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MWFV Ch.47 Part 1 – Protect Our Father (I)

In the evening, Mr. Qin was trying his new tie in front of the bedroom’s mirror, smiling happily. Uncle Fu who happened to come in with tea was a little surprised upon seeing this scene.

“Is that your new tie, Sir? I haven’t seen it before.” Uncle Fu asked.

“It was given by Xiaobei.” Mr. Qin said calmly, but his tone seemed to be showing off.

Uncle Fu was taken aback for a moment. He then smiled and secretly thought: No wonder.

“This tie is very outstanding. Very suitable for you, Sir.” Uncle Fu commented.

Mr. Qin’s usual wardrobe was mostly in a darker tone, and his custom-made ties were almost entirely dark in color and patterns. In comparison, the tie given by Xiaobei was looked… how to say it, youthful and lively.

Qin Shao: “Not bad.”

“Let someone prepare it for tomorrow.” As he talked, Mr. Qin put the tie together with the suit to be worn tomorrow.

Uncle Fu: “Sir, are you going to wear this tomorrow?”

Qin Shao: “Mmm. There is a project launching ceremony, so I can wear it.”

Uncle Fu smiled and nodded knowingly: “Yes, I will call the servant to come early to iron the tie.”


After hesitated for a bit, Uncle Fu asked Mr. Qin another thing: “In a few days will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. Are you still going to the old master Qin’s house, Sir?”

Qin Shao: “It’s the same as before.”

Uncle Fu: “What about Xiaobao and Xiaobei? Are you also going to bring them together?”

Qin Shao: “Yes. You arrange things in Jingyuan here.”

This was going to be the siblings’ first Mid-Autumn Festival after coming to this house. Speaking of which, Uncle Fu hoped that they could spend the festival in Jingyuan. Besides, going to that place wouldn’t necessarily be a pleasant experience for them.

Qin Shao glanced at Uncle Fu and saw the worry in the old housekeeper’s face. Qin Shao drooped his eyes slightly and sighed, “I have to properly introduce them.”

Besides, with his presence, could his child be wronged?

Uncle Fu startled: it’s true.

“Sir, have you tell the children about this matter?”

Qin Shao: “…” He forgot.

After a pause, Qin Shao asked: “Those two are already sleeping?”

Uncle Fu: “Should be so.”

Mr. Qin simply nodded and said nothing.

Su Bei still hasn’t sleep yet. She had just finished today’s games and, at this time, was discussing the NST project with Lin Shaochi.

[Lin Shaochi]: The establishment of ‘NST’ subsidiary is progressing well. At the earliest, it is expected to start operation in the middle of next month.

[Q]: Really? That’s great.

[Lin Shaochi]: This credit is yours.

Then you can give me more salary—Su Bei thought to herself.

Immediately after, she saw another message from Lin Shaochi: I plan to hold an opening ceremony for the subsidiary. If possible, I hope you can also attend.

This invitation made Su Bei surprised.

[Q]: I just provide some technical support and isn’t involved in the operation. Therefore, it is not my place to attend the opening ceremony.

Lin Shaochi was not a person who would entangle in this kind of matter. But this time, he seemed to be extremely persistent.

[Lin Shaochi]: What if I invite you to participate as a friend?

Out of respect, Lin Shaochi didn’t investigate [Q] ‘s true identity, but undoubtedly, he wanted to meet this person.

Lin Shaochi’s words put Su Bei in a dilemma: His tone was sincere, so Su Bei couldn’t bear to refuse. But if she did go, her identity would be exposed.

[Q]: Let me consider.

[Lin Shaochi]: Okay, waiting for your answer.

For the first time, Lin Shaochi also sent Su Bei a little yellow emoticon [eagerly looking forward].

After ending her conversation with Lin Shaochi, Su Bei messaged Xu family’s eldest brother.

[Q]: Big brother Xu, are you asleep?

[4v]: I was asleep, but after seeing my baby Q’s message, I immediately jumped out of bed.

[4v]: Do you feel moved?

[Q]: …

[4v]: What’s wrong? It’s already late, yet you don’t sleep. Baby Q, is it perhaps that you simply miss me?

[Q]: Big brother, you overthink.

[Q]: It’s a proper business.

Su Bei told big brother Xu about Lin Shaochi’s invitation to attend the newly established subsidiary company’s opening ceremony.

[4v]: Then go, just go. Anyway, you are not the boss and don’t need to speak on stage. Going to that kind of event is simply to join the fun. Lin Group is a respectable company and won’t scam you.

[Q]: That’s not it. The problem is, if I attend, my identity will be exposed.

Since Qin Group also holds 51% shares of the NST project, Mr. Qin might also attend the event.

[4v]: Isn’t it only a matter of time?

[4v]: Do you forget, you will have to show your real face when attending the finals, unless you want to come in a mask.

In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the finals of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ would no longer be held online. Participants would compete in a dedicated venue, and the whole process would be open to the public. Moreover, it would also be broadcasted live on the internet.

[Q]: Is there any way to not expose my identity?

[4v]: No, unless you retire from the competition.

There were indeed such cases. Some participants didn’t aim for the prize money of several hundred thousand yuan. After being scouted by some company, they signed the contract in advance and subsequently retired before the final, to not expose their face to the public.

[Q]: No, I will not retire.

[4v]: Haha, since you won’t retire, I also won’t. This big brother will accompany you until the grand final.

[4v]: Also, baby Q, your identity soon will be exposed.

To see which child prodigy Q actually was, Xu Shiwei took the initiative to go to his poor younger brother’s school parent meeting on behalf of their parents.


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