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MWFV Ch.46 Part 3 – Exam Results are Out! (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.44 Part 3.

“I…” Song Xinyi was driven speechless by Su Bei’s words. Her pitiful appearance easily aroused the onlooker’s sympathy. The scene of ‘school flower vs. school flower’ quickly exploded in the forum. If one didn’t know the cause and effect and simply looked at the picture, they would think that Su Bei was bullying Song Xinyi.

[Su Bei usually looks mild and gentle, but never expect her to actually be so fierce.]

[That’s because you didn’t see when Su Bei was dealing with Jiang Mengmeng and her group last time.]

[But Su Bei’s argument is reasonable, ah. Her score is not only the highest in her exam room, but also the highest in the whole grade. If she copied other people’s answers, then from whom?]

[Hahaha, our thermos little sister is so mighty.]

[That one commenter above seems to be Song Xinyi’s fans. Before, they always said that Su Bei’s grade is not as good as their goddess, right? I just want to ask, is your face hurt now?]


Some Song Xinyi’s supporters still tried to attack: [Even if Su Bei does well in the exam, it’s still not a reason to bully Song Xinyi like this.]

[Please properly watch the video, thank you. Song Xinyi is the one who finds trouble first.]

[People only need to respect those who respect you back.]

[Aaah! I want to kidnap my future sister-in-law home.]

[*Whisper*: I think a certain Song’s action here is a bit bitchy.]

[Finally, someone said what I never dared to say.]

[I decided! Later, I won’t call Su Bei’ school flower’ anymore. What is face value in front of brainpower, let me call her ‘god Su’ from now on!]

[No, I think she should be called ‘Master Su’. Look at Su Bei’s domineering face…]

After checking the forum for a while, Su Bei logged out. She was replying to Uncle Fu’s message.

[Uncle Fu]: The car that usually picks you up is in maintenance. Today you will use another one. The license plate number is…

[Xiaobei]: Okay, Uncle Fu.

[Xiaobei]: Does dad have to work overtime today?

[Uncle Fu]: I haven’t received a call from Mr. Qin yet. Let me ask after this.

Today, Mr. Qin returned home early and had a rare dinner together with his two children. At the dining table, Mr. Qin noticed that the corners of Su Bei’s mouth have always been raised and that the girl was glancing at him from time to time.

Mr. Qin secretly hid his smile and asked, “Do you have something to tell me?”

“Our monthly exam results have come out.” After Su Bei finished speaking, she looked at Qin Shao with bright eyes.

Hearing this, Qin Shao raised his eyes slightly. He first glanced at Su Bei, then at Su Xiaobao next to her, and found that the kid’s eyes were also a little brighter than usual. Qin Shao guessed that these children must do well with their exams, but still cooperated with Su Bei’s pattern and asked: “How is your score?”

Su Bei: “Excellent.”

The corners of Mr. Qin’s mouth raised even more. Looking at the twins, he asked again: “What reward do you want?”

Su Bei was taken aback: Reward? She never thought about that. After knowing the results, she simply wanted to tell Mr. Qin.

But there is one thing.

Su Bei looked at Qin Shao again and said, “Dad, can you come to our school’s parent meeting?”

This time it was Mr. Qin’s turn to be stunned slightly: “When?”

Su Bei: “The Friday after the holiday.”

Qin Shao: “If there is no unexpected schedule, I can.”

Su Bei: “Good!”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

He actually didn’t really want this man to come to their parents meeting, but what could he do? Hopefully, the teachers wouldn’t show the parents their exam papers.

Mr. Qin said again: “It doesn’t count. You can ask for another reward.”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“It’s okay, you can think slowly.”


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      1. hahaha do not remember? On the first day they had the Chinese exam, which had to write an essay with a father theme.

  1. Thanks, CooperBlue, InnoVare and several anonymous sponsors! I am running out of individual chapters to say thanks! Do both kids get a reward, since both did good.

  2. I can’t hold back anymore. What kind of computer she uses when hacking? How can they just ignore it like she can use random notebook and don’t worry about enemy attack your computer to the point that it overheat?

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