though.

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