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MWFV Ch.45 Part 2 – Strict Dad (II)

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Weiming Middle School’s monthly exam was held in a total of three days. The second day’s subjects were sciences: physics, chemistry, and biology. These three exams were very easy for Su Bei.

The last day’s subjects were history, geography, and politics. In order to prepare for another out-of-scope topic, Su Bei borrowed a ninth-grade book and briefly went through it during the previous self-study session, but unfortunately, her effort ended up in vain. Compared with the sciences and math exams that left countless tortured casualties, the three social subjects’ teachers were very kind.

After the monthly exam ended, regular classes resumed.

At the break time between periods, Dong Wenqi, who has been busy with her mobile phone, suddenly stretched out a hand and grabbed Su Bei’s wrist.

Su Bei was taken aback by Dong Wenqi’s sudden action. She saw her deskmate expression was terrible and asked: “What’s happened?”

Dong Wenqi looked back at Su Bei with a solemn face: “I have to tell you bad news.”

“What? Are there people in the forum that say that I failed the exam?” Su Bei raised an eyebrow and asked back. After the monthly exam, the excitement in the forum still has not receded, and a few ridiculous posts often popped up, such as:

[Just now in the teacher’s office, I saw the Chinese test paper of Su Bei from the class 8-7. It seems that her score is only 19 points.]

[I just ran into the form supervisor and class 8-7’s homeroom teacher. They seemed to talk about ‘Su Bei’. Did they mean that Su Bei got the bottom rank for her grade in this exam?]

“Not those.” Dong Wenqi shook her head. Those posts were so fake. After reading them, she couldn’t even believe a single word: what is the bottom of her grade, what is 19 points, bah! Su Bei is a school prodigy who has been acknowledged by the male god. Even if her scores somehow bad, it won’t fall to that point.

“What I want to tell you is about Song Xinyi. The teacher of their class conducted a review session for the exam questions. Song Xinyi seems to do particularly well, the self-assessment calculated her score to be 830 or more.”

After being defeated in the school flower vote, Song Xinyi has been looking for opportunities to step back on Su Bei. This monthly exam was exactly her chance. In order to wholly crushed Su Bei, Song Xinyi put a lot of effort and even gave up a ballet competition.

“What to do? Many people in the forum say that Song Xinyi’s score this time may be in the top 20.” Dong Wenqi said nervously. Without counting the superhuman like male god Xie, 830 was definitely a high score, especially because the four math and sciences subjects were so high-level this time.

“Su Bei, can your scores beat hers?”

“Did Zhang Liwei or Liu Mingming’s class also have a review session? What about their score?” These two people were school prodigies who occupied the top three positions for a long time.

Dong Wenqi was stunned for a moment, and quickly said: “Not yet, but I heard from the students from class 8-1, Zhang Liwei has made his own self-assessment. Let me see, he predicted his math scores to be 98, physics 97… Chinese 95 or more, then the total score is…”

“875.” Before Dong Wenqi finished inputting the number into the calculator, Su Bei had already calculated Zhang Liwei’s total scores. She smiled, patted Dong Wenqi’s hand, and said: “Don’t worry, there may be more surprises when the ranking list is published.”

In the evening, Lin Shaochi contacted Su Bei.

[Q]: Is there any problem?

[Lin Shaochi]: The project’s progress is very smooth. There is no problem today.

[Lin Shaochi]: Tomorrow is our company’s payday. I need to ask for your bank account.

When she saw Lin Shaochi’s words, Su Bei’s eyes lit up: After working for almost a month, is she finally going to get her salary?

Although Su Bei didn’t lack money now, this was still the first salary she received in her life. Just thinking about it made her excited.

[Q]: Okay! Wait a minute, I will give you the account number right away.

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao still didn’t have their own bank accounts yet, so she had to borrow one from an adult. The first person Su Bei thought of was Mr. Qin.

Su Bei quickly ran to Mr. Qin’s study.

Mr. Qin looked at Su Bei: “You still not in bed?”

Su Bei: “After this.”

It was still early today, so Su Bei spoke confidently.

“Dad, can you lend me a bank card? The one you don’t usually use.” Su Bei looked at Qin Shao, her eyes blinked. She didn’t realize that her interaction with Mr. Qin has become more and more natural.

Hearing this request, Mr. Qin was taken aback for a moment before nodding: “Alright, I will give you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Dad. Good night.”

Mr. Qin didn’t know that Su Bei was happy because she was about to receive her salary. Seeing the girl happily went out, Mr. Qin smiled and said nothing.

After leaving the study, Su Bei stopped abruptly and slapped her own head.

——Just now, she was so excited. Why did she forget that her employer would also need the account holder’s name to transfer her salary? If she gave Qin Shao’s bank account to Lin Shaochi, wasn’t she going to expose her own identity?

Mr. Qin was the main investor and the backbone of this new project. Having his daughter as their consultant, wouldn’t Lin Shaochi think that Mr. Qin was playing with him?

Moreover, it would also likely make Mr. Qin knew that she was working as a child laborer.

After some careful consideration, Su Bei sent Lin Shaochi a message: About my salary, can you hold it for me?

[Lin Shaochi]: You want me to keep your salary?

[Q]: Yes, I can’t provide you with an account right now.

After a few seconds, Lin Shaochi replied: No problem, as long you can trust me.

[Q]: Thank you.

Su Bei’s idea was simple. Because Mr. Qin was still powerful, she didn’t have any need for money. It might be safer to keep the salary with Lin Shaochi. If the Qin family was really destroyed by the male lead in the future, she could still go to Lin Shaochi to collect the money.

After a while, Su Bei couldn’t help but send another message.

[Q]: Well, after the salary arrives, can you transfer some to my WeChat?

[Lin Shaochi]: Yes, how much you need?

If it exceeded the limit, he could use additional accounts to transfer the money to the other party.

[Q]: 2000.

Lin Shaochi:……

Are you sure you did not miss one ‘0’?

2000 yuan should be enough-Su Bei secretly thought. After all, it was her first salary. Su Bei wanted to buy a gift for Su Xiaobao and Mr. Qin, as well as Uncle Fu and Uncle Chen.


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