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MWFV Ch.46 Part 1 – Exam Results are Out! (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.44 Part 3.

The next day, Su Bei got a black credit card from Mr. Qin. It was supplementary of the card in Mr. Qin’s hand. Both supplementary and the main card had the same limit, which meant that the spending limit of Su Bei’s card was the same as that of Mr. Qin’s, with no upper limit.

Qin Shao didn’t tell it to Su Bei and only said: “The pin is your birthday, you can swipe it to buy anything.”

—His daughter should be raised rich.

Su Bei with the black card in hand: “…”

She actually just wanted a regular saving account. Moreover, she no longer needed it. However, when she heard that the pin was her and Su Xiaobao’s birthday, Su Bei’s eyes lit up, and she put the card away like a gift.

After receiving the partial wage of 2000 yuan from young Chairman Lin, Su Be discussed the gift she wanted to buy with Dong Wenqi.

Su Bei: “What do you think to be a good gift for dad?”

Dong Wenqi: “You want to buy a gift for your dad? Father’s Day? No, it’s probably a birthday gift.”

Su Bei: “Neither. I just got a sum of money, not too much, and plan to buy small gifts for my dad and a few other people. The budget is 2000 yuan, do you have any suggestions?”

Dong Wenqi: “…”

2000 yuan…with that price, is there anything worthy to be Mr. Qin’s gift?

Dong Wenqi: “Socks?”

Su Bei: “Something that more handy.”

Dong Wenqi: “Men’s perfume?”

Su Bei: “Seems a bit weird.”

Dong Wenqi: “A thermos?”

Su Bei: …

“It’s so difficult, ah! Actually, I also don’t have much experience.” Dong Wenqi wailed: “I never give my dad a proper gift before. Once, I bought a gift box edition of bath bombs, and the store gave me a pack of foot bath ginger powder as a bonus, so I gave it to my dad. He seemed to be quite happy and asked his assistant to send a foot bath bucket to our home that night.” Dong Wenqi patted Su Bei and continued: “Actually, I think anything given by a daughter, even if it is just a toothpick, will make any parents happy. Really. You don’t have to be so troubled …”

Suddenly, someone in the class shouted: “Exam results are out!”, interrupting the dialogue between Dong Wenqi and Su Bei.

Dong Wenqi: “F*ck, the monthly exam scores have come out?!”

“Su Bei Su Bei, let’s go and have a look.” Dong Wenqi impatiently dragged Su Bei over. At this time, the school has yet to put out its ‘famous’ list on the entrance, but students could already see their scores displayed in sequence on a huge monitor in the lobby of the administration building.

Some people in the crowd saw Su Bei coming and started talking in a low voice.

“Look, Su Bei is here.”

“I don’t know how many scores Su Bei will get. People from class 8-2 said that Song Xinyi’s result this time is super good. Su Bei is going to finish.”

“I don’t understand. What is the use of this comparison? Song Xinyi is Song Xinyi, Su Bei is Su Bei. As long as Su Bei doesn’t enter the ‘black and white list,’ she should be fine.”

“You know, Su Bei and I was in the same examination room. In many exams, she always the last to hand in her papers.”

Without paying attention to the whispers in the crowd, Su Bei looked up at the big monitor. The information displayed was the test number, full name, and total score. After looking at it for a while, Su Bei found that the results were listed by exam number, not ranked by the total scores.

After a few pages, Dong Wenqi grasped Su Bei’s hand tightly with a nervous expression. “Su Bei, I am in the third exam room. My scores should be in a few more pages. I will close my eyes, and you should see it on my behalf. If my score is higher than 540, you can tell me to open my eyes. If not, you don’t have to say anything and just directly took me away. ”

Su Bei: ……

At the same time, in the 8-2 classroom, a girl who had a good relationship with Song Xinyi was looking at her mobile phone in surprise before running excitedly: “Xinyi, Xinyi! Good news! Lin Mengmeng has seen your score, it’s 832!”

“And among the people whose scores already been displayed, only Chen Dongyan and Mo Xiao are higher than you, and even Mo Xiao’s score is merely 3 points higher.”

Mo Xiao was a student whose ranking was usually around the top 15. Since Song Xinyi’s score was only 3 points lower, she had a high chance to be ranked in the top 20.

“Xinyi, you are so smart. 832, how envious.”

Song Xinyi: “Nothing, maybe I have better luck.”

“No. Obviously, your own ability is so good. You have to attend various auditions and competitions, yet still get a high score in the exam.”

“Goddess Xinyi, I admire you so much!”

Song Xinyi: “Have you seen your own score? Let’s go and take a look directly. I think your result this time should also be excellent.”


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