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MWFV Ch.46 Part 2 – Exam Results are Out! (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.44 Part 3.

On the big monitor, Su Bei finally found Dong Wenqi’s name.

Su Bei: “I saw your score!”

Dong Wenqi: “Ho-how much?”

Su Bei: “More than 540. You can open your eyes and see it yourself.”

Dong Wenqi: “No, I’m still terrified. Just tell me.”

Su Bei: “568.”

Hearing this, Dong Wenqi finally opened her eyes in surprise. But before she could scream: “Oh my god!”, a commotion suddenly broke out in the crowd.

“Wow, Song Xinyi is here.”

“Song Xinyi’s score this time is 832. She is too awesome.”

“Our goddess is truly a goddess. She has both beauty and brain.”

Listening to the rainbow farts blew by the students around her, Song Xinyi smiled gracefully, but the joy in her eyes was hard to hide.

“Let’s see. This time, Su Bei should be thoroughly beaten by Song Xinyi, right?”

“That goes without saying. Don’t you see the vote in the forum? People are guessing how many points Su Bei’s score will be lower than Song Xinyi’s.”

“I saw it. My vote is 200-300 points, how about you?”

“You are too conservative, I voted for 300-400 points.”

“The display is already showing the last two exam rooms. Why I still didn’t see Su Bei’s name? Do you know which exam room she was?”

“Is it perhaps her scores are too bad, the school didn’t want to broadcast it?”

“How is it possible, are you stupid? Didn’t you read the previous posts in the forum? Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are nicknames, their real names are ‘Qin Yue’ and ‘Qin Yu.’ Of course you won’t find ‘Su Bei’, you have to look for ‘Qin Yue’.”

This person’s words reminded other students.

At this moment, the display on the big monitor has refreshed again: there was the name ‘Qin Yue’ on it.


The crowd instantly burst into an even bigger commotion: “F*ck!”

“Tha-that is…Su Bei?”

“Is this real?”

“How terrifying!”

“Am I dreaming…?!”


Su Bei’s score is 892!

It was only 8 points away from the perfect score. Moreover, Su Bei’s score was the highest so far, nearly 20 points higher than Zhang Liwei, who got third place in the last exam.

“Damn it! So, Su Bei turned out to be a prodigy!”

“Oh my god, so why did everyone say before that she is a flunker?”

“Su Bei’s score, is it already a school god’s level?”

“I say, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao surname is Qin. How could such a family have flunkers children? They are just low-key.”

Dong Wenqi has finally recovered from the shock. When listening to the surrounding commotion, she suddenly felt incredibly refreshed: Dared to say that Su Bei is a flunker, heh! She wanted to ask Song Xinyi’s brain-dead fans whether their face hurt or not!

At this moment, Song Xinyi was staring at the monitor with an unbelievable face. The string of numbers written next to ‘Qin Yue’ made her trembled all over.

一This is impossible! If Su Bei really grew up under Qin Shao’s knees, it wasn’t strange for her grade to be excellent. But Song Xinyi knew better than anyone that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao had only recently been found by their biological father.

“Did you really take the exam yourself?” Song Xinyi walked to Su Bei and asked in a gloomy tone. This time, she put so much effort into her study. If she didn’t completely crush Su Bei, Song Xinyi wouldn’t be able to stand it. What’s more, the fact now was not only she didn’t crush Su Bei, but the other party’s score was much higher than hers!

Song Xinyi’s words aroused another wave of flame.

“What does Song Xinyi mean? Su Bei didn’t do the exam by herself?”

“Could it be that Su Bei actually cheating?”

“Not so bad. Our school’s exam is so strict. But you see, Su Bei’s score is a bit miraculous.”

At this time, the screen finally displayed the scores of Su Xiaobao’s exam room. Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan were not only listed one after another, but their score was exactly the same, 889.

“What if young master Su actually copied male god Xie’s answers?” A person said quietly, for fear of being beaten by Su Xiaobao’s fans.

At this time, male god Xie, who had never bothered to see his own score, appeared among the crowd with perfect timing. With a cold snort, he directly said: “Who will let him copy?” Xie Minxuan then looked at Song Xinyi disdainfully: “It’s you who didn’t do well in the exam, but still dare to find fault in others.”

As soon as his voice fell, all people whose scores lower than Song Xinyi: “…”

Su Xiaobao also came over, subconsciously blocking Su Bei’s behind him. When they still lived in the countryside, people often bullied Su Bei. This kind of protective attitude has become Su Xiaobao’s instinct.

Song Xinyi’s face instantly paled: Just now, she was too impulsive. She shouldn’t directly confront Su Bei in front of so many people. Even if she suspected Su Bei of cheating, she should tell the teacher in private or find other means and spread the words via other people.

“Minxuan, you have misunderstood my words. I’m just curious. How did Su Bei get almost full marks in every subject.”

Su Bei smiled when she heard this. She came out from Su Xiaobao’s cover and walked to Song Xinyi: “If I didn’t rely on myself to get the scores, then on what?” After a pause, she continued: “Or, do you think I copied other people’s answers? Whom?”

“Should we take the exam once again and compare the result?”

In the beginning, fearing the so-called protagonist aura in the novel, Su Bei really didn’t want to have any conflict with the male lead’s family. But it was different now, because Mr. Qin had become a very important person her heart. If Mr. Qin and the male lead were destined into a deadly conflict, she didn’t need to give a face to the male lead’s daughter.

“I…” Song Xinyi was driven speechless by Su Bei’s words. Her pitiful appearance easily aroused the onlooker’s sympathy.


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