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MWFV Ch.47 Part 2 – Protect Our Father (II)

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The next day, Mr. Qin informed Su Bei and Su Xiaobao that they would go to Jinxi Garden to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Su Bei: “Jinxi Garden?” Isn’t this place… 
“Jinshi Garden is where my father, your grandfather, lives. Besides, his second wife, Madam Chen Xueyan, is also there. You can call her grandma.” Mr. Qin briefly explained about Jinxi Garden to the twins.

Hearing that, Su Bei’s expression was not so good. It was said in the novel that Mr. Qin usually visited Jinxi Garden every Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year to spend the holidays with old Mr. Qin and Madam Chen. But this way, didn’t it mean that they would also meet the male lead Song Yancheng?

The reason why the relationship between the male lead and Mr. Qin so bad was mainly because of family complications. Years ago, Qin Shao’s father, Qin Jinguo, was just a small boss who owned a small company. Later, Yang Guizhi divorced Qin Jinguo and left with the foreign director, leaving Qin Shao’s custody with his father. A few years later, Qin Jinguo remarried. His second wife was exactly Song Yancheng’s mother. Afterward, the two formed a new family with their children.

Qin Jinguo’s company, ‘Qin Trade and Commerce,’ was originally a small company. After marrying Chen Xueyan, through the joint efforts of the two, it grew step by step, finally became a top 100 biggest company, and changed its name to ‘Jihua International’.

As for the two children brought over from previous marriage, Qin Shao and Song Yancheng, the two seemed to form an enmity even since the beginning.

At that time, Qin Shao’s character was sharp and edgy, while the male lead Song Yanchengwas taciturn and arrogant. The age difference between the two was only half a year old, and both were remarkable in their school. However, Qin Shao always overwhelmed Song Yancheng in everything: exam grades, sports event rankings, manners and behaviors, even simple fighting, Qin Shao has always been better than Song Yancheng.

Probably after being suppressed so long under Qin Shao’s shadow, Song Yancheng’s hostility towards this ‘step-brother’ grew deeper and deeper. But later, he learned to forbear and keep a low profile—Song Yancheng no longer showed hostility to Qin Shao, and no longer competed with him. Instead, he shifted his interest into the entertainment industry and acting career.

The rest followed the main plot of the novel: In front of others, the male lead began to show the persona of a carefree son who had no interest in the family’s business. When Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan planned to let their two children enter the company to gain experience, the male lead took the initiative to give in. Instead of joining the company, he entered the entertainment industry.

The male lead then grew step by step from an obscure little fresh meat(1) into a well-known international movie emperor with millions of fans. In the process, the male lead secretly established his own contacts while accumulating capital. At the same time, he secretly began to buy the shareholders of ‘Jihua International’.

A few years later, the male lead used his financial capital and resources to establish his first entertainment company, and this was also the first step for his rise in the business world. In the novel, the timing when the male lead announced his retirement from the entertainment industry and the establishment of his own company was shortly after his marriage with the female lead.

Therefore, right after being married, the female lead Lin You directly jumped from the wife of a movie emperor into the wife of Song Group’s chairman.

After transforming from a movie emperor into the chairman of his own company, the male lead no longer hid his ambitions. He began to openly compete with Qin Shao for the control of ‘Jihua International.’

The current Qin Group was founded by Qin Shao after leaving ‘Jihua International’. When he left, Qin Shao returned its control to Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan.

The novel narrated how the male lead established the Song Group step by step, but did not mention how Mr. Qin became the current legendary ‘Mr. Qin’ and how he built the huge Qin Group. It only said that Mr. Qin was cruel and merciless, feared by everyone, and was the biggest rival of the male lead Song Yancheng.

However, Su Bei had a different opinion: It might be more difficult for Qin Shao to establish the ‘Qin Group.’

Thinking how in the plot, Mr. Qin was supposed to be seriously injured by Song Yancheng, and how the man would also ruin ‘Qin Group’ little by little…

Su Bei’s face darkened, and she secretly clenched her fists: At first, she just wanted to let herself and Su Xiaobao grow up safely before Qin Group’s bankruptcy. Afterward, their whole family could find a way to retreat without having to live on the streets. But now, Su Bei didn’t want Mr. Qin’s life-long efforts to be destroyed by Song Yancheng.

Mr. Qin didn’t know Su Bei’s current thoughts. Seeing that the girl’s usually warm smile disappeared and her head was hanging in silence, Qin Shao thought that Su Bei didn’t want to go to Jinxi Garden, and his heart softened.

Mr. Qin suddenly chuckled and said to Su Bei: “No need to go if you don’t want to.” After a pause, he said again: “I will let Uncle Fu arrange you two to spend the festival at home. I will only go over there for a bit and come back later.”

Mr. Qin’s voice pulled Su Bei’s mind back. “No,” she shook her head: “We will go with you, Dad.”

Go! Why not!

Their family’s current strength was still far superior to the ‘Song Group’ and the male lead. She didn’t need to be afraid of them. And Su Bei also wanted to go together to keep her eyes at the male lead, so that he would not have any chance to harm Mr. Qin.

“Are you sure?” Mr. Qin asked, looking at Su Bei’s ‘fighting pose’ expression. He held back his smile and raised his eyebrows.

Su Bei nodded firmly: “Yeah. We will go to Jinxi Garden to spend the festival with grandpa and grandma.” The old couple, Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan, were described in the novel to be good people. However, regarding the enmity between their two children, the two were also very helpless and had no more energy to care.


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(1) Little fresh meat: Handsome young man, especially star.


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